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Doctor Doom, providing another fine page quote for this useless wiki!

When a nice, normal character suddenly goes into a rage, you've hit his Berserk Button.


  • Batman:
    • Disrespecting Thomas and Martha Wayne in front of him, even when disguised as Bruce Wayne is the quickest way to piss Batman off.
    • Whatever you do, NEVER do anything to harm children when you’re in Gotham.
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    • Killing a couple in front of their young child, the very act that first spawned the Batman, is very much not recommended. If you do this, Batman will 1.) Have a flashback and 2.) Hunt you down no matter where you go. And then 3.) Make. You. Suffer. Like you have never suffered before or, you will hope, since.
      • One story actually deconstructed the "kill a couple in front of their young child" button. Batman was pursuing a criminal named Angel Lupo for murdering his pregnant sister. While on the run, Lupo shot and killed a couple in front of their son leaving the boy in a state of shock. Batman has the usual flashback and is bent on bringing Lupo to justice. Then it's revealed that Angel had nothing to do with the first murder. His girlfriend (without his knowledge) had his sister killed in order to free him of the responsibility of caring for his sister. Not that it matters, since the baby's father (the Ventriloquist) guns down Lupo in a fit of misdirected vengeance. Then it turns out that Lupo didn't kill the boy's parents either — the boy shot and killed his own parents and Lupo just happened to be nearby when it happened. Batman's Berserk Button made him pursue a man who, while still a career criminal, didn't commit any of the murders in the story and led him astray from the real killers.
        Batman: Everything I've done in the past three nights, I've been doing for the wrong little boy.
      • Also? Please do not pull a gun on him while he is visiting Crime Alley, where the aforementioned parental murder took place. He will not have mercy on you.
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    • The Joker himself will become crazier than usual if you make a joke he finds bad or unfunny. Especially if you have the nerve to try and explain it to him afterwards. As well don't call him "puddin" (only Harley can call him that) and don't compare him to Batman, or he'll blow up your house.
      Joker: WHAT?!! Compare me to Batman?! I got more style, more brains! (looks in a mirror, fixing his bowtie) I'm certainly a better dresser!
      • And whatever you do, don't tell him that someone else was closer to killing Batman than he ever had.
      • The Joker also goes nuts if he finds out that somebody has made some grand villainous all-star Legion of Doom without inviting him (a common occurrence since Even Evil Has Standards). Lex Luthor actually usually includes him simply because he doesn't want to deal with the mad homicidal clown coming after him angry he's been snubbed.
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    • Batgirl:
      • In Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl Barbara Gordon is pretty temperamental, but don't suggest that she rules Gotham like a dictator or bring up family or she will rip into you.
      • Prior to the New 52, anyone else declaring themselves to be Batgirl is a good way to piss her off. She chewed out Batman when she found out that someone else was running around as Batgirl during the No Man's Land and he was letting her, was initially distrustful of Stephanie Brown wearing Cassandra Cain's costume and tore into Misfit when she tried claiming the name herself. To Barbara, Batgirl wasn't just a name; it was her life and her legs.
    • Don't touch the Mad Hatter's hat, or he will turn from a delusional mind control expert who is more likely to brainwash some henchmen to attack you into an Ax-Crazy foaming-at-the-mouth maniac.
    • Bane is a very dangerous person, but he is usually stoic and reserved. Even try to touch Scandal Savage in front of him, however, and there is nothing on this Earth that will stop him from beating you to a pulp.
    • Catman is given two in New 52. First, restraining him in any way, handcuffs included, which will end with the guilty party having their throat torn out. Second, animal abuse, even if they're dogs.
  • Deadshot has two. Mentioning his deceased son, and treating guns carelessly/like toys. It's not that he's in favor of gun control or anything, it just annoys him to see fine weapons in the hands of idiots.
  • Never mention the name of Houdini around Evil Sorcerer Abra Kadabra, a The Flash villain. Just don't. Also, he loathes not being the center of attention, and if someone else takes away applause from him.
  • Do NOT call Gorilla Grodd a "monkey". Don't make jokes about bananas either.
