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  • The Gorillaz cast all have their moments, excluding resident Jerkass Murdoc. Noodle once fought off an entire zombie army alone with nothing but her Waif-Fu, and the usually cool-headed Only Sane Man Russel knocked Murdoc out cold with one blow when he tried to kill 2D. Even Extreme Doormat 2D has a limit: he lashed out at Murdoc in a recent interview after a few minutes of insult and humiliation.
  • Kenny Rogers' classic "Coward of the County". A man who'd turned his back on fighting all his life beats three men to a pulp after they rape his wife.
  • Lemon Demon's "Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" brings together absolutely everyone in a Climactic Battle Resurrection, from Batman to Godzilla to Chuck Norris. The winner? Mr. Rogers in a bloodstained sweater.
  • Pearl Jam's song "Jeremy" from Ten is about this, to an extent. A quiet, drab kid with uncaring parents suddenly snaps and goes berserk, punching the narrator in the jaw and biting the recess lady's breast. Before eating a Magnum in front of everyone - not the chocolate-covered ice-cream.
  • Vocaloid Kaito ga Uninstall
  • Alice Cooper's "No More Mr. Nice Guy" is about someone a guy who does nice things for people, but no one wants to befriend him or just be around him, which prompts him to be upset and get turned mean. It is Played for Laughs, though.
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  • "Sister Mary Elephant," a 1974 comedy recording by Cheech and Chong. Although the title character, a substitute teacher overseeing an unruly class, is very nice, her frustration boils over several times throughout the song as she tries to call the clearly uninterested students to order ("Class? Class? "SHUDD-UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!!!!!!!").
  • "Tai Kwan Leap," a comedy recording by the Frantics. The main character starts out preaching peace, enlightenment and how Tai Kwan Leap is strictly for self-defense - then when a mouthy student gets a little aggressive with him it's "Boot to the head."
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic's "The Night Santa Went Crazy", has the legendary jolly fat man flip his lid and go on a murdering spree, the song hinting that years of delivering gifts to kids and only getting milk and cookies for his thanks was just too much for him to handle anymore.
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  • The Rolling Stones' mild-mannered, quiet and laid-back drummer Charlie Watts was often to be found in his hotel room quietly reading a book whilst Jagger, Richards, Jones and Wyman were living the rock-excess lifestyle. At one drunken after-gig party, Mick Jagger imperiously called for Watts to be located and brought to the party, whether he wanted to or not, yelling "Where's my drummer? I want my drummer! Bring my drummer to me!". When these words were relayed to him, Watts nodded, put down his book, and left his hotel room, saying nothing. As Jagger brayed "Ah, my drummer's here at last!", the irritated Watts laid him cold with one punch. Dragging Mick up by the lapels and eyeballing him, Watts said, simply "I'm not your fucking drummer. You are my lead singer. Right?". He then turned on his heel, went back to his room, and carried on where he's left off. He'd even thought to insert a bookmark.
  • The third English verse of New Zealand's national anthem God Defend New Zealand invokes this trope, with a declaration of striving for peace while also calling on God to make them a "mighty host" if they are invaded.
  • The Killer Inside Me by MC 900ft Jesus is about a serial killer who pretends to be a sweet, talkative, mentally disabled person to both lure people into lowering their defenses and to keep suspicion off of himself.


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