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  • In Ace Combat, after being defeated, the Belkan government turns its nuclear stockpile on themselves, wiping out the entire country in a suicidal blaze.
  • In the second level of the Alien campaign in the 2010 Alien vs. Predator game, a civilian will commit suicide as soon you enter the room he is in. Just before this, you hear him saying to a marine that he would rather do this than be killed by the xenomorph. Several human targets choose to kill themselves rather than face the alternative, mostly because the alternative is being held down and intimately introduced to a facehugger. There is an achievement for catching them all, as if sadism alone wasn't incentive enough.
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  • Subverted in Beyond: Two Souls. When cornered by an angry mob in Africa, Jodie decides to shoot herself rather than let said mob get her, but her ghostly sidekick Aiden knocks the gun out of her hands before she can pull the trigger.
  • BioShock:
    • In the first game, Andrew Ryan opts to commit an interesting form of suicide both to deny Atlas the pleasure of killing him and to humiliate the player character: turns out you've been Brainwashed this entire time, and he uses your code words to make you kill him, while he taunts you for being a "slave".
    • In the multiplayer, it is better to commit suicide than let the opponent kill you in team matches, as the match ends depending on how many kills the team got.
    • In Bioshock Infinite Cornelius Slate asks that you help him commit suicide rather than be captured by Comstock's men. You can choose whether or not to. He thanks you if you do saying "they haven't changed you, Booker." If you don't he curses you, calling you a "tin man", and you later find him tortured and unconscious in the Good Time Club.
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  • In the final stages of BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Hazama is beaten to within an inch of his life by Ragna. Rather than let his Arch-Enemy kill him, he Goes Out With A Smile and throws himself into the Boundary, a chaotic Alternate Dimension where dying is one of the better outcomes.
  • Part of the Creation Myth in Brütal Legend. Ormagöden, the Great Firebeast, chose to die by self-detonation rather than being drowned in mud by the First Ones, but his death destroyed the First Ones and gave the world the Elements which became the foundation of the Age of Metal; Fire, Noise, Blood and Metal.
  • In Call of Duty 4, at the end of the mission "The Sins of the Father", Zakhaev's son commits suicide once he realizes the SAS, Russians, and United States Marines are trying to capture him to locate his father.
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  • Trilby near the end of Trilby's Notes of the Chzo Mythos lays mortally wounded and paralyzed, but actually wills himself to death rather than face a Fate Worse than Death. He gets better.
  • The enemy commander commits suicide in the secret ending of Cybernator. Well, in the Japanese version, anyway.
  • Dead Island is quite possibly the most horrific portrayal of a Zombie Apocalypse or The Virus ever, and has in their logo and promotion an image of someone hanging themselves rather than become infected, kill other humans, and eat them, all while they are self aware. A couple in the trailer for Riptide blow themselves up when they are shipwrecked on the infected island before the zombies can get to them.
  • Dead Rising 2:
    • When Brandon Whittaker realizes he's been bitten by a zombie, he slits his throat with a piece of broken glass.
    • Dwight Boykin goes crazy and mistakes the hero for a zombie. When he's defeated, he defiantly declares that he will not become a zombie and pulls the pin on a grenade he's wearing.
  • This way out is taken by five separate characters in Dead Space: a number of NPCs (frequently right in front of Isaac), and Nicole, via lethal injection before the game even began. Points go out to one particular crewman of the Ishimura in an audio log; he knew that dying would just make another Necromorph, so he sawed his own legs off (this is recorded in the audio log). Shortly after you find this log, you discover a legless Necromorph...
  • In DOTA 2, killing yourself means that the enemy team will not get XP and Gold. However, only certain characters are capable of doing it (such as Pudge using Rot away from the enemies to kill himself) and there are some items that can give you an option to commit suicide (such as the Bloodstone). A third variation has players that are low on health deliberately Draw Aggro from a neutral unit and have it deliver the killing blow, for the same result.
  • In Danganronpa V 3 Killing Harmony, As Kaito was going through his execution, he coughs a huge amount of blood, resulting him to die from his chronic disease, and the execution to fail, much to Monokuma's irritation.
  • DUST 514 has suicide as an option in combat. It counts towards your death count but not towards the enemy's points total.
  • At least one farmer in Exmortis 2 killed his family and then himself rather than endure a long and agonising death at the hands of the Exmortis. The brother-in-law wasn't so lucky, and the PC doesn't get the option.
