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  • White Mage from 8-Bit Theater shows this after rebuilding a city and its inhabitants from destruction at various hands (although mostly Black Mage) only to have the city yet again annihilated at the hands of, apparently, Black Mage. Feeling distressed and angered (also mostly due to Black Mage, although Fighter had an unwitting hand in it), she changes her robes and begins bestowing her mediocre evil upon the world for a couple comics until changing back after a strange talk with Fighter.
    • One guest strip had Black Mage push her over the edge with one too many pickup lines, whereupon she began chasing him with a chainsaw.
    • A better example would be Fighter, the nicest, friendliest, ditziest character in the comic who has a very potent Berserk Button whenever his friends, especially Black Mage, are threatened. He went into an Unstoppable Rage when Black Mage was killed, fought a fire demon to a standstill after she killed Black Belt, and this comic.
      Fighter: Also, I can block any attack and kill anything that bleeds. Hint.
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    • Thief and Red Mage better watch themselves... they almost made that mistake again.
      Thief: Yes, it is a good thing. Leaving him to rot would be wrong.
      Red Mage: So very wrong.
      Fighter (holding up a sword): Kind of chainsaw wrong.
      Thief: Okay, good thing we're all on the same page then!
    • While he is in no way a nice one, a case can be made for Sarda given that he used to be the Onion Kid whose life Black Mage repeatedly ruined and seeks revenge against the Light Warriors for doing nothing to stop Black Mage.
  • Raine Silverlock, from TwoKinds. Undoubtedly the most selfless and overall nicest member of the main cast, she is eternally insecure over her Keidran-Human shapeshifting, constantly tries to be good to her friends (and Keidran) alike, and even ponders the motives of assassin Zen, who had just been captured after trying to kill them, which does pay off. She is also the daughter of the former Grand Templar (the head of the order of mages in the comic's setting) and an extremely powerful shapeshifting Keidran Mage (who is responsible for her own shapeshifting ability). And if one tries to outright kill or hurt her friends, she will SNAP. Case in point: The aforementioned Zen was prevented from making a killing blow after she intercepted him (Although it nearly got her killed by Red, who didn't recognise her, and in the most recent arc, she is responsible for pushing a teleporting Carver ALL THE WAY TO THE BASITIN ISLANDS, hundreds of kilometres away. So whatever you do, DON'T try to hurt her friends.
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  • Played straight in The Adventures Of Gyro, the Disney comic parody. In the story Gyro Gearloose - the nicest person in Duckburg snaps for no reason, start kidnapping children, destroys characters property, burns down Scrooge's Money Bin, kills Magica De Spell by burning her alive and tires to butcher few more characters. Since Gyro is usually the most pleasant character nobody even suspects him of making such terrible things...
  • Tony of Charby the Vampirate is one of the nicest and definitely the most laid back of those living in the cabin and its subterranean chambers, opposed to killing humans and sentient monsters without the mental instability Zeno projects. This does not mean it's a good idea to nail him down with Cold Iron, steal his tarnkappe and go after his friends even if the attack should leave Tony powerless. As a matter of fact Tony implies that just being pinned with Cold Iron was enough to put him in a murderous state of mind.
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  • Max of Code Name: Hunter fills this trope pretty well. Sure that he is responsible and mild-manered (and a little shy), but just don't you forget that Max has years of training in swordfigtht and experience in beat up warlocks and magical creatures. So, if you leave him no choice but fight (or pushing him too far), Max will Kick your ass very painfully.
  • Rikk, the leader of the Science Fiction Club in Fans!, is as nice, gentle and forgiving a man as you're ever likely to meet. However, during a storyline in Fans! which sees a bitter ex-boyfriend of Alisin's blackmail her into joining him, while simultaneously attempting to destroy the fan-club and replace it with a new, darker version - Rikk is finally pushed too far, and beats the ex-boyfriend to a pulp before someone stops him from going too far.
  • Girl Genius:
  • El Goonish Shive has Grace, super cute pacifist who just wishes people were less uptight about nudity. You can tie her up, torture her, even tell her you are going to use her for a breeding program. Make her believe you have hurt one of her friends though and there is no power on Earth or beyond that can save you.
    • In the author's own words:
      Dan Shive: There is nothing more dangerous in any universe being written by me than a nice character who's been pushed over the edge. And Grace is really, REALLY nice.