  • Gotham Central reveals what might actually be Two-Face's only Berserk Button. Most things he does, even his most heinous of crimes, are only done after he flips his trusty coin. It is not personal, just the law of averages, chaos and chance. Except for one thing: Do not look at Renee Montoya. Seriously. No, I'm completely serious, do not even look at her, Two-Face will blow off your damn head for glancing at her. He will take out his gun and shove it down your throat... and then he will tell Renee about how he has prepared her steak dinner (He's wacky like that). But seriously, don't look at her.
    • However, it's probably true that Harvey Dent had one other 'Berserk Button', which got hit with the acid and prompting his turn to Two-Face to begin with. Whether that berserk button was his commitment to justice, latent schizophrenia or just an investment in his own good looks depends on the interpretation.
  • Green Lantern: Whatever you do, do NOT mention Mongul's name around Arkillo. It doesn't matter if it was an accidental mention or not, he WILL kill you on the spot.
  • Speaking of the Secret Six, don't bring up Scandal Savage's dad or do anything to remind her of him. Just don't do it. You'll be very lucky to still be in one piece if you make him enter her mind. Actually, that's probably the easiest way to piss Scandal off, given that she is definitely the most Ax-Crazy of the team and has a ridiculously short fuse.
    • As far as Vandal Savage is concerned, do not call him a caveman, at least not if you don't want to be beaten around like a red-headed stepchild. Tomcat (and Wildcat) learn this the hard way in JSA.
  • Supergirl:
    • In Krypton No More, Supergirl tells his cousin that they need to undertake a space mission to save an alien race from being wiped out. When Superman says he's sitting it out because he is very busy dealing with Earth concerns, she gets so mad she slaps him hard, calls him a coward and flies away.
    • Red Daughter of Krypton showed the buttons of several characters:
      • God helps you if Supergirl realizes you're trying to manipulate her. Also, until she got her mind back right after getting her Red Ring, mentioning Superman around Kara was a bad idea.
      • If Red Lantern Zilius Zox's body doesn't look perfectly round, don't mention it. Just don’t do it.
    • Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade: Belinda goes utterly nuts when she meets Supergirl's alternate self and thinks she has been replaced, protesting loudly that she is the original copy. She is just as self-centered.
    • Bizarrogirl: Don't try to harm Bizarrogirl's rocket. It's a very, very bad idea. Don't speak too loud when Bizarrogirl is around, either. She doesn't like loud people and usually shuts them up. Permanently.
  • Superman:
    • As every employee of the Daily Planet can tell you, editor Perry White hates being called "Chief".
    • Superman: Brainiac: In quick succession Brainiac threatens Superman with capturing Kara, abducting people from Earth before blowing it up, and accuses him from betraying his race (because is a Kryptonian who considers himself human). That's when Superman has had it, so he grabs a tube connected to Brainiac's head and bites through it.
      Superman: Inflicting pain on others doesn't seem to bother you. It bothers me. Usually.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Calling the Holliday Girl Bobby Strong a "lady" gets her royally pissed off. It's been used too many times as a prelude or excuse for why she can't do something and a man should get whatever position she's vying for.
    • Wonder Woman (1942): In "Etta Candy and Her Holliday Girls: The Toothache" the mobsters manage to find a temporary one of Etta's by hitting her in the jaw. Despite them having threatened her and pointed a gun at her face she was just going to ignore them since she really needed to get to the dentist. Once they hit her in the jaw aggravating her already hurting tooth she disarms and beats the lot of them unconscious and angrily waits for the cops to show before getting to her appointment.


  • Cyclops really doesn't like it when someone harms an innocent Mutant.
  • Daredevil goads Bullseye into killing him by uttering the word 'mapone' in his dying breath, in the miniseries Daredevil: End of Days. Ben Urich spends the rest of the series trying to learn what exactly that word means. It was the name of his daughter.
  • If talking to Deadpool, never mention Weapon X. Particularly not "the Workshop." You might get away with it if you were one of the other participants, but this is not a guarantee.
  • Exiles: In the beginning of one issue, the team lands in Canada, with no idea why they're there, until the Hulk lands in front of them. Morph, understandably, turns into a chicken and starts running, but the Hulk just stands there, not even responding to them... until Morph steps on a twig, at which point Hulk goes berserk.
  • From Fantastic Four: Whatever you do, don't mention The Trapster's former villainous handle, "Paste-Pot Pete."
    • A quick way to get on Doctor Doom's bad side would be by implying that Reed Richards is intelligent, let alone more intelligent than Doom is.
