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     The Flash 

     Legends of Tomorrow 



  • The first Season has Mari's own sister Kuasa, who feels the Spirit Totem rightfully belongs to her.
  • The second Season has Benatu Eshu, the Zambesi warlord who is behind the destruction of Mari's village and the murder of her father. He wants to collect all the magical totems for himself, gaining control of the Fire Totem and burning down a large portion of Detroit, all just to draw out Mari. He also kills Kuasa, who allied with her sister to stop the madman.

     Freedom Fighters: The Ray 
  • In the first Season, Dark Arrow and Overgirl serve as a Big Bad Duumvirate, being the biggest threat to the Freedom Fighters of Earth X.
  • Dark Arrow and Overgirl continue to be the biggest and most consistent threat the heroes face throughout the second Season, but during the last few moments of the final episode it's revealed that (at this point) they answer to the unseen "Chancellor", who seems to have been Oliver's predecessor as the leader of the New Reichsmen.

  • Crisis on Earth-X: Oliver Queen's Evil Doppelgänger, aka Dark Arrow, is the Führer of the Nazi regime and seems to have the most authority among the New Reichsmen. With his wife Overgirl as his Dragon, Dark Arrow leads the regime to Earth-1 to steal Supergirl's heart in order to save the ailing Overgirl's life, as well as to conquer that Earth.
  • Elseworlds: The Monitor is responsible for kickstarting the plot by bringing the Book of Destiny to Earth-1, but as arrogant and cruel as he may be, he's trying to prepare the heroes for the coming of a far worse threat. All actively villainous actions during this crossover are carried out by the Monitor's chosen recipient of the book, Dr. John Deegan, who screws around with reality to try and make himself the hero and de facto ruler of the world.

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