    • To not quite as potent an extent, Elliot. He's extremely nice and by default helpful. Of course, mocking Tedd or any of his friends changes things.
    • And now, we learn, Noah. Not only do his girly looks hide inhuman strength and speed, but his particular speech patterns are a deliberate focusing mechanism to keep control of an otherwise short temper.
  • Piro from MegaTokyo is an example, as a group of perverted otaku voyeurs in a restaurant found out. This is more obvious in Piro's online alter-ego Piroko, and associated wallpapers/tshirt with a cute girl carrying a big gun, and the phrase "Ph34r t3h cute ones".
    • Ping from the same comic could be an example, as well. She's normally sweet, cute and caring, but get her angry and she proves to have the strength to uproot a street lamp and use it to beat a giant monster into submission.
  • Nice people in the Walkyverse usually get this. Joyce is a prime example. So is Walky himself, for that matter. Not to mention Amber... this list could go on for a bit.
    Joyce: "This is for the thousands of little comments that are hammered into me every day! "Stop giggling, Joyce!" "Put down your dumb toys, Joyce!" You can only take so much... Until you snap."
  • Lemmy in Fanboys is a genuinely nice guy, but woe be unto anybody that says Nintendo is a kiddy system.
    • An impact to the head can do it. When running from a crazed feral crab in the Beach Episode, he crashes headfirst into a sign, which triggers the aforementioned Angry Clown Mode, allowing him to handily demolish his tormentor.
  • Sam has a moment of this when blackmailing a ninja in this this Sam & Fuzzy strip.
  • Surprisingly, Hannelore, Questionable Content's resident Woobie. Not to mention her dreams.
  • Out of Ctrl+Alt+Del "Four Players" side story, Player Three, the yellow one, is the one to be careful of. Sure, he starts out as the Butt-Monkey of the other three players, each more sadistic than the next, but has been known to snap while put under extreme duress. Player Two fell victim to this, as Three grabbed him and slammed him against the wall until he ragdolled all while shouting, "STOP IT<". He then came to and tried to apologize for what he just did.
  • In Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures, it's Mab.
    • For that matter, Dan. While normally a nice guy with a vague career of adventuring behind him, recent events have shown just how dangerous he really is after being pushed over the edge. It's not pretty.
    • It's not as explicit now that element of her character seems to have been phased out, but Lorenda Soulstealer used to eat people who annoyed her, and she still acts enough like a demon to terrorize a group of papparazzis into leaving Jyrras alone even after he gets declared "This Year's Most Eligible Bachelor". Otherwise, though, she's a cheery, good-natured cow whose not offended in the slightest by comments on her chubbiness.
  • In Bun-Bun's continuing feud with Santa Claus in Sluggy Freelance, Mrs. Claus is the one pushing for the two of them to just let it go, but she's also the more dangerous Claus when she has to be. Bun-Bun acknowledges her as a better shot than Santa, and it's her who stops Bun-Bun from taking over the world.
  • Liza from Tonja Steele is a good example, as she's usually a sweet-natured schoolteacher. Some of it is explained when we meet her parents.
  • The Order of the Stick:
  • Quentyn of Tales of the Questor gets his sword stolen, and in the course of retrieving it gets arrested multiple times, mugged, shot at, dropped through a roof, stripped naked in front of a crowd of toffs (and his childhood crush), and then violently beaten and tossed in a dumpster. He promptly girds up his loins and proceeds to utterly wreck not one, but TWO street gangs singlehandedly and literally pull an entire building down around their ears... and would have REALLY torn them a new one had the city guard not intervened.
    • The Raccoonan nation topped that in the companion strip, Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger. In there, the horrific cannibal species, the Kvrk-Chk, made a public show of what they would do the Raccoonan race when they ate a number of them on camera, The Raccoonans retaliated the next day by destroying one of the heavier populated Kvrk-Chk solar systems and gave the race a very good reason to fear the Raccoonan people.
  • Do no try to get uppity with Charles the counselor at Camp Calomine because he'll rip the pay-phone off a utility pole while doing his best impression of the evil Father from Codename: Kids Next Door.
  • Plant Woman. It's one thing if you've only built *two* machines of death and destruction. The first law of robotics is thrown out the window completely when you announce the third.
  • This strip from The Adventures of Dr. McNinja plays this straight.