  • Fallout: New Vegas:
    • In the quest "I Put a Spell on You", if you don't kill Curtis yourself, he commits suicide after you report him to Hsu. If you sell Arcade Gannon into slavery as Caesar's personal doctor, he eventually commits seppuku with a scalpel.
    • In the backstory for the Dead Money expansion, security came online and trapped the guests during the Sierra Madre's grand opening. Some of the guests shot themselves or overdosed on chems, rather than wait for a less humane death at the guards' hands.
  • In Fist of the North Star: Twin Blue Stars of Judgment, if Shin is losing the round and has no stars left, he can replicate his death scene where he invoked this trope, basically forfeiting the round. In exchange, he starts his next round with a full Seven Stars meter, as if he was defeated by a Fatal KO (normally, he'd get only two stars).
  • Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer has a way to kill oneself with a suicide pill or a self-inflicted pistol shot to the head. It used to be common to see a Griefer preferring to "take the easy way out" (as the game itself puts it) rather than give his target the satisfaction of getting a revenge kill (as well as a way to protect their K/D ratio). An update later made this impossible, making it so that EWO-ing (Easy Way Out) after being shot gives the shooter the credit for the kill. To avert this, griefers and tryhards now blow themselves up with sticky bombs and rocket launchers, as that still counts as suicide in-game.
  • When faced with the imminent Charr invasion in Guild Wars, the Vizier of Orr decides on this approach. Well, unless blowing up your entire country and sinking most of it beneath the waves is considered a valid military tactic.
    Pyre Fierceshot: The Vizier destroyed his own country rather than fight us. That... is a compliment.
  • Half-Life 2 has its fair share of implied cases in isolated areas. Usually, they're in places infested with Xen creatures or Headcrabs, but there were some that presumably just wanted to escape the tyranny of the Combine.
  • Hearthstone: The concede button. Garrosh (the default Warrior) even references this; his entrance quote is "Victory or death!" while his concede quote is "I choose death!".
  • After you beat the Final Boss of Hotline Miami, he chooses to blow his brains out rather than let Jacket kill him. Which, considering how Jacket tends to execute people, is probably the less painful option.
  • At the end of House of the Dead 2 (and of Typing Of The Dead), there are three possible endings. Two involve the main villain taking a swan dive off of the side of a highrise. One of those endings involves bungee cords and the villain bouncing back onto the top of the building and burping at you. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • After you defeat Colonel Radec in Killzone 2, he and his men commit suicide, preferring death to being prisoners of the ISA.
  • In Kindergarten, Lily jumps into the Nugget Cave, an extremely deep hole in the sandbox, after Cindy empties a bucket of blood over her head. When Ms. Applegate finds out, she threatens to push Nugget in after her. He decides not to give her the satisfaction and jumps down himself.
  • In some areas of Left 4 Dead there are a disturbing number of bodies which are obviously suicides (single pistol lying around, blood around the head). Given the alternative...
    Bill: We've been immune so far, but, well, if I start to turn, promise you'll shoot me.
    Francis: What if just your beard starts to turn, can I shoot that?
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: The mysterious and ninja-like Garou, when beaten, will give Link advice about the area he's currently in before saying "We never leave bodies, this is the way of the Garou" and setting themselves on fire with their specialized cloaks. The Garou Master miniboss in the area's temple takes it a step further by pulling out a bomb and blowing himself up.
  • Happens in particularly heartbreaking fashion during the Elder Wars in Lusternia. Justified in that, by dying, the Elder Gods gave life to the mortal races - if they'd fought to the last, they would've been devoured by The Soulless Gods instead.
  • Mass Effect:
  • MechWarrior 4 plays this on two levels.
    • The original game actually has a suicide-weapon you can mount on your mech in multiplayer, allowing you to blow up near the enemy.
    • In the single-player campaign, when you face an enemy pilot who is notorious for killing his ejected opponents and beat him, your Mission Control asks if he ejected. The player character responds "No. I think he was afraid to." Having never offered mercy, the enemy pilot expected none.
  • In Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Vamp ends his life with his own hands before Otacon can.
  • In Mortal Kombat: Deception, if your opponent manages to win against you, and the message "FINISH HIM!" plays, you can perform a Hara-kiri. Hara-kiris are virtually suicides, and they are performed just like fatalities. Kenshi's Hara-kiri imitates a real life Hara-kiri. He takes a sword and cuts his chest open. This is usually considered the correct way to do a Hara-kiri in real life. Also, a Good Bad Bug happens when both a fatality and a Hara-kiri move are entered simultaneously: The winner will perform the fatality on himself.
