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"The ultimate villain of the story, who's causing the problem the heroes must solve."

Note that Big Bad is not a catch-all trope for the biggest and ugliest villain of any given story.This may include Big Bads from movies based off of Western Animation shows.

  • An Angel For Christmas: The evil D.D. Kovet, owner of the town's massive flange factory, is the reason Ironville doesn't celebrate Christmas. He goes out of his way to try and make sure all signs of the holiday are stomped out.
  • Steele from Balto. Originally just a Jerk Jock who enjoys his fame a little too much, feels entitled to have Jenna's affections, and likes picking on Balto, Steele shows just how evil he is when he tries to sabotage Balto's trail back to Nome to prevent the sleigh team from returning with the medicine, showing he would rather let the children die from their illness than let Balto get the glory Steele thinks should be his.
  • Dag from Barnyard. He sets himself up as a threat by killing Ben, and this killing of Ben spurs Otis and his friends to try and defeat him, setting the plot in motion.
  • Lady Tremaine from Cinderella. Her cruelty to Cinderella is not only the focus of Act 1, but her actions force her to go to the ball in secret, kicking off the rest of the plot.
  • Captain Hook from Peter Pan, who seeks Revenge on Peter Pan for cutting off his hand and feeding it to the crocodile, and will use any methods necessary (from kidnapping Tiger Lily to tricking Tinker Bell).
  • Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Known as The Mistress of All Evil, she cursed baby Aurora for not being invited to the birthday party. This curse and the kingdom's attempt to prevent it from coming true is the focus of the plot, and it doesn't end until she's defeated.
  • Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians. Her goal to steal the dalmatian puppies for their fur is the driving force of the plot, as the dogs need to rescue their puppies from her clutches.
  • Shere Khan from The Jungle Book, who seeks to kill Mowgli out of hatred for the Man-Cub (the animal's term for a human child), forcing Mowgli's friends and family to send Mowgli to the Man village to keep him safe.
  • Prince John from Robin Hood. He usurped the throne of England from his brother Richard, and rules England with an iron fist, only opposed by Robin Hood and his Merry Men.
  • Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Convincing Ariel to give up her voice to be human, and then doing everything in her power to prevent her from never getting her voice back, Ursula is the driving force of the story.
  • Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Though un-threatening at first, his desire to win Belle as a wife cause him to threaten her father and lead an attack to murder the Beast, whom she loves, all acting as the plot of Act 2.
  • Jafar from Aladdin. Not only is he the biggest evil in the story by far, but his efforts to get the genie for himself and thus the power that comes with it directly lead to Aladdin getting the lamp, pushing the story into motion.
  • Scar from The Lion King. Killing Mufasa to gain the throne, he throw's Simba happy life into chaos, forcing him to run away, meet Timon and Pumbaa, and then eventually return as an adult to fight for his home.
  • Governor Ratcliffe from Pocahontas. His obsessive need for gold and hatred of natives created the conflict between the tribe and the settlers that the plot hinges on.
  • Judge Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He's not only the cause of Quasimodo's isolation and desire to see the outside world, which then leads into his meeting Esmerelda, but he's the driving force of Esmerelda's plot as well- his lust and hatred for her forces her into hiding while he burns down Paris looking for her.
  • Hades from Hercules. His plan to conquer Olympus relied on getting Hercules out of the way; to do this, he had to be made mortal. The ensuing plot is Hercules trying to regain his godly status and Hades continuing to try and kill him for his goal.
  • Shan Yu from Mulan. As the leader of the Huns, who Mulan and the rest of the army are working to try and defeat, Shan Yu is the villain behind the plot— and he's quite a cruel one, to boot.
  • Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove, who accidentally turned Kuzco into a llama, and then proceeded to try everything in her power to kill Kuzco and Pacha so she could keep the throne.
  • Captain Gantu from Lilo & Stitch. Though he's only an agent of the government, he's the brutish leader of the Galactic security force that does all the work to try and capture Stitch, acting as a direct threat against him and Lilo.
  • Alameda Slim from Home on the Range. Maggie, Mrs. Calloway and Grace seek to capture him and use the reward money to save their from closure, and he rendered Maggie homeless early in the story when he stole her owner's cows.
  • "Bowler Hat Guy" and DOR-15 are the Big Bad Duumvirate in Meet the Robinsons. "Bowler Hat Guy" steals the Robinson's time machine, then stalk and try to capture Lewis, then uses stolen technology to drastically alter history, in the process making DOR-15 clones take over the Earth. It turns out DOR-15 is The Man Behind the Man and Bowler Hat Guy was only someone she used as a human host.
  • Mother Gothel from Tangled kidnaps Rapunzel when she was just a baby and emotionally manipulates her to never leave the tower so she can retain her eternally youthful appearance.
