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  • Archie's Weird Mysteries, natch. In one episode, a sea monster tries to woo Archie by taking on the guise of a girl combining Betty and Veronica's best features, prompting Betty and Veronica to form an Enemy Mine as they think they're the only ones who will fight for Archie. In the finale, a time-travelling future version of Archie is about to tell his past self who he finally got together with, only to be zapped away at the last moment.
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  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!, both quiet, reliable Jane Foster and sexy, dangerous Enchantress seem to love The Mighty Thor. However, he just doesn't like the Enchantress. Ultimately, Enchantress stops pursuing Thor's affections after becoming enslaved by Surtur the fire demon, and Jane breaks up with Thor after realizing that dating a superhero might endanger her.
  • Terry from Batman Beyond had his long-time girlfriend Dana as the Betty and the Royal Flush Gang member Melanie as the Veronica.
  • Clone High pushes this one to its logical extremes: Abraham Lincoln is madly in love with demanding, selfish, spoiled, slutty, gorgeous, popular Cleopatra (Veronica), while remaining completely clueless to the devotion of his best friend: spunky, intelligent, independent, creative, semi-goth Joan of Arc (Betty). In the end he realizes that he really loves Joan, etc.
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  • Applies to Danny Phantom, where Danny is infatuated with Paulina, the shallow, beautiful "Veronica" of the school, ignoring the pretty, intelligent "Betty" at his side, Samantha Manson. The love triangle isn't clear at the beginning of the show, when Samantha and Danny are Just Friends, but eventually their feelings do grow for each other. Later on, Danny's crush on Paulina fades, and one of his arch-enemies, Valerie, becomes the "Veronica" instead. A bit of a subversion, in that the biggest strike against Valerie is that she's trying to kill Danny, though she likes his secret identity just fine.
  • In The Fairly OddParents, Tootie is the Betty and Trixie is the Veronica to Timmy Turner's Archie. If you consider the live action film canon, Timmy ends up with Tootie.
  • Harley Quinn (2019); Harley is the energetic, hard-driving Veronica to Kite Man's laid back and supportive Betty, with Poison Ivy as Archie. Ivy chooses Kite Man because she believes Harley's too wild to have a stable relationship with.
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  • Hey Arnold! has Arnold having a crush on Lila (Betty) and admired by Helga (Veronica). In "Arnie visits Arnie", Arnold is admired by Arnie's girlfriend Lulu (Veronica) and falls in love with Hilda (Betty). In turn, Arnold is the Betty to Arnie's Veronica for Hilda.
  • In Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Tony has Pepper (Betty) and Whitney (Veronica). Pepper has Tony (Betty) and Gene (Veronica).
  • The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour has Jimmy as Betty and Timmy as Veronica to Cindy.
  • Justice League Unlimited would have Hawkgirl and Vixen in these roles... but the challenge here is to determine who's who to John Stewart's Archie. On one hand Mari/Vixen is a world famous fashion model, very beautiful and glamorous while Hawkgirl is a more down-to-earth character and kinda One of the Boys. On the other, Hawkgirl is a redhaired alien woman with wings, which makes her a lot more exotic than the Earth-born Vixen will ever be.
    • Also they play this trope a step further making them frenemies rather than downright rivals. To the point that Mari is able to rescue herself and Hawkgirl from some enemies... via pretending that she wants to Murder the Hypotenuse.
  • In Kappa Mikey, Mitsuki is the Betty and Lily is the Veronica to Mikey's Archie.
  • Kick Buttowski Kick has two girls admiring him, Jackie the Loony Fan is the Betty who openly has a crush on Kick, and Kendall who secretly likes Kick is the Veronica.
  • Coop from Kid VS Kat has Phoebe the Veronica and Fiona as the Betty who both like him.
  • In King of the Hill, Nancy Hicks-Gribble has been carrying on an affair with Veronica, John Redcorn, while married to her Crazy Survivalist husband Dale (the Betty).
  • Monster Allergy has Elena the Betty and Lay the Veronica when it comes to Zick. Lay has this with Zick as Betty and Teddy as Veronica.
