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Berserk Button / Manhwa and Manhua

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  • Telling Shem from Ark Angels that you've stolen her favorite bear-print panties quite literally sends her into a berserker rage which gives her super-strength.
  • The Breaker: Don't ever say the vice-principal has a "shitty car" or damage his car.
  • From Dorothy of Oz: Mara doesn't like being called "Dorothy".
  • Haji from Hot Blooded Woman really hates being called a puppy. Since her full name, "Kang Haji", sounds like the Korean word for "puppy", she really hates it when people call her by her full name.
  • Pamela from The Tarot Cafe doesn't like being called an old lady.
    • For Alecto it's mentioning Pamela's name.
  • Yureka: Referring to the real Yureka as "Fake Yureka".
    • Mentioning Lotto's height deficiencies.
  • Shuuichi, from Zero: The Beginning of the Coffin, doesn't like being called "White Hair" and harming his family.
  • Seunghee, from Zippy Ziggy, really hates perverts and being called "old".
    • Mispronouncing Duckchill's name.


  • In School Shock The Spider Vanguard is very unpleased about the loss of her twice licked popsicle.


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