  • The Hulk is generally a Berserker anyway, but anything or anyone that reminds him of his father is definitely in for a world of hurt.
    • Funny: The Hulk and The Thing were up against a single powerful alien fighter, so Thing tries to piss Hulk off.
    The Thing: He called you a commie, a pinko!
    The Hulk: No! Hulk GREEN!
    • One surefire way to make Hulk even angrier than usual is comparing him to Bruce Banner, and if it's the Gray Hulk (Joe Fixit), comparing him to the classic Savage Hulk or saying he's not as strong as that version.
      • As well as claiming to be stronger than The Hulk, especially if you've just knocked him down.
  • Don't mess with the Scarlet Witch in any way, or Quicksilver, his Knight Templar Big Brother, will take you down before you even notice. Even more in The Ultimates, where their relations grows into Brother–Sister Incest.
  • If you really want to earn the wrath of Tony Stark, steal his technology. If you want to multiply that wrath tenfold, use it for evil purposes, including harming people. The "Armor Wars" storyline is a good illustration of what he will do if he even thinks you've misappropriated his tech, and neither enemies nor allies are safe.
  • This dialogue between Spider-Man and two cops in one story reveals what The Juggernaut's Berserk Button is:
    First cop: Spider-Man?? You're the "big bad guy"?
    Spidey: Uh... You must mean the guy behind me!
    Second cop: Move it, fellah, before we run you in!
    Spidey: Okay, but whatever you do, don't call him stupid!
    (Cops turn around as Spidey webs off.)
    First cop: Don't call who stupid?
    Juggernaut (from off-panel): Who you callin' "stupid"?
    Second cop: Oh, cripes...
  • Spider-Woman:
    • Under no circumstances should you insinuate that Spider-Woman is a Skrull. Last time the Dark Avengers did that, she lost her composure and started beating down almost everyone who got near her (and apparently that included Ares), at least until Sentry stopped and calmed her down.
    • A New Avengers issue added one more for Spider-Woman: Subject her to Mind Control or anything like that and she'll gladly put her hand inside your mouth and BLAST it from the inside. In fact, this pissed her off so much that if it wasn't for Spider-Man stopping her, she would've killed her mind controller.
  • Storm has claustrophobia thanks to being buried alive in rubble as a child. This used to leave her catatonic with fear. Nowadays trying to shove her into an enclosed space just makes her angry. Making a Fisher King angry is usually a bad idea.
  • Venom: The titular Symbiont hates being called “parasite”. Justified because, since it is the only one of its kind who wants to bond with its host instead of killing it, and it gives cool superpowers to its hosts, the term “parasite” sounds ungrateful.
  • Ultimate Marvel:
    • The Ultimates: Herr Kleiser, a long lived alien that worked for the Nazis back in the day, is having a last fight with Captain America, and he's wining. But then, he asked him to surrender and request a mercy kill. This idea enraged Cap so much that he got an Heroic Second Wind, turned the tables and Kleisser, and asked "Surrender? SURRENDER??!! You think this letter on my head stands for 'France'?!"
    • Ultimate Spider-Man: People committing crimes for fun becomes one for Kitty after Ultimatum
    • Ultimate X-Men: Don't talk trash about Sabertooth's fur coat. At least, not unless you've got a Healing Factor to survive the ensuing violent temper tantrum.
  • Wolverine has a few, but the most enduring and unchanging one is any kind of brain tampering. Due to his history, he's not a fan of it, and in fact, tried to kill Nick Fury for doing it to him, since he would've done what Nick had asked anyway.
  • Young Avengers:
    • Stature is quite protective of her father's legacy. If she perceives someone attacking her father, she will grow as large as she is able and try to crush them. Unfortunately, this ends up costing Stature her life.
    • Trying to endanger or kill their boyfriend, either intentionally or by accident, is the surest way to earn Wiccan and Hulkling’s wrath. Wiccan tries to murder someone and puts an entire terrorist cell into comas, and while Hulkling ironically leans more towards Tranquil Fury most of the time, he’s very clear and deliberate about what awaits people who endanger Wiccan in any way.

Star Wars Expanded Universe:

  • Star Wars: Kanan: Don't call Caleb "Kid," he was already sick of it before he left temple with Master Billaba since he was younger than the others taking the tests at the same time as him and his classmates used the term to dismiss him. Unfortunately after Order 66 was issued but before he took up the name Kanan "kid" ended up being the safest "name" his new friend could use to refer to him.