  • Used as a gameplay mechanic in multiplayer for Ninja Gaiden 3. Players near death can opt to commit suicide to prevent opponents from scoring from killing them.
  • Muddokons in the Oddworld series have this mentality if Abe starts killing a group of them (accidentally or otherwise) or Sligs open fire on them.
  • There are many moves in the Pokémon series that revolve around this, with most of them falling under Taking You with Me. The main exceptions are Memento, which lowers the target's Attack and Special Attack while making the user faint, and Lunar Dance and Healing Wish, which make the user faint while fully restoring the next Pokémon that the player sends out.
  • In the climactic final act of Policenauts, after Jonathan manages to defeat Redwood in combat, Redwood jumps off the stairway and falls to his death while laughing madly, mostly to deny Jonathan the satisfaction of taking him in.
  • Portal 2:
    • Played for Black Comedy. The folks at Aperture Science were so obsessed with contingency plans for everything (except, apparently, their own deaths at the hands of the neurotoxin they empowered their AI to release) that, should the countdown displaying the Exact Time to Failure of the facility's nuclear reactor itself fail, the supervisory programming will activate a Self-Destruct Mechanism to remove the uncertainty.
      Announcer: Reactor explosion timer destroyed. Reactor Explosion Uncertainty Emergency Preemption Protocol activated. This facility will self-destruct in two minutes.
    • Played for Laughs by the villain near the end, who offers you a chance to fall victim to some very obvious Death Traps rather than a final showdown in the lair. They also have some rather amusing things to say if you do in fact take the offer, and you are rewarded with an achievement for one of them.
      Wheatley: Less a death trap, more a death option for you.
  • [PROTOTYPE] has one when Director of Research McMullen commits suicide via bullet to the brain, so that Alex Mercer can't absorb him to get information about the Awful Truth.
  • Subverted in Resonance of Fate. When Leanne discovers that she was part of an experiment, the results of which doom her to die on her twentieth birthday, she decides to jump off of a building, preferring to die on her own terms. However, Zephyr ends up saving her life, and in the process, midnight rolls around... and Leanne is still alive.
  • At the end of The Saboteur you are facing off with the man who killed your friend and cheated to beat you in a race. After a speech about how killing him won't change the damage that has been caused, you are given a gun to aim at the Nazi (whose gun is out of ammo). If you decide to not pull the trigger he'll keep backing up, turn, and leap off the edge of the Eiffel Tower.
  • In the "Genkibowl VII" DLC of Saints Row: The Third, during the Sad Panda Skyblazing activity the announcers mention that some Mascots are choosing to jump off rooftops rather than face your chainsaw.
  • Samurai Shodown IV has a special move that "kills" the player (for some characters it's a suicide, for others is something less interesting). Since it doesn't necessarily end the fights (it's worth only one KO) it can be used strategically, as in the next round the player starts with a full rage meter.
  • In Shadowverse, players can "Concede" any time by quitting the match, especially if they feel like they have a very small chance of winning, are at a major disadvantage, or have simply accepted their defeat and don't want to see their opponent deliver the killing blow. Nonetheless, it allows matches to end quickly. If this happens, the leader will explode following their defeat.
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV: Isabeau understands it's more than likely that she will come to understand what you hope to achieve if she talks to you for a while in the Law or Chaos paths. However, she refuses to understand.
  • At the end of StarCraft: Brood War, Admiral DuGalle writes a message to his wife, Helena, about the failures of the UED in the Koprulu sector before he kills himself out of shame, because he ordered the execution of his best friend, unknowingly cooperated with the Big Bad to kill her enemy, practically handed said Big Bad her new army, and then failed to kill the Big Bad. A lot to be ashamed of. The ending text then notes that the Zerg caught up with them and not a single ship managed to leave Koprulu.
  • In time battles in Super Smash Bros., by default, a self-destruct takes a point off your score, but getting KO'd takes a point off your score and awards one to whoever got the finishing blow. Either way, your damage is reset. In battles with only two fighters/teams, it's particularly clear; if Fighter A KOs Fighter B 3 times, and fighter A self-destructs 5 times (resetting their damage each time), Fighter A will win. The way around this is to set the self-destruct penalty to 2 points instead of 1, although that makes accidental SDs more annoying. Unfortunately, in most games like this, there isn't a way to not reset a player's damage when they self-destruct, so either suicides are exploitable, or punished too severely for innocent mistakes. To compensate, starting with Brawl, a KO isn't counted as an SD unless a certain period of time has passed without taking damage (or you've managed to off yourself without taking any damage at all since you last spawned).