  • King Candy/Turbo from Wreck-It Ralph, who is revealed to have messed with Sugar Rush's code so he can steal Vanellope's position as the main character, turning her into a glitch and ensuring that he remains the center of attention. Once Ralph arrives in Sugar Rush and promises to help Vanellope win the race to reclaim his medal, he does everything in his power to prevent her from participating and reaching the finish line, which would undo his changes in the game.
  • Yokai aka Professor Robert Callaghan from Big Hero 6. His goal includes killing every hero, but beyond this, he indirectly killed Tadachi, kicking off the plot as Hiro becomes desperate to bring him to justice. Callaghan's true goal is revealed to be seeking Revenge for his daughter's presumed death, and he's become so consumed with vengeance that he will even kill his students for getting in the way.
  • Assistant Mayor/Mayor Dawn Bellwether from Zootopia. She is the mastermind behind predators going savage, turning all prey animals against the predators while also getting Mayor Lionheart arrested so she can claim the position of mayor.
  • Disney Sequels:
    • Jafar from Aladdin: The Return of Jafar, who returns in genie form to try to kill Aladdin, getting Abis Mal and Iago to handle the dirty work, before capturing Aladdin, Jasmine and Sultan, kidnapping the Sultan, and trying to frame Aladdin for the Sultan's "death" to set up a public execution for him.
    • Sa'luk from Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Formerly the Number Two of the Forty Thieves under Cassim, he steps up to become leader when Cassim reunites with Aladdin, his son. Sa'luk captures Cassim and sets forth with the gang to find
    • Forte from Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. Unlike the other servants, he enjoys his new form because it makes him feel more useful now, and does everything he can to sabotage Beast and Belle's relationship so the spell will never be broken.
    • Zira from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. Raising Kovu as a Tyke Bomb to bring down Simba once and for all, her evil scheming to re-conquer the Pridelands for Scar's Pride is the driving conflict of the plot.
  • Buster from Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure. As the leader of the junkyard dogs, Buster's goal is to separate Scamp from his loving family and turn him into another member of the gang. His actions forces the conflict of Scamp having to decide between freedom and family.
  • Carface from All Dogs Go to Heaven, who murders Charlie Barkin at the beginning of the film to keep all the profits of their casino to himself, and is even exploiting Anne Marie's ability to talk to animals to win bets for the sake of cash.
    • The sequel, All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, has Red, a hellcat who recruits Carface to help him claim Gabriel's horn and use it to drag all the dogs in Heaven into Hell.
    • An All Dogs Christmas Carol has Belladonna, Annabelle's evil cousin who seeks to brainwash all the dogs in the city into stealing their owner's presents, ensuring they will get kicked out and abandoned, ruining Christmas.
  • The Grand Duke Of Owls from Rock-A-Doodle, who spends his time trying to chase down and kill Edmund, to foil his plan of getting Rock A Doodle to bring the sun back.
  • The "Queen of Mean" Gnorga from A Troll in Central Park. Wanting to ruin all that's nice and good, she sets her sights on destroying Stanley, simply because Stanley brings happiness and life. Exiling Stanley only allowed him to make friends with two children, and her ensuing attempts to kill all three of them pushes the plot forward.
  • Rasputin from Anastasia, who, due to the law of Disneyfication, is a singing undead sorcerer with a talking albino bat as his Dragon. Regardless of the historical inaccuracies, Rasputin in this film desires only to kill the entire Romanov family. This includes the escaped Anastasia; his magical efforts to murder her is the plot's biggest conflict, and his killing of the rest of her family caused the plot to begin with.
  • DreamWorks Animation franchises:
    • Shrek:
      • Lord Farquaad from Shrek, as the direct instigator of all story conflicts through sending fairy-tale creatures to the swamp, sending Shrek out to bring back Fiona with the deal of getting the creatures out of his swamp, and then trying to forcibly marry Fiona after she falls for Shrek.
      • The Fairy Godmother from Shrek 2, who persuades King Harold to try and get Shrek killed, all so that Fiona will marry her godson, Prince Charming.
      • Prince Charming from Shrek the Third. Seeking revenge on Shrek, he teams up with fairy-tale villains to conquer Far Far Away and drives the conflict of the climax to save the kingdom.
      • Rumpelstiltskin from Shrek Forever After, tricking Shrek into signing away his own existence to accomplish his scheme of becoming the king of Far Far Away, and persecuting ogres and other fairy-tale creatures in this Alternate Timeline, forcing the ogres to hide away and create a resistance force against him.
  • Gallaxhar from Monsters vs. Aliens, who plans to conquer the Earth with clones of himself, acting as the obstacle the Monsters must defeat to be set free.
  • Hal Stewart, AKA "Tighten," from Megamind who was accidentally given Metro Man's superpowers by Megamind and decides to use them for himself instead of becoming a hero, even rampaging in Metro City when Roxanne rejects his advances.