  • My Little Pony Tales: Ace is torn between Starlight (Betty) and Melody (Veronica).
  • In Pixel Pinkie, Nina (Betty) has a crush on Alpha Bitch Suzi's (Veronica) boyfriend Max.
  • Regular Show: Mordecai has Margaret (his Betty) and C.J. (his Veronica).
  • Robbie the Reindeer has Donna (kind, sensible and voiced by Jane Horrocks) as Betty and Vixen (who lives up to her name) as Veronica.
  • Even though she has a few things in common with Veronica (being rich and a bit uppity), Lola from Robotboy still plays the part of Betty to Bambi's Veronica and Tommy's Archie.
  • Parodied not subtly at all in South Park. In the two parter "Do the Handicapped Go To Hell?"/"Probably", Satan has to choose between his two gay lovers, and the Veronica happens to be Saddam Hussein. And the two rivals keep killing each other, but they're in Hell already, so they just keep coming back. Eventually, Satan just says "forget it" and dumps them both, deciding to forgo having relationships at all for a while. Based on advice from God.
    • The Movie has a gender flip version with Wendy as the Archie, Stan as the Betty and Gregory as the Veronica. It may have been imaginary, though, since Wendy chooses Stan at the end with no hesitation.
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man has Gwen Stacy as the Betty, similar to some of her comic book presentations, but it is Liz Allen who is given the status of the Veronica whom Peter goes out with first. Mary Jane only fits the Veronica role for a quick bit of Ship Tease—she went on one blind date with Peter, but during the first and second seasons at least she doesn't harbor much serious interest in him other than as a friend.This would have changed had the show continued.
  • Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Rich, popular, snobbish, born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Felicia Hardy as the Veronica and down-to-earth girl next door Mary Jane as the Betty. And then Felicia gets Character Development, a convoluted deal with Morbius... and becomes Black Cat.
  • Steven Universe had Rose Quartz as the Archie in the past, with Pearl as the Betty (a longtime friend and comrade of Rose's who was entrusted with her deepest secrets) and Greg as the Veronica (the more exotic alien musician who Rose rushed into a relationship with within days of meeting him). Greg ultimately won, and the episode "Mr. Greg" centers around Pearl having to finally get over that fact.
  • Lance and Ilana have a bit of a Ship Tease in Sym-Bionic Titan. Later on, Lance shows some interest in a girl named Kristin, who is the Veronica to Ilana's Betty. In a gender-flipped version, Ilana bonds with a boy named Jason, who is the Betty to Lance's Veronica.
  • In The Critic episode "Lady Hawke", Jay Sherman (the Archie) got into a triangle with Alice (the Betty) and his best friend Jeremy's twin sister Olivia (the Veronica). He chooses Alice at the end of the episode.
  • The Legend of Korra puts Mako in the Archie position, choosing between Korra (the Veronica) and Asami (the Betty). Interestingly, a lot of the traits usually associated with each side are swapped around; ie. Asami is the richer, more traditionally beautiful one, while Korra is the naive, Amazonian beauty from the country (well, Southern Water Tribe).
    • In Season 1, he dates Asami for several episodes, but eventually chooses Korra after her abduction induces a Love Epiphany.
    • In Season 2, this falls apart; he breaks up with Korra, has a brief fling with Asami, gets back together with Korra after Laser-Guided Amnesia makes her forget they broke up... and finally ends the season single when they break up again, realizing that their relationship simply doesn't work.
    • Season 4 finally resolves the love triangle when Korra and Asami end up in a relationship with each other.note 
  • In The Secret Saturdays, Doc Saturday could to be the Betty and Leonidas Van Rooke the Veronica for Drew Saturday.
  • This occurs a few times in The Simpsons. In 'The Last Temptation of Homer', Homer almost has an affair with Mindy (Veronica), but chooses Marge (Betty). A rare example where Betty is a girly girl and Veronica is a tomboy.
    • A gender inversion occurs when Marge chooses Homer (Betty) over an affair with Jacques (Veronica) in 'Life on the Fast Lane'.
    • Several hypothetical/future episodes have Lisa involved with Milhouse (Betty) while attracted to Nelson (Veronica).