  • Faen from Drowtales. She's a rather shy, sensitive girl, who also happens to be a powerful Empath with less than perfect control over her powers. Strong fear/anger cause Power Incontinence and since she's a projective Empath, people get hurt.
  • Calvin/Freckle from Lackadaisy. Shy, scared, and gullible, but put him in a life-or-death situation and give him a gun...
  • Just about every one of The Dragon Doctors qualifies for this. Goofball wizard Sarin has a dark criminal past and has immense transformational powers when pressed. Kili the sweet and sensitive shaman can transform into a snarling werewolf due to her recent contraction of lycanthropy. Even their mostly-quiet leader Mori, a magical scientist, has combat options, and has invented a magic beam that can blow your clothes and weapons away.
  • Guy, from Mushroom Go. Guy is a literal shy guy that never speaks, happily dedicated to his work as the crew's nurse, cook, and housekeeper. Though afraid of hurting other people, he's proven himself a decent fighter—with scalpels and chainsaws.
  • Magic And Physics has SPDA who seems like a genuinely nice person (being maybe the only one in the strip), but all hints about his back story suggest something that could have easily cost lots of lives.
  • Homestuck has many examples:
    • Gamzee Makara, generally the Cloudcuckoolander of the trolls, later outright snapped and turned into a psychopath.
    • Don't make Kanaya angry. She will come back from the dead, turn into a rainbow-drinker, and kick you OFF A CLIFF.
      • Or clock you in the jaw. Or, if you were the one who killed her, chainsaw you in half.
    • Dad Egbert goes from constantly baking desserts and writing letters of praise to his son to beating his way out of a prison on Derse and fighting huge monsters without batting an eye when he gets involved in the game. And as the only naturally-born human in the cast, he's also a true Badass Normal in a series where nothing is normal.
    • John totally fails to invoke this trope. Behold John getting angry:
      That is IT. EVERYBODY OUT. You are DEAD SERIOUS.
      • Later on, however...
      • Really, any time his friends are in danger or he finds someone worthy of revenge, he will flip shit and give you what you deserve.
    • Then there's Jade, a near-perpetually chipper Cloud Cuckoolander, who smacked the crap out of her Reality Warper sprite when it was too Wangsty to be any help.
    • Feferi Peixes is a cute, pink-themed princess who likes to take care of her many pets. She is also strong enough to pull whales through the ocean, and acts as a diplomat between trolls and Eldritch Abomination's.
  • Subverted in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!. Bob is usually remarkably effective at getting things done and defeating enemies, and he hardly ever throws a punch; but it turns out that, idealism aside, part of the reason he isn't a fighter is that he isn't very good at it. (Galatea, on the other hand...)
  • Iceland from Scandinavia and the World. This explains it all.
    • As well as Åland, Sweden's boyfriend. Friendly, gentle, metrosexual... until Russia tries to invade and Åland lets loose all hell on Russia, hunting him down and even shooting out Russia's white flag of surrender. The comic being what it is, this is fully based on historical events.
  • Piffany is so full of diabetes-inducingly sweet virtue that it gives her Reality Warper powers, in addition to D&D cleric spells. It's very rare that she gets angry, but when she does, she's easily the most powerful character in the comic. And that's not counting that one storyline where she got holy Powered Armor...
  • Drive: Nosh is usually a happy, Big Eater Omnidisciplinary Scientist. But if you're a Tesskan, and you disrespect his captain (or presumably anyone he considers a friend), he will curbstomp you and nineteen of your buddies.
  • Big Ears in Goblins is a genuinely Lawful Good paladin who occasionally strays into Honor Before Reason but avoids Knight Templar and Lawful Stupid. Oh, and he doesn't like it when you throw rocks at his catatonic friend.
  • The Oswald Chronicles has the eponymous Oswald, a mild-mannered and polite gentlemouse. He prefers to talk things out instead of resorting to violence. Hurt his friends, however, and...
  • In retrospect, this covers Mirth from Voodoo Walrus as her first appearance involves her erupting from the belly of a Hobo Jesus and then summoning a flock of fingerbats to murder his hobo zombie followers.
  • Julie, from Our Little Adventure when an armored Minotaur kills Pauline, a member of her Nakama. Her bubbly, happy personality vanishes and is replaced by something violent and scary, complete with Creepy Monotone and Hidden Eyes. In the next page we see her rapier embedded in the Minotaur's skull.
