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  • Rumiko Takahashi uses this in much of her manga. It is so ubiquitous in her stories that the original name of the trope was 'Takahashi Couple':
    • Ranma ½: Ranma and Akane are the Trope Image and the Trope Codifiers for anime (and one of the clearest examples in all media).
    • Urusei Yatsura: Ataru and Lum. Arguably the anime Ur-Example. Though Ataru toes the line of Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk and Lum can tend towards Yandere.
    • Maison Ikkoku: Godai and Kyoko's tension stems from less slapstick and more realistic (Godai's terminal wishy-washiness rendering him unable to tell Kyoko how he feels for much of the manga and Kyoko's lingering feelings for her late husband). Unlike her other works to that point, Godai and Kyoko end up definitively together in the end; Happily Married with a daughter.
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    • Inuyasha: Inuyasha and Kagome start off squarely in this trope, but they shake this off halfway through the series and are clearly a couple by the final arc. A straighter example from the series is Beta Couple Miroku and Sango. Both couples are officially together at the end.
    • Mao: Nanoka isn't as much of a Tsundere as most examples, but everything else fits with Mao being a clear Jerk with a Heart of Gold and the two of them having plenty of sexual tension.
  • B Gata H Kei has Yamada and Kosuda. Notable in that the first plans to sleep with and then just dump the latter so she can then go on having 100 sex friends. The genuine feelings she develops for Kosuda lead to most of the belligerence in the tension, as she continues to stubbornly refuse to admit that she's falling for him and frequently reacts violently to his romantic gestures (or, just as often, to his failure to produce romantic gestures when she wants them). Her initial goal and most of the tension eventually fades near the end of the manga when she finally acknowledges her feelings and they enter a relatively normal relationship.
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  • In Berserk, this is the usual dynamics between Guts and Casca pre-Eclipse. But then again, what did you expect? Guts is an ultra-manly, aloof and cocksure Byronic Hero who has been Raised by Dudes. Casca is the sole female in a group of mercenaries and a Tsundere Action Girl to boot. Not to mention that both enjoy fighting. Physically, of course.
  • Roger and Angel and Roger and Dorothy in The Big O. Of course it's difficult to determine which is the Tsundere and which is the Jerk with a Heart of Gold, since all three characters are a bit of both...
  • The step-sibling pair of Minami and Otome in Cherry Juice often switch between flirtatious and belligerent moments, the latter at times involving Otome walking in on Minami while she's in a compromising position, and getting a Megaton Punch for his efforts.
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  • Chocomimi has Spoiled Brat Mumu and Tsundere Mimi.
  • Chrono and Rosette from Chrono Crusade. Although Chrono isn't exactly a jerk, he does often run out of patience with Rosette's antics, which leads to him being often sarcastic toward her and calling her an idiot. Rosette, on the other hand, is a Tsundere through and through, and often will behave violently toward him for doing that (or even sometimes when he's not). At one point he even ends up laying in a pool of his own blood! (But he has regenerative powers so it's always Played for Laughs.)
  • Code Geass: Lelouch and Kallen have this going on. She's a Tsundere Jerk with a Heart of Gold, who's having issues connecting the heroic Zero with his alter ego, the Jerk with a Heart of Gold Tsundere Lelouch. She also has the distinction of being the only woman Lelouch has ever attempted to seduce, even if—or because—he was lacking any sense of self-restraint at the time. She does eventually resolve the two after hearing Nunnally reminisce over their early days and Lelouch fully committing himself to the cause, but sadly he's forced to Break Her Heart to Save Her when the Black Knights turn on him with her in the crossfire. Ouch.
  • A Cruel God Reigns: Jeremy and Ian, for most of the series. Pretty early on Jeremy fantasizes about tasting Ian's blood in a kiss, but that may be a result of his Rape as Backstory and Being Tortured Makes You Evil. However, it also appears to happen with Ambiguously Bi Ian, and his obsession over Jeremy's eyebrows and his step-brother's strange behaviors.
