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Berserk Button / Comic Strips

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When a nice, normal character suddenly goes into a rage, you've hit his Berserk Button.

  • Never try to convince Baldo's dad that "Taco Bell Spanish" is actual Spanish.
  • In Heathcliff, don't mess with the Great Bazooli's cat. (The Great Bazooli is a knife thrower who leaves Grandpa Nutmeg against the wall surrounded by knives over a Noodle Incident wrought by Heathcliff).
  • In Knights of the Dinner Table, no-one should ever touch Bob's dice, as Nitro, an ex-Marine, discovered to his everlasting humiliation.
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  • A Krazy Kat strip has Bum Bill Bee repeatedly stinging Ignatz over a deceptively realistic fake flower.
  • Luann: Don't interfere with Rosa if Gunther is around.

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