  • People in the Dominic Deegan world get so hung up on Luna's emotional problems that they always forget that she is a master of Black Magic.
  • Ashton in Winters In Lavelle spends half of the comic looking like a scared, lost puppy. However, when people start threatening him (or Kari), he manages to fight a random Gard, Xan, and Prince Edric.
  • The Freakangels are, in the words of Alice, kind of crap when you get right down to it. All of them have psychokinetic powers, and can do some serious damage all by themselves without lifting a finger. Out of the group, Arkady is the most gentle (except possibly Connor), and a Friend to All Living Things. But then Luke tries to Mind Rape some poor girl, and Arkady takes direct action.
    Arkady: Do you know what that was Luke? That was exactly one second of my overdose experience when we were fifteen. If you ever do something like this again, I am going to give you five minutes of that.
  • The Coffee Shop Lady from Sinfest is the nicest, sweetest granny archetype you could imagine, dispensing kindness, coffee and donuts to all, even distraught Devil Girls but don't try to push her around. Also counts of course as a case of Never Mess with Granny.
  • In DOUBLE K (a Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann fan comic), Simon is a sweet little kid who doesn't know what to do without Kamina giving him instructions. Unless you threaten Nia.
    Simon: (talking to Kamina) I-I guess I just forgot how freaked out I was. I mean, I saw poor Nia out there, she was just scared out of her wits, bro, and-and then the suspect started moving in on her, all with that creepy look on his face, and then-then-I dunno, bro, I just-I just knew I had to do something.
  • Lero-Ro and Knag Horyang from Tower of God. One is always sublimely cheerful, righteous and nice, he is Ranker and therefore one of the most dangerous people of the Tower and sometimes demonstrates that. The other is a soft-spoken man of little words, but he too is incredibly righteous, and while he wishes wrongdoers best luck to survive him, he doesn't hold back.
  • Kieri Suizahn, an angel from Slightly Damned, is usually very shy and soft spoken. A history of being abused by her parents and peers does make her rather sensitive to bullying, even from other angels.
  • Don't make the cute Sandra from Sandra and Woo your enemy. When Woo is replaced by Tom the Talking Toast, she first eats him and then makes the "Hand of God" an offer it cannot refuse. She also sent Tanya Dean's family to a bad neighborhood in Detroid.
  • Ace from Commander Kitty is pretty much the epitome of a Nice Guy...until you lay a finger on Freeda, as one brainwashed goon learns the hard way. Even just hearing a completely innocent conversation out of context was enough to make him ruin Mittens' day.
  • MS Paint Masterpieces: "Don't threaten Dr. Light!!"
    • Bears noting that that is one of many instances. Mega Man is the nicest guy you could meet, but if you threaten any innocent people, or worse, actually kill people, he will fuck you up.
  • In Ava's Demon, Wraitha restores Ava to life and argues that this was the new life she bargained for, since she didn't ask for "different". Ava disagrees.
  • Pacificators: cute, sweet Daryl Smithson knows how to wrestle note  and Larima Torbern is scary when she's pushed over the edge, complete with a bone-chilling death glare.
  • Max from Precocious is one of the few kids that isn't psycopathic in some way, but he was able to sink the Buddleship using only an unseen piece of junk and the ability to swim.
  • Michelle of Forever16 has this in the story line where the school's Alpha Bitch tries to break her and Joel apart. Do not make her angry. You wouldn't like her when she's angry...
  • Agathoth from Cloudscratcher is described like so.
  • Dame Madeline Goodlaw in panel 6 of this Rusty and Co. strip.
  • Alice of Alice and the Nightmare is generally a Spoiled Sweet and the nicest person around, but when she gets angry, she flares up and her Superpowered Evil Side starts to emerge.
  • Subverted in xkcd here.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: Tuuri is usually The Cutie, but mention her weight and she'll make you pay, even if you are a child. She also gets a manipulative younger sibling side identified by Mikkel when she directs it towards him.
  • Niels: Agent 300 is a suave, gentlemanly, laid-back Agent Peacock who, while not a paragon of morality, is still one of the nicer characters in the comic, especially compared to the title character. He will rain swift and terrible retribution on anyone who dares to try and murder Agent 250.


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