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  • Ai Kora: Ever since Hachibei discovered that Ayame has the perfect waist that he's been looking for, Ayame learned how to belly dance for whenever she wants to get Hachibei's attention.
    • A very good example of this is in chapter 24, where Ayame and Haiji (who happily swings the other way, it seems) compete for Hachibei's affection. Ayame whips out a tropical dance costume and begins to perform in front of Hachibei and the rest of the school.
  • Ashita no Nadja: Nadja dresses up as one during the show's ending credits.
  • Whenever Turkey is featured in Axis Powers Hetalia gender fliped fanarts, he goes from a Boisterous Bruiser Turks with Troops to a sexy, self-assured and very well-endowed Belly Dancer. See it here.
    • Also, among J-Fen it's popular to depict a teenage Ottoman!Hungary dressed up as a belly dancer.
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  • Blue Dragon: Trials of the 7 Shadows: In Episode 9, the group comes across Donna and Reina, two twin dancers who have the power to steal the souls of jealous people. They were originally penniless on the streets, losing their money to other beautiful dancers until Mikheil offered the two Dragon Scales, which made them appear more beautiful and gave them their soul-stealing powers.
  • In Cells at Work! CODE BLACK, Kuppfier cells (a rare type of macrophage cell) are represented as Muslim ladies when out and about, and as belly dancers wearing a veil and a square of gauze to let you know she's a artist when at the liver, herein depicted as a gentlemen's club.
  • A Certain Magical Index: This is Ureapaddy Exica's main costume in the PSP game Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble and its light novel adaptation Toaru Majutsu no Index: Road to Endymion, seeing how the character originates from India.
  • CLAMP has several of these characters:
  • Code Geass:
    • One of the many Picture Dramas, set before the China Arc of the second season, shows Lelouch, C.C., and Kallen sneaking into the Chinese Federation to scout around under the guise of three Belly Dancer sisters. The Fanservice of C.C. and Kallen in skimpy outfits and interesting poses is contrasted with the (admittedly pretty) Lelouch showing up at the end and Geassing all the men in that place to believe they are pigs (after getting hit on by them, with one even showing appreciation even after his real gender is revealed). Needless to say, it's a very silly situation that has the extra bit of funny that somehow the resident Manipulative Bastard Lelouch got convinced to crossdress, which he absolutely hates.
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    • Akito the Exiled: In Episode 3, Akito and the rest of the Wyvern team end up staying with a gypsy caravan while their access back to their home is denied. During their last night in the caravan, the gypsies host a celebratory bonfire, with Ayano dancing to the gypsies' music.
  • Denpa Kyoshi: During the Ouroboros arc, Kiriko's online avatar dons a belly dancer outfit. Obviously fitting, seeing that her skills fall under the Dancer class in-game.
  • Bastemon of Digimon Xros Wars is this in mon form.
  • In Fairy Tail, a few examples of this are shown during the series:
    • Erza performs a dance on her float during the Fantasia parade.
    • Lucy dresses like one while in Edolas, right before her fight with Byro, and another during it.
      • Lucy also dresses like one on the cover of chapter 527.
      • She also briefly bellydances to distract Zach Kaine in the second movie, Dragon Cry.
    • Virgo performs a dance for Team Natsu during their celebratory reception in the Celestial Spirit World.
    • The Celestial Spirit Libra has this as her main costume.
    • Mirajane disguises herself as one in an attempt to free Lucy during the Grand Magic Games.
    • Briar of the Avatar dark guild dresses like one.
  • During the last few episodes of the 3rd Season of The Familiar of Zero, Jessica and her father managed to give the "rescue party" of Tabitha some disguises, which were circus costumes and belly dancing outfits.
  • Flint the Time Detective: T.P. Lady (better known as Petra in the dub) performed a dance for a young Marco Polo while in the desert.
  • Rare Male Example: One of the ED sequences of Free! gives us the Iwatobi guys plus Rin dressed in Arabian-styled oufits. Nagisa's in particular looks a lot like a belly dancer's.
  • Fushigi Yuugi: Yui Hongo's main Seiryuu-priestess outfit is pretty comparable to something a belly dancer would wear.
  • There is a belly dancing scene in episode 6 of Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, featuring Amy, Saaya and Melty. It's still a bit unclear as to why their costumes were rather skimpy for their ages as well as the beloved festival for which they were performing.
    • A short series called "Log Book" was released after the end of the anime and went into more detail of life aboard on the Gargantia. The second Log Book was focused on Amy and her friends practicing their dance for the festival; according to this short story, however, Ridget and Bellows also donned similar outfits after Ridget suggested they do so while she was intoxicated. Bellows then performed a dance to inspire Amy and her friends, and the story concluded with Pinion walking on Mayta as she tried on a dancing costume.
