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Better To Die Than Be Killed / Comic Books

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  • This happens several times in the Alien comics released by Dark Horse Comics as most humans would rather die than be torn apart by the Xenomorphs or be impregnated by a facehugger.
  • It happens twice in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. First, an army general caps himself when Batman discovers about his illegal arms dealing, and then the Joker twists his own neck and kills himself (thereby making everyone think that Batman finished him off) when Batman paralyzes him but can't bring himself to go all the way.
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  • Subverted in W.I.T.C.H.: Phobos decides to jump off Kandrakar, apparently meaning he's going to fall in infinity forever instead of being captured, but he simply needed to avoid being captured to activate his plan B.
  • Maus: Vladek's sister-in-law learns that the Jews in her town are being rounded up and shipped out to the camps, so she kills herself with poison... and takes the children in her care, including Vladek's first son, with her, insisting that her children will not die in the camps. Also functions as a Real Life example.
  • Top 10 has robot cop Joe Pi talk the disgraced superhero Atoman into killing himself rather than losing his powers and going to prison as a pedophile, where the villains he'd jailed would undoubtedly show him a very bad time. "It turns out I am not suited to be a negotiator."
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  • Happens to a mook who attempts to assassinate Ozymandias in Watchmen. Turns out the guy wasn't actually willing to die for the cause, but Ozymandias ordered the hit upon himself and then forced the capsule into the mook's mouth during the struggle.
  • Wolverine offers this option to Mystique out in the desert at the end of the post-Messiah CompleX comic Get Mystique—either take the gun with one bullet he leaves next to her and put herself out of her misery, or slowly bleed out to death from getting stabbed in the side by his claws before she can reach medical help.
  • In All Fall Down, Siphon chooses this when she realizes she can't stop AIQ Squared from killing the Pantheon from inside its deathtrap.
  • In the Tintin book Tintin: Land of Black Gold, Dr. Muller attempts to shoot himself in the head to avoid being captured... but his gun (which was given to him by Abdullah) turns out to only squirt ink.
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  • A non-fatal version of this becomes a recurring gag in some of the Asterix books involving the pirates that Asterix and Obelix often encounter in their travels; certain stories feature the pirates, upon realising that the aforementioned Gauls are on the ship they're about to attack, decide to scuttle their own ship themselves, reasoning that destroying it themselves spares them a few knocks and amounts to the same thing in the end.
  • In Serenity: Leaves on the Wind, the Operative surrenders rather than fight another Parliamentary operative, Kalista. She asks him how he prefers to die, and he says, "Honorably." She allows him to take up his sword so he may fall on it. Which is when Serenity shows up with a small army of New Resistance browncoats.
  • A Werewolf by Night story set in The Deep South features a group of people with anti-werewolf beliefs, who have harassed a local werewolf girl for years. They do so again when Jack Russell is there to witness it, not knowing he is a werewolf too — one can change at will, no less. Jack transforms, and one of the men is so terrified he turns his shotgun on himself.
  • Aquila: Nero takes advantage of Aquila fighting a guard to give himself a painless poison that will also salvage his soul from Ammit's clutches. Aquila, however, gets to him before the poison finishes its work and kills him quite painfully.
  • During Orion Asante's reign in Grendel, "Death before undeath" was part of the creed of his elite warriors. Battling vampires, they were conditioned and obligated to kill themselves immediately if infected.
  • Judge Dredd: Defied by the Justice Department. They actually have a special morgue to store the bodies of criminals who might one day be revived thanks to future advances in medicine. Not even death is an escape from the Law.
  • Raptors: When the vampires attacked Don Molina's castle, his wife Dona Anna set herself on fire in front of their enemies rather than give them the pleasure of letting them kill her.


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