  • At the end of Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, Shen Rei commits suicide to prevent his capture and interrogation.
  • System Shock 2: At least one of the people on the Von Braun opted to hang himself rather than be assimilated by the Many, and you get a ghost-replay of another's last moments as he says his final words and blows his brains out. Your alleged "guide" is revealed to have killed herself long before, too. There's also Captain William Diego, who had a med-robot cut the infection from his body in full knowledge that he would quickly succumb to blood loss, which he did.
  • A frequent player behavior in Team Fortress 2 for several reasons:
    • There are weapons which give a positive effect to the wielder on a kill. If a player commits suicide before being killed by one of these weapons the attacker will not receive the positive effect from the weapon. Especially effective with the Half-Zatoichi which gives 86-110HP, depending on the user's max HP, on kill but deals 50HP of damage to the wielder if he tries to put it away before getting a kill.
    • It isn't unusual for players on the losing team to jump into a Bottomless Pit or some kind of environmental hazard. This is because players on the losing team are essentially free points and target practice to the winners, who have about 10-15 seconds of time after the end of a round to hunt down the survivors with guns that deal infinite Critical Hits. For the same reason, some Soldier players will also use the suicide taunt available to their pickax melee weapons to simply blow themselves up after a lost round (and potentially take an enemy or two with them).
  • In the opening scene of Tears to Tiara, Rhiannon (who has seen glimpses of her own future) decides that her death by suicide is a better alternative than being made a living sacrifice to revive a demon lord.
  • Whenever Wild Dog is defeated in the Time Crisis series, he blows himself up with a detonator.
  • After Guillaume has been defeated by Albert and Michel in Vampire Night, he refuses to accept those terms, so he just lets himself fall off a cliff while laughing manically.
  • In Wild ARMs 5, after Kartikeya is defeated by Greg, he opts to finish himself off by using his ARM to blow a giant hole in his gut so as to deny Greg the joy of revenge. Greg then declares that he no longer cares about his revenge anymore, leaving Kartikeya with a dumbfounded look on his face as he dies.
  • Wing Commander IV. In the good ending, Admiral Tolwyn is found guilty of treason. In a chilling finale to his tale, audio from a news report announces that all appeals have been denied as his corpse is shown in his cell, dangling lazily. He has crudely hung himself rather than face execution. However, this is a rather negatively portrayed example, intended to show Tolwyn's moral failure in refusing to meet the consequences for his actions, as in the losing endgame Blair faces down the firing squad, stoic to the bitter end, declining a blindfold.
  • Something of a notorious habit among World of Tanks players who are faced with some kind of losing proposition, usually by being on the wrong end of a Curb-Stomp Battle. Rather than go down fighting, these players drive off cliffs, into water, or (in the case of artillery) fire their giant high-explosive shells into the nearest adjacent wall to kill themselves via splash damage.note  This behavior is usually frowned upon as the choice of the cowardly and the spiteful, and is the reason that petulant artillery players of this sort have earned the nickname "scumbag" from Big Name Fan The Mighty Jingles. Eventually, a patch was added that changed the game so that any time someone suicided, the XP and silver value of their vehicle would be divided up among all enemy players who were still living at the time. The purpose of this behavior is (usually) not specifically to deny silver and XP to the enemy players, but to simply leave a losing game faster and start a new battle.
  • World of Warcraft:
    • In Warcraft III, upon death, Demon Hunter heroes will stab themselves with their own blades as they die, provided they are still in Night Elf form.
    • This is Arthas's reasoning behind purging the people of Stratholme, who were doomed to become undead.
    • When Vanessa Vancleef is reduced to her last hit point, she pulls out a barrel of gunpowder, yells, "My destiny is my own!", and detonates it. This can also be a Taking You with Me attack, as the explosion can and most likely will kill an unsuspecting player. Rogue players find out in Legion that she merely faked her death, which was easy to do when the PC party was still reeling from the aftereffects of hallucinogenic neurotoxin.
  • In the XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC "Enemy Within", stunning an EXALT soldier with the Arc Thrower results in him taking poison to prevent capture and interrogation.
  • Your Turn To Die: When Kai Satou's number is up, he takes advantage of Sue Miley being distracted gloating to Sara and the others to slit his wrists. He then gives a Rousing Speech encouraging the others to keep resisting their kidnappers in any way that they can before succumbing to his wounds.


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