  • Star Wars Legends:
    • Boba Fett is the consummate professional: he never makes jobs personal and never allows emotions to enter the mix. Jodo Kast crossed the line by impersonating him and cashing in on his rep, but even then Fett was cold and professional about taking him out. However, when he finally incapacitated the upstart and removed his helmet, he utterly lost his cool. Why? Because Kast was no one. He wasn't anyone Fett recognized and he definitely wasn't a Mandalorian—he didn't deserve the armor, he hadn't earned the right to wear it...he just used it because he thought it looked cool. It was a disgusting insult to Fett's heritage, and one of the only times in his adult life where he showed anger.
    • Jek Porkins, the first Rebel pilot to be killed in the attack on the Death Star, was noticeably overweight, and a tad sensitive about it. While on a mission with the rest of the squad, some thugs tried to extort money from them. Things were tense until one of them made a fat joke about Jek, after which the whole group was left spitting teeth out on the ground.


  • Archie Comics:
    • A story titled "By Hook or Crook" has Jughead visiting the Chocolate Shoppe when a pair of burglars are robbing it. He initially cowers alongside Pop Tate when the robbers take the money, a painting, and the silverware; but when they're about to take all the hamburger meat in Pop's freezer, that's when he starts throwing punches and taking them down.
    • A more well-known example from the same comics would be Moose on anyone (usually Reggie) who tries to flirt with his girl Midge.
  • This trope forms a large part of the humour in Asterix.
    • Never call Obelix fat, unless you want to be on the receiving end of a Megaton Punch. His chest's just slipped a bit, that's all.
    • Never harm a tree in front of Obelix's dog, Dogmatix. The little canine will sink his teeth into your buttocks, after which Obelix will bash your face in for upsetting his pet.
    • Whenever anyone points out the fact that Unhygienix's fish are not fresh, a brawl ensues. In Asterix in Corsica, we learn that this is his young son's Berserk Button, too.
    • Cacofonix announcing that he's going to sing acts as a universal Berserk Button for the entire village, especially Fulliautomatix. At a certain point, the gods are annoyed at this too, since it starts raining when he sings.
    • Geriatrix may look like a feeble old guy, but make ga-ga eyes at his young hot wife, and he might stick his walking stick up your where the sun don't shine. Also, do not call him old.
    • Carferrix gets mad if you talk to his sister. And if he founds that you find her attractive he will kill you, if he founds that you don't think of her as attractive he will kill you too.
    • Asterix and the Roman Agent, in which the latter half of the title (a fellow called Tortuous Convolvulus) can create disputes and brawls simply by showing up, is practically a guide to the characters' berserk buttons. Including Julius Caesar's ("GULLIBLE, ME?!?"). He has a pride thing.
    • Don't ask a Gaul where Alesia is. Alesia is the place where Vercingetorix was defeated by the Romans in Real Life. Apart from Asterix and Obelix. Asterix because he is not immaturely patriotic to have it and Obelix because he is too oblivious to have it. Part of the joke was that when it as written it wasn't clear where Alesia was and the author gave this as an explanation.
    Gaul: What Alesia! What do you want from Alesia! I don't even know where it is Alesia.
  • Trapping Pakrat of the Atari Force second series in a corner causes him to come out of it fighting.
  • In Atomic Robo, Jenkins is usually professional, but he has a few. One, don't bring him paperwork. Two, don't kill his orchid. Three, if you so much as suggest that Robo isn't a person, it may not go well for you.
  • In Bad Guys, The Russian is a centuries-old vampire; many legends have grown about his exploits. Say the word "Dracula" or even so much as hint that he is or might be Dracula and he will murder you.
  • Don't call Barb Wire "babe."
  • Blacksad doesn't appreciate people messing with the white patch on his face. When a white supremacist tried kicking him out of a non colored restaurant, he kicked his ass with a smile. But when a black horse tried putting paint on his face, John pushed a gun into his stomach and dared him to try something.
  • Darkwing Duck comics. Wanna see a goofy villain turn downright frightening? Be around Quackerjack and mention "Negaduck".
  • Democracy has two noticeable instances:
    • The Athenians seems easy to control, right Kleomenes? Heh, you shouldn't abolish their counsil.
