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Better To Die Than Be Killed / Fan Works

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  • In the end of I Did Not Want To Die, the main character is already mortally wounded, but he has one last grenade.
  • In Tiberium Wars, it is a common belief among Nod soldiers and officers that their prisoners of war will be tortured and raped by GDI troops — which leads to a Black Hand officer executing his own immobilized wounded to keep them from falling into enemy hands. GDI, meanwhile, views this as appalling and as a fanatical enemy denying them intelligence sources.
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  • In the "Brotherhood of Shadow" Knights of the Old Republic Mod, a Czerka mining chief does this when his crew suddenly go animalistic and berserk due to an insane Jedi trying to lure your new party member out of hiding.
  • In the G.I. Joe / Alien vs. Predator crossover fic Corazones y Cazadores, the Joe team thinks Beachhead has chosen this when he's attacked by a facehugger and grabs for his handgun. Subverted, as he's actually shooting it off.
  • In the Harry Potter and Death Note crossover Little Black Death Note Raito is well aware he's playing a dangerous game and considers that in the unlikely event that the wizards figure out what he's up to he might just get one of his Shinigami to write his own name in the notebook rather than hang around and wait for the many nasty Fates Worse Than Death the wizards would inflict on him.
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  • In the Puella Magi Madoka Magica fanfic A History of Magic, Cleopatra chose to crush her own Soul Gem rather than wait for Augustus's troops to kill her or for her to become a witch. Many years later, Sarah attempted to do this, but the Jewish laws saying suicides don't get to heaven kept her from going through with it. Anne Frank had to Mercy Kill her.
  • In Queen of All Oni, it's eventually shown that this is how Tarakudo's mortal life (before becoming an Oni) ended — surrounded by his enemies in war and deciding they didn't deserve the honor of taking his life, he stabbed himself.
  • In the Dragon Age: Origins fanfic Victory at Ostagar, the Empress of Orlais takes poison rather than be dragged to a Fate Worse than Death by the darkspawn invading Val Royeaux.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic Earth and Sky, Proud Warrior Race Griffon Baron Redtail is trapped in a burning prison, and tries to convince his lackey Gunther to kill him rather than wait for the fire to kill them. Fortunately, he's rescued by the other prisoners.
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  • In the infamous Axis Powers Hetalia fic Gutters, Denmark saves two bullets specifically for this reason.
  • Gankutsuou: Based on The Count of Monte Cristo. Interestingly, given its alternation in Sympathetic P.O.V. from the novel, Fernand has a more admirable death, choosing to save his son's life and redeem himself through a Heroic Sacrifice, rather than shooting himself after his sordid past is exposed.
  • Some stories in The Conversion Bureau subgenre have this with the humans who refuse to be converted. The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum, being a Deconstruction Fic bordering on Deconstructor Fleet, has several instances of this. The hero, Marcus, tries to slash his throat when he thinks he's about to be ponified only for Canon!Twilight to successfully stop him. It's also revealed that the Japanese Prime Minister and Queen Elizabeth II chose to kill themselves than be converted (in the latter's case, pull a Taking You with Me by blowing herself up in Balmoral Castle with her assailants inside). The Europe and Asia side stories also have the main characters promising each other that they would shoot the other if they got hit with the ponification potion so they can die as themselves.
  • Pagan Vengeance: Without an army left to defend itself, the citizens of Palanga commit mass suicide before the army at their gates. Juvage and his troops are so baffled at this they start treating the survivors and leave the city untouched with a big pile of plunder contributed from each man. This is also the point where Juvage starts questioning himself, since they didn't even need to take out the city.
  • In The Wrong Reflection Dal Kanril Eleya of the Mirror Universe Cardassian Guard keeps a Suicide Pill in a false back molar for use in the event of capture by Terran Empire forces.
    "Despite my brave face to Damar, I know what the Terrans do to female prisoners."
  • At the start of ARTICLE 2, Major Shane Doran has just woken up and is confusedly trying to escape Canterlot Castle. When he sees himself totally surrounded by what he presumes are hostiles with no hope of escaping, he puts his pistol to his chin. Luna manages to neutralize him before he can fire.
  • Similarly, in Misunderstandings, early on Peter finds himself in a magic-addled sense of fight-or-flight, running from ponies in Canterlot. At a point, he ends up in a back alley, with Princess Celestia standing in his way. He figures he's screwed anyway, so he might as well have the final defiance of choosing how he wants to die, so he puts his handgun to his temple and fires... except the gun jams. Later on, this episode leads ponies to have hushed conversations about his mental stability and humans' behavior, and Peter gets so disturbed at how easily he could go suicidal, he hands the pistol over to Sveti, the only living being he trusts and is able to use it by that point.
  • In the W.I.T.C.H. fanfic Stirred (the sequel to Ripples), Caleb makes it clear in his internal narration that he'd take this route if facing the possibility of being captured by either of Phobos' Hands, due to their various reputations among the rebels.
  • The Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic Worlds Apart offers a non-fatal example of this; rather than the Council firing Wesley for incompetence, here he willingly resigns from the Council because he can no longer tolerate working for people who would consider himself and Buffy just as much traitors to their calling as Faith when their only 'crime' is not killing Angel.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic blog Ask Pinkamina Diane Pie, Scootaloo's abusive father hanged himself rather than let Pinkamina torture him.
  • In Summer Crowns, Felian Gaelyr, the leader of the Ashen Men, burns down her hiding place and slits her wrists rather than be taken prisoner by the Second Sons.
  • Supposedly Sirius's reason for blowing himself up in The Parselmouth of Gryffindor. Of course, he's actually Faking the Dead.
  • In Chaos Theory, when Archer starts getting devoured by The Shadow, he kills himself with Rule Breaker, both so he doesn't rise again as a Blackened Servant, and so he can die as Shirou Emiya, not Archer.
  • Used non-lethally in the Splatoon fic Her Fractured Spirit. During a Turf War, rvMatt1 jumps off the tower instead of letting herself be splatted by an opponent.
  • In the Highschool of the Dead fic World of the Dead, the group comes across a family of three, dead by gunshot; Takashi speculates that they either decided to take the easy way out rather than be devoured by Them, or the father went crazy and killed his wife and kid before turning the gun on himself.
  • Corpsemaker from ‘’Vanilla Sabotage Bad End’’, a Fanverse of the Steelheart inspired roleplay, ‘’What Happened In Oregon’’, poisons his own coffee rather than be tortured to death by Darkrose and Alastair.


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