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  • Ace Attorney:
    • Never mention the Kurain Channeling Technique to Edgeworth, because the Master named the wrong person as the murderer of his father and accidentally obscured the truth for fifteen years. Never use forged evidence in his presence either. And never mock the Steel Samurai or rip it off, he'll actively go ballistic with that.
    • Speaking of Edgeworth's father, he had quite a beef with people who omitted the truth because it was inconvenient during trials.
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    • Never screw Manfred von Karma's record up, or else you'll pay with your life.
    • NEVER accuse the Judge of anything, or else you'll be hit with a virtually-finishing penaltynote .
    • Dual Destinies has the law teacher Aristotle Means. Fairly pleasant guy, even if he has kind of a Knight Templar philosophy he just can't wait to share. He won't even be annoyed if you accuse him of murder. Tell him his aforementioned philosophy is bullshit, however, and he'll unleash his inner Sadist Teacher, hit you with several pieces of chalk, and lecture you into depression.
    • Prosecutor Simon Blackquill, introduced in the same game, detests lies and secrets above all else. At one point, he threatens to cut off a witness's tongue and let his pet hawk feast on it, if said witness lies again.
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  • As a well-known berserk button in-story, everyone in A Profile does their best to avoid saying anything to Kaine about his physical sex though occasionally he interprets things that are unrelated to be about the issue as well.
  • Dayshift at Freddy's: Phone Guy's is any mention of yiffing and Foxy at the same time. Though, this may be Justified considering the player character has yiffed Foxy before the game takes place and could possibly do it again.
  • Fate/stay night:
    • Fujimura Taiga is typically playful and cheerful...unless you call her Tiger, in which case you'd better have a will ready. Getting called Tiger actually pisses her off so much that saying it is enough to lift her out of unconsciousness.
    • Also, Saber has a tendency to go into Tranquil Fury over badly made food. Even worse is when she gets no food at all. The mere suggestion of skipping a meal caused her to nearly beat Shirou to death.
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    • Gilgamesh hates insults to his pride and when he believes someone has taken something that belongs to him.
  • San Oko, the track team captain from Hatoful Boyfriend, goes berserk upon encountering any inferior pudding. In Holiday Star it's shown that serious threats to Sakuya are this to his usually casual, carefree brother Yuuya.
  • In the Meakashi arc of Higurashi: When They Cry where Shion goes Ax-Crazy, mistreating Satoshi in a way she doesn't like is liable to set her off. In one arc, she beats the crap out of Satoko for spilling her food and crying about her nii-nii in her presence, because she blames her for his transformation from a calm and sweet boy into a cold and hostile person who's suffering all the time and ends up disappearing. Technically she's not wrong as both Satoko and Satoshi admit that is indeed the case but it still doesn't really warrant violence, and admittedly she was under extreme emotional turmoil which can trigger the local Hate Plague everyone's infected with. At the end of the arc, she shows extreme remorse for her actions and hopes for a new world where she and Satoko are best friends. Minagoroshi-hen ends up becoming just that, where anyone mistreating Satoko triggers Shion's Big Sister Instinct.
  • Spirit Hunter series:
    • Death Mark:
      • Madoka Hiroo, a scientist terrified of the supernatural, flies off the handle whenever someone mentions anything occult-related.
      • Hanayome, who is otherwise the most benevolent spirit in the game, murders anyone who says they saw "it". The "it" in question is revealed to be her gang-rape, which led to her suicide.
    • While normally Kakuya from Spirit Hunter: NG acts serene, the mention of NG causes her to address Akira with an intense bloodlust. This is because NG refers to the ritual that keeps her locked away in a mirror.
  • In Strawberry Vinegar, We discover Licia's when Rie pretends to be eating her breakfast in order to wake her up.
  • In the Tokimeki Memorial series, if you don't wanna by hated and / or severely maimed, avoid at all costs pressing the following Berserk Buttons with the following people:
    • Shiori Fujisaki: Telling her she's sexy (she doesn't want to be seen as a sex object).
    • Yumi Saotome: Telling her she's cute (she wants people to see her as an adult).
    • Kotoko Minaduki: Talking or showing her anything related foreign culture, especially curry (she's passionate about traditional Japanese culture). Also, doing anything that could hurt her best friend Hikari.
    • Homura Akai: Calling her with the wrong honorifics, AND calling the school headmaster "Kazumi-chan" (she's best friends with him, and she wants to be the only one to call him like this).
    • Wataru Hibiya: Calling him "bouzu" or "kouzu" (aka "kid" — he wants people to see him as a man).
    • Ikkaku Amanohashi: Calling him "oochan" (aka "gramps").
  • In True Love Junai Monogatari, we have several:
    • Mikae, the local Tsundere, has some of her own too. First, don't blow her off if she comes to talk to you. Two, don't miss your date in August. Third, and the most important one... NEVER go out on a second date with Remi (whether it ends in Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex or not) and then go out with her on her birthday.
    • While all the girls get upset if you miss your dates with them, the usually sweet and kind Miyuki will be especially angry. i.e., Mikae may give you a second chance in regards to you forgetting her August outing — this girl won't.
  • Time Tenshi: Unless you really want to be beaten to a pulp, do not call Tessa cute. Seriously, just don't.
  • VA-11 HALL-A: Several:
    • Call Jill by her full name or take a jab ar her small chest. Even her boss Dana Zane, who has apparently wrestled a dozen bears, doesn't dare to call her Julianne unless she wants to bring Jill down a peg.
    • Ask Stella about her robotic eye. The simple mention of the word "eye" makes her scream.
    • Imply in any way, matter or form that Alma's breasts are fake. Or that she's inferior to her cheating, child-neglegcting, job-avoiding sister because she doesn't have kids. Or avoiding important conversations.


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