    • Under any circumstances, never ever break Leander's vessel. It's one of the few things that triggers him.
  • In the Disney Ducks Comic Universe, Scrooge McDuck doesn't like it when people disrespect his dead mother. Not one bit. He's also not too fond of people who try to take his gold or his land or call his #1 Dime "lucky."
  • Don't compare Empowered to JLo, or say anything else that might be misunderstood as "you're fat".
    • Don't say anything about Sistah Spooky's race. Don't be a beautiful blonde girl. And so on.
  • When talking to Snow White from Fables, Don't. Mention. The Dwarfs. Ever.
  • In FreakAngels, calling KK by her real name causes her to immediately go for your throat.
  • Hunter Rose and Argent were essentially each other's Berserk Buttons in Grendel. Virtually everything and anything either one said or did to the other would set him off.
  • Groo is not a mendicant. Not even after he finds out what it means.
    • Brian is the resident table flipper, but the best way to set him off is to mention his former imaginary girlfriend, Alexis.
    • BA has an unfortunate habit of hitting Brian, Dave, and Bob's Berserk Buttons by teaching their characters a harsh lesson. They don't like that. Retribution, usually at the claws of BA's fifty-pound tomcat Colonel Prowler, frequently follows.
  • In Legend of the Five Rings, do not call Shosuro Yudoka or any of his subordinates a ninja. He absolutely hates that term, despite the fact that he's the Scorpion Clan's resident ninja master.
  • Joe Dalton from Lucky Luke has a Hair-Trigger Temper already, but the mere mention of Luke will make him sees red. One reason why the Daltons, who otherwise are stupid but accurate gunslingers, can't hit Luke is because Joe becomes so enraged he empties his revolver blindly at that cowboy's direction.
  • Monica from the Brazilian comic Monica's Gang. Don't comment on her weight, height, how big her teeth are, or even worse, call her ugly, if you don't want a girl to beat you up using a plush rabbit.
  • Mortadelo y Filemón:
    • Do not mock Mortadelo's baldness or Ophelia's weight, either will end with you running for your life.
    • Don't tell Mortadelo and Filemon that they have to work with Professor Bacterio, or test his inventions. They have very good reasons to hate the guy and never trust anything he made.
    • Do not fail any mission the Super has assigned to you. Cruel and unusual punishment doesn't even begin to describe what he will do to you.
  • Bats in Mouse Guard will absolutely flip out if it's suggested they aren't trustworthy. According to their own version of history, they were rejected by both sides in the war between land animals and birds due to be considered untrustworthy for no better reason than their appearance, and the fact that others continue to distrust them is an extreme racial sore spot.
  • In Ms. Tree, Mike, Jr. has some pretty serious issues relating to homosexuals.
  • In the My Little Pony G1 comics, if Applejack finds out you've been keeping slaves, You Are Already Dead.
  • In The Sanctuary Tree:
    • The female guard breaks Donald's fishing rod in half when he calls her "fat", and everything gets worse when he falls on her and then he calls her "whale".
    • Donald arriving late and filthy for the date makes Daisy furious.
  • In Seconds, in the timelines where Max and Katie are married, any insinuations that the second restaurant belongs to only Katie as opposed to the two of them instantly put Max in a crappy mood.
  • One of the worst things you can do with Miho, by far the deadliest character of Sin City, is throw racist slurs her way. While she can kill you in the blink of an eye, insulting her Japanese or general Asian heritage will get you killed slowly and in the full throes of Tranquil Fury.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics):
    • After beating the everloving snot out of him, Dr. Robotnik claims that Sonic isn't strong, smart or fast enough to truly defeat him. This ends up activating Sonic's Heroic Second Wind, causing him to orbit the world in less than a minute to attack from behind in what can only be described as a "Sprint of Fury."
    • Do NOT harm Snively's hair. Not unless you want him to come after you with an Egg Lobster.
  • In the Nintendo Power comic run of Star Fox, two things are known to piss Fox off immensely: calling him Junior and suggesting that he and the team raid anything other than Imperial ships, which is one of the only times he goes into Glowing Eyes of Doom mode. The other time is near the end of the comic when one of two clones of Andross reveals that the original Andross killed his mother with a bomb meant for his father and that he'd sabotaged his father's ship so it'd be lost in the Black Hole, which sets him into Unstoppable Rage mode.