  • Gosick: Episode 6 reveals the origins of Cordelia Gallo, whom came to Saubreme after being shunned by her home village. She began to work as a dancer at a cabaret, and managed to catch the attentions of Marquis de Blois.
  • In the second OVA from Season 1 of High School D×D, Issei becomes possessed by the mummy of an Egyptian Magician named Unas, who is just as perverted as Issei. Unas claims that he'll only release Issei if they remove the curse that binds him. The methods of removing it are rather perverted in nature; the first involved Rias dancing in a skimpy belly dancer outfit.
    • In 2013 "Mobage", a card RPG developed for smartphones, was released in Japan. Several cards featured a good portion of the female cast in dancing outfits.
  • The Heroic Legend of Arslan, being a High Fantasy set mostly in the Middle East during its Golden Age, is rife with scantily-clad Belly Dancers. We even see one of them in one episode and even in the OVAs.
  • In the Beginning: The Bible Stories: One dancer is shown entertaining a crowd in the streets when Joseph is first brought to Egypt.
  • K-On!:
    • In the second season's extras, "Ura-On!!", the first episode shows Azusa's attempts at fortune-telling by interpreting the dreams of the rest of the Light Music Club. In the intermissions between the shorts, we're treated to a crudely-drawn Azusa trying to dance to a drum beat.
    • In one of the many chapters of the fan manga "K-ON! Anthology", Yui inexplicably ends up in Iceland. In her efforts to find a way back home, she ends up meeting the Icelandic dopplegangers of Mio and Ritsu, whose special talents are belly dancing and playing a harp, respectively. The real Mio and Ritsu travel to Iceland, only to find their Icelandic versions and Yui putting on a spectacle of dancing, harp-playing and sheep singing.
  • The mute villainess Erola from the OAV Labyrinth Of Flames dressed like a belly dancer and had a short and pointless (but arousing) dance sequence just before attacking the hero with her horde of killer puppets.
  • Laughing Salesman: In Episode 7B of NEW, Oniyo, the Alpha Bitch leader of Nozomi’s group of “mommy” friends, announces that she’ll be attending her belly-dancing lessons (even showing off a quick hip-shake) after sharing her recent accomplishments with her complaints.
  • Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato: Lakshu's main costume has her look like this.
  • Shino from Legend of Himiko is a very sensuous belly dancer. You see her dancing for a few soldiers, who became allured by her performance.
  • Considering that the series has been alive and kicking for the past 30 years (leading to adventures throughout the entire world), there have been a multitude of belly dancers shown all throughout the Lupin III franchise:
    • Lupin III - Part II:
      • Episode 2 - A Bouquet of Bills Blossom in Rio's Sunset note : The Brazilian equivalent of one performs at the restaurant where the Rio Chief of Police dines with Zenigata. The chief mentions to Zenigata that he should take his mind off Lupin and indulge in the pleasures that Rio can offer, eyeing the dancer as he states so.
      • Episode 17 - Go For the Oildollar note : In order to get closer to Lawrence the Third and his men, Fujiko disguises her as a dancer while Lupin and the guys dress up as her band; the performance manages to appeal to Lawrence, telling Fujiko to meet him in private after her performance.
      • Episode 22 - Search the House of Mystery Women note : A group of dancers perform for Lupin and Zenigata, mainly to distract from the fight between Jigen/Goemon and the lady warriors of the house.
      • Episode 30 - The Wind is Hot in Morocco note  : In the very beginning of the episode, a beautiful belly dancer, complete with a hourglass figure and a teasing costume, is shown amongst the street performers, immediately capturing the gaze of Lupin, Fujiko and Jigen. Once Fujiko starts trying to mimic the dancer's movements out of slight interest/jealousy, the dancer reveals to be impressed with Fujiko's mimicry; she beckons for Fujiko to dance with her, leading to a dual performance by the two.
    • Lupin III: Return of the Magician note : One of the underground fighters that Goemon goes against in Greece is a woman dressed like this.
    • Lupin III: Sweet Lost Night: Fujiko is shown to be relaxing in some high-class living establishment in a desert country, doing some stretches while dressed as a dancer and telling Lupin to retrieve the magic lamp. Drew's choice of attire for her genie hologram also falls under a dancer's attire.
    • Lupin III: The Secret of Twilight Gemini: Lorre, who is shown to be Lara's grandmother, was a dancer at the temple during the time of Dalune's youth. An extended version of her dance is shown in the special's credits.
      • For some reason, Lorre's dance has sparked a huge influx of loads of anime characters belly-dancing to the film's ending song, all done in MikuMikuDance.
    • Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine: In the first episode, Fujiko performs a dance for the leader of the Fraulein Eule cult in order to find her way into obtaining the cult's secret stash of hallucination-inducing drugs.
  • Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, being a High Fantasy set mostly in the Middle East during its Golden Age, is rife with scantily-clad Belly Dancers. We even see Morgiana try it at some point.
  • Ena from Magical Circle Guru-Guru wears a Belly Dancer outfit most of the time, but doesn't actually do much dancing. That "honor" is given to Old Man North-North, an old man who dances around in a grass skirt.
  • Some dancers show up in Episode 32 of Montana Jones.
  • Myriad Colors Phantom World: Ruru's main costume is straight out of the Arabian Nights, albeit with a lot more leg shown. A piece of official art also shows Reima and Mai wearing her costume.
  • One Piece:
    • In the Whiskey Peak arc, Zoro faces off against members of the criminal organization Baroque Works. One such member is the lovely Miss Wednesday or Nefertari Vivi in disguise, who uses a special dance technique with the aid of perfume in order to immobilize her enemies. Using it against Zoro, however, doesn't end too well...
    • In the Alabasta arc, Vivi asks Sanji to get all of them some clothes like the local citizens, so they won't stand out as much. The boys all got burkas. The girls? Dancing Girl Outfits. His excuse was that 'dancing girls are citizens too!' If Nami hadn't liked it so much, he would probably be lacking a few vital organs.
    • Weaponized later by Sandersonia's Snake Dance, which allows her to use belly dance-like motions and Color of Observation Haki to dodge incoming blows.
    • Nami and Robin's slave outfits in Heart of Gold are very close to what a dancer would wear.
  • I Don’t Like You at All, Big Brother!!: Ran is a very dedicated cosplayer who adopts the persona of "Princess Leila". In her effort to find a mate, she performs a ritual dance; she performs one for Shusuke in private when she feels he's the one for her.
  • Pokémon:
    • In Pokemon: Sinnoh League note , May wears a outfit that wouldn't look out of place on a real belly dancer for her return for the Wallace Cup.
    • Pokemon: XY: In the episode "Mega Revelations", the Team Rocket trio pose as "Mega Evolutions consultants" to snag Korrina's Lucario and Ash's Pikachu, with James and Meowth appearing as mystics and Jessie dressing closer to a belly dancer.
  • Queen's Blade: Menace herself could qualify, but her various servants shown in flashbacks and in her rebuilt Amara in the OVA definitely do.
  • Seikon no Qwaser: Miyuri dresses up as one to change into her fortune-telling persona, Madame Lily.
  • Shahra from Shoukoku no Altair seems a stereotypical example at first, but she's also a respected actress and wears sensible clothes when not working.
  • Sket Dance has Saaya look like a dancer in the "Quest Dance" bonus story in Episode 64, obviously parodying Maya from Dragon Quest.
  • Sonic X: In Episode 47note , Decoe and Bocoe head into a cabaret to escape from Knuckles. The echidna walks into the establishment and discovers it to be based on the Arabian nights, with its workers dressed like harem girls and belly dancers. Out of embarrassment, Knuckles runs away from the cabaret, leaving Decoe and Bocoe in the clear to report back to Eggman...but not before they stay behind to have a little fun with a couple of the dancing girls. Of course, the entire scene was cut from the 4kids dubbed version.
  • Soul Eater: Zubaidah, the meister of Jinn Galland, wears a glaringly obvious dancer's costume; it fits well with her weapon being in charge of West Asia, which is the entirety of the Middle East.
  • Tiger & Bunny: The second movie Tiger and Bunny: The Rising featured Karima Graham, a villainess who dressed like a dancer and fought against the heroes with large circular blades and the power of illusion. Turns out her costume wasn't just for appeal, as the movie reveals that she used to be a dancer at a cabaret until Barneby's new promoter bought out her business, leaving her with a loss of purpose.
  • Couple of examples from the Time Bokan series:
    • Gyakuten! Ippatsuman: Mun-Mun dresses like one in Episode 5.
    • Yattodetaman: In Episode 11, Mirenjo disguises as one while the Firebird is said to be in ancient Persia. And when she actually dances, she's not bad at all; the citizens of Baghdad throw money at her for her lovely performance.
    • Zenderman: During the second half of the series, the heroes' Zender-Lion mecha is replaced with the Zender-Gorilla. The new gorilla mecha is much more vulnerable against the feminine wiles of Muujo, leading Muujo to come up with seductive poses and costumes to keep Zender-Gorilla's focus away from attacking in battle. Episodes 37, 40, 41, 44 and 46 all feature Muujo dressed as a dancer in order to keep Zender-Gorilla from attacking.
  • Wowser: From "I'll See You In A Dream"
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters: In episode 201, Yami Yugi or Pharaoh Atem finally time travels back to Ancient Egypt, just in time for the coronation ceremony of the Pharaoh. Once the festivities begin in celebration of the new ruler, a couple of dancers and musicians are brought out for the party.

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