  • Claudandus AKA Pascal from Felidae, who commits all the murders investigated by Francis, all with the intent of wiping out any cat he considers too "impure" to be part of his pure, master cat race.
  • Hexxus from FernGully: The Last Rainforest, the literal cloud of pollution that attempts to destroy Fern Gully, forcing the faeries to act.
  • Vector/Victor Perkins, Despicable Me; though his actions are with the intent of pleasing his villainous father, he's the true threat of the story, stealing landmarks around the world and acting as an obstacle to Gru's success in stealing the moon. He goes so far as to steal Gru's adopted children, forcing him to decide between the kids and his mission.
  • The truly vile Thrax from Osmosis Jones, who seeks to become the most infamous virus in the medical textbooks by killing his victims in record time.
  • Doofenshmirtz-2 from Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension. In contrast to the Doofenshmirtz of the first dimension, this Doofenshmirtz had long-since accomplished his goal as dictator, works to crush the rebellion led by the alternate Candace, and attempts to take over the first dimension's Tri-State Area as well.
  • Pixar villains:
  • Lotso from Toy Story 3, who runs Sunnyside Daycare like a dictator, harshly abuses the other toys, and tries to stop Woody from saving his friends and the others.
  • Hopper from A Bug's Life, who treats the ants like his slaves and attempts to assassinate their queen, before being stopped by Flik.
  • Randall Boggs and Mr. Waternoose from Monsters, Inc., both of whom are willing to kidnap children and forcefully extract their screams to stop the energy crisis (the former for personal recognition, and the latter out of desperation to save his company).
  • Syndrome from The Incredibles, who has not only killed many other heroes before the story began, but had also attempted to kill Mr. Incredible and his innocent family, put thousands of innocent lives at risk with his robot, and tried to kidnap baby Jack-Jack, before The Incredibles could stop him.
  • Ernesto de la Cruz from Coco, having poisoned Miguel's real great-great grandfather Héctor and stolen his songs to propel himself to fame and being willing to make sure Héctor is forgotten by his family and Miguel is dead to preserve his reputation.
  • Evelyn Deavor from Incredibles 2. Having created the Screen Slaver persona, she then goes on to hypnotize heroes, including Helen, Bob, and Lucius, intending to get heroes banned permanently. She acts as the threat of Helen's subplot, and of the climax.
  • Mojo Jojo in the prequel The Powerpuff Girls Movie attempts to create a rogue army of monkeys to take over Townsville before swallowing the Chemical X himself to turn into a giant hulking monster. He then subsequently becomes the Arch-Enemy of the The Powerpuff Girls and the most prominent and recurring Rogues Gallery that the girls face.
  • Ruber from Quest for Camelot. He kills Kayley's father in his attempt to kill King Arthur, and gets exiled. He returns a decade later, attacking Kayley's home and getting her on the quest to save Camelot, while he does everything he can to kill Kayley and her companions.
  • Russ Cargill from The Simpsons Movie, who convinced the president to isolate, and then blow up, Springfield, driving the conflict of the film and necessitating Homer and Bart saving the city.
  • Sony Pictures Animation films:
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Mayor Shelbourne from the first film, as his hunger for more food caused the FLDSMDFR, the food-creating machine Flint invented, to get out of control. While not evil, his selfish actions directly caused the issue Flint needed to go and fix, and put Swallow Falls in jeopardy.
    • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 has Chester V, Flint's childhood idol who inspired him to be an inventor. He seeks the FLDSMDFR so he can reprogram it to make more Foodimals to turn into food bars, even if that means manipulating and using Flint to find it.
  • Smiler from The Emoji Movie. Her desire to delete Gene caused him go fleeing through the phone's applications to find a way to fix himself, causing the phone to become glitchy and for the phone's owner, Alex, to attempt a factory reset.
  • Wilson Fisk / Kingpin from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. He has Alchemax create a Super-Collider that can connect with other dimensions so he can find a universe where his wife and son are still alive. His actions run the risk of destroying of New York, end up stranding the other Spider-People into Miles' home-dimension, and is directly responsible for the deaths of his universe's Peter Parker and Aaron Davis.
  • No longer a Harmless Villain, Plankton from The Spongebob Squarepants Movie. He steals King Neptune's crown and frames Mr. Krabs. While Spongebob and Patrick are off trying to retrieve the crown and save Mr. Krabs, Plankton begins to turn everyone in Bikini Bottom into hypnotized slaves and sends a bounty hunter to kill Spongebob and Patrick.
  • Rothbart from The Swan Princess, who turned Odette into a swan to further his plans of conquering the kingdom, and kicking off the plot.
  • Tim Burton's animated features:
    • Lord Barkis Bittern from Corpse Bride, the one who got close to Emily only to murder her and steal her riches, and plans to do the same to Victoria.
  • Judge Doom / The Toon who killed Eddie's brother from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He committed the murder Roger Rabbit is framed for, and wants to kill all toons using his evil "dip".


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