  • A gender-flipped version in ThunderCats (2011): Lion-O (Betty) has a crush on Cheetara (Archie) which makes Tygra (Veronica) jealous. She chooses Tygra. Later on, a non-genderflipped version Lion-O is now the Archie, with Cheetara being the past Betty to his new love interest: Pumyra as Veronica.
  • In Total Drama World Tour, Gwen is the Betty and Courtney the Veronica to Duncan's Archie.
    • Also, Cody could be the Betty and Trent the Veronica for Gwen in season one, and Trent the Betty and Duncan the Veronica in season two.
    • Also in World Tour, Cody is the Betty and Duncan is the Veronica to Gwen. And then you have Sierra forming another love triangle with's quite the Love Dodecahedron, really.
    • In Revenge of the Island, Zoey is the Betty and Anne Maria is the Veronica to Mike's Archie. In an interesting variation, Mike only has eyes for Zoey; it's his Jerkass Split Personality Vito who is interested in Anne Maria and vice versa.
    • In Pahkitew Island, Ella is the Betty and Sky is the Veronica to Dave's Archie. However, he ends up with neither girl.
  • In X-Men: Evolution, Jean Grey is the Betty and Rogue the Veronica for Scott Summers/Cyclops.
    • Also, Cyclops could be said to be the Betty and Gambit the Veronica for Rogue in this series.
  • W.I.T.C.H. pulled this during its second season with Cornelia as the Archie, Caleb as the Betty and Taranee's brother Peter as the Veronica. This was due to the fact that Cornelia and Caleb broke up in the beginning of the season and Corny took the opportunity to try to catch Peter as a rebound. After Caleb is thought to have been killed, Cornelia realizes that she does still love Caleb and, when he comes back, decides to reconcile with him.
  • As with many other Love Triangle variants, the Miraculous Ladybug Love Square]] features several different variants on this trope, depending on how you choose to divvy up the characters:
    • If you treat Adrien as the Archie, you get a straight(-ish) example. Marinette is the Betty: friendly, girly, wears sensible clothes, and part of Adrien's civilian life. Ladybug is the Veronica: Reserved, an Action Girl of the highest order, wears a skintight bodysuit and belongs to Cat Noir's superhero life. Cat definitely favors Ladybug.
    • If you treat Marinette as the Archie, you get a somewhat more complicated version of the trope. Adrien has some Betty traits (Marinette loves him for his kindness, he wears sensible clothes, and he's part of her civilian life), and some Veronica traits (a literal model and very reserved and aloof in his interactions with her). Cat Noir, contrariwise, is part of Ladybug's superhero life and wears a leather catsuit (Veronica), but is friendly and devoted to Ladybug (Betty).
    • As of season two, both Marinette and Adrien are in a proper version of this trope: Marinette is the sweetheart Betty to Kagami's ice queen Veronica for Adrien's Archie, while Adrien is the popular and reserved Veronica to Luka's calm and patient Betty for Marinette's Archie.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil:
    • Deuteragonist Marco (Archie) eventually catches himself in a Love Triangle between his cool skater girl classmate Jackie-Lynn (Betty) and his bubbly interdimensional magical princess best friend Star (Veronica). However, this is only played straight taking in account character archetypes. In terms of character role, the dynamic is inverted, with Jackie-Lynn being the target of Marco's affections while Star is Marco's best friend who harbors a secret crush on him.
    • Star herself is an Archie as well, crushing on her Earth best friend Marco (Betty) and dealing with the advances of her demon ex-boyfriend Tom (Veronica).
    • Star's mother, Queen Moon, had a case of this in her youth as well. There were two people interested in her during the "Moon the Undaunted" episode: River Johansen, the small stocky boy who believed in her judgement (Betty), and Count Mildrew, a Pretty Boy type who patronized her too much (Veronica). This is lampshaded during Moon's conversation with her stasis-released ancestor Eclipsa.
    Moon: I can't even decide which boy I like!
    Eclipsa: I know how you feel.
  • Wallace and Victor Quartermaine in Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.


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