  • Tintin:
    • Professor Calculus ("Tournesol" in the original French) does this when someone suggests he is "playing the goat." Given the professor's notoriously poor hearing, he is likely to blow up if he hears the phrase "playing the goat" — or anything that sounds remotely similar — used in any context. Another berserk button is getting his hat knocked off.
    • Also Captain Haddock if you take away his whisky. He also hates slavers.
    • Racist people for Tintin.
  • Death's Head from the Transformers and Marvel comics hates it when people call him a bounty hunter. He prefers "Freelance Peacekeeping Agent," yes?
  • The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye:
    • In one issue, Whirl drinks something known as the Berserker Button (named for this very trope) and after having a few, he goes into a violent rage when asked for the time. This sounds like some kind of Rant-Inducing Slight until you learn that he used to be a talented watchmaker, before the Senate had his head and hands cut off and replaced with a Cyber Cyclops mono-eye and crude clamp-claws to force him to do their dirty work, which coincidentally made Senate goons another button for him. Also, he really hates doorknobs, what with his giant, unwieldy claws.
    • Following the events of The Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers, Overlord has become a great big walking button for Fortress Maximus, in any capacity. He bashes Whirl's head in for just saying his name, and kicks off a hostage situation by assaulting five bots just for looking vaguely similar to Overlord.
    • Nothing sets Chromedome off like somebody hurting Rewind or Prowl's manipulations. When the latter presses both buttons in The Transformers: Dark Cybertron, Domey responds by powerbombing Prowl off a cliff and beating the scrap out of him.
    • The Decepticon Justice Division has a shared one in the form of turncoats. They were persuaded by Brainstorm to spare the quantum-duplicate Lost Light crew in exchange for killing Overlord, and were going to do just that, but seeing Drift made them lose their shit and massacre the crew.
    • Tarn, the leader of the DJD, has two very big buttons. First, asking him to take off his mask, and insinuating he's a coward for wearing it, which will get you turned right back over to the more sadistic DJD members for execution. Second, and far more dangerous, implying he doesn't know what it means to be a Decepticon; when Tesarus questions him on leaving Vos and Kaon behind on Ofsted XVII, Tarn nearly murders him on the spot. All the more unnerving, as instead of vocally building to an explosion of Unstoppable Rage, Tarn gets quieter and quieter throughout.
    • Megatron's hatred of mnemosurgery (a method of reading and manipulating a Cybertronian's memories) is half this and half Trauma Button, as when he's not curled up into a ball out of fear, he's ripping apart whoever he believes is attempting to mess with his head. This is because back when he was just a miner and part-time poet speaking out against the corrupt senate, Megs almost got his entire mind wiped clean by a senate-employed mnemosurgeon.
    • Ravage hates being treated like an animal, and he especially hates petting.
    • Rodimus gets really pissed whenever someone betrays him. When Getaway arranges a mutiny, even the phrase "we can't let him get away" sets him off. And when Megatron gets left in the Functionist Universe, which Rodimus mistakenly thinks is Megatron's way of escaping the Lost Light, it leaves a potent enough grudge that Whirl snaps him out of a Heroic BSoD by asking him "what would Megatron do?"
  • Transmetropolitan: Spider Jerusalem is a switchboard of Berserk Buttons looking for an operator, but god help you if he finds out that you've abused your authority.
  • In the X-Wing Rogue Squadron comics, Tycho Celchu of Alderaan does not take kindly to hearing the planet's stereotype, pacifism, extended into "cowardice," or being told that as an Alderaanian he can't be a warrior. Or people who say Endor never happened.
    Tycho: I just want you to know — not all Alderaanians are pacifists!
  • De Argonautjes: DO. NOT. INSULT. HERCULES’. PET CAT! Really, don’t. Doesn't matter how much of a pacifist he usually is, it could very well be the last thing you ever do.
  • PS238: While he's hardly an angel of good temperament on the best of days, any mention of his parents causes Zodon to completely lose his temper and immediately shut down any conversation. For those interested, he brain-washed and sent his parents to an Alternate Dimension because they got upset by his Evil Genius behaviour in an extremely twisted Pet the Dog moment. Even when he's forced to reveal their existence to some of his class-mates it's shown as an extremely touchy subject to him.
  • In Zombies Christmas Carol, the zombified Belle murdered her husband Edmund when he mentioned Scrooge.

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