  • Aoba and Kō in Cross Game. Aoba spends the whole series fighting with him in an attempt to show everyone that she hates him as much as she says she does. No one seems to buy it though. In the end, she tells him that she's always hated him when, in reality, it sounds more like an "I love you".
  • Riku (Tsundere) and Dark Mousy (Jerk with a Heart of Gold) via the Forceful Kiss Dark gives Riku in D.N.Angel and how they always argue and sometimes get along and Dark is hinted to like Riku.
  • Dancougar: Sara is a Tsundere who's stuck in Tsun mode because her ex-boyfriend Shapiro pulled a Face–Heel Turn; and Shinobu acts like a macho jerk to try and get her attention. These issues begin to resolve once Shapiro dies at the end of the TV series, and in the sequel OAV they finally start to move toward Official Couple status.
  • Quarterback Hiruma Youichi and Manager Mamori Anezaki from Eyeshield 21 are hinted to be like this; by the end of the series a lot of their scenes together are more of the Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other kind though.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • Gajeel and Levy as part of their ongoing Ship Tease.
    • Elfman and Evergreen. They clearly have a thing for each other, but spend too much time arguing to even admit it.
  • The Familiar of Zero:
  • Fullmetal Alchemist has Edward as the Jerk with a Heart of Gold and Winry as his Tsundere. There's tons of Unresolved Sexual Tension moments between them—Edward subtly thinking Winry looks cute, Winry noticing that his shoulders look broader, Edward having to recite the periodic table after remembering the conversation between him and Hawkeye (where Riza suggested he loves Miss Rockbell), Winry wondering why she fell in love with "such a weirdo", and their reunion before the Promised Day, resulting in a flustered Ed and almost-topless Winry. Those are all no doubt proof of this trope. All thanks to puberty, folks! Now Official Couple; they marry post story.
  • Sousuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori from Full Metal Panic!. Although Sousuke isn't really a jerk (quite the contrary, he's usually polite and respectful), he's so incredibly oblivious to and insensitive of Kaname's feelings that the end result is much the same, particularly as it's normally compounded by his lack of civilian social skills and the Fish out of Water tendencies which lead him to try to solve most problems with firearms and explosives.
  • Genesis of Aquarion: Apollo and Silvia. Turns out mixing Reincarnation Romance with the usual setup causes some very odd results.
  • In Gintama, whenever Kagura and Sougo cross paths, they will immediately be at each other's throats, which is quite uncharacteristic from a laid-back Deadpan Snarker like Sougo. However, it's hinted many times that, in reality, Sougo has a soft spot for Kagura because she's the only person who can actually challenge him and he does like competing with her. Kagura, for her part, is less enthusiastic about this situation but since Sougo knows just all too well how to press her buttons, she usually responds right back at his provocations.
    • And it's pretty similar between Sougo and Nobume, minus the soft spot part.
  • There is a lot of belligerent sexual tension between the two main characters in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.
  • Surprisingly, Laura Haruna's very Happily Married parents from Hamtaro started their relationship this way, with the dad as a snippy Jerk with a Heart of Gold and the mom as a textbook Tsundere. They got over themselves by the time they got married and Laura was born, though.
  • Kyon and Haruhi in Haruhi Suzumiya. They're an inverted couple, in that Kyon is closer to a male Tsundere, while Haruhi is the Jerk with a Heart of Gold. Now, if only Haruhi would lose the strong belief that love is for lunatics *coughTheseuscough* and Kyon to stop proclaiming his crush on Mikuru and admit that he wants Haruhi, after the tons of evidence he drops in his monologue. Or just want both of them.
  • Hellsing's own Alucard and Integra have this in spades, especially in the manga. The latter, of course, is a Tsundere.
  • Kido and Kano in Kagerou Project. Although Kano LOVES flirting and annoying the heck out of Kido, which usually results in the latter beating him up painfully and Kido calling Kano "stupid", "baka", "idiot", etc, they love each other deeply and care a lot for each other. Like when Kano was shot by Kuroha, Kido was the first to rush to his side crying and cradling him in her arms. Kano was also the one who helped Kido through the times when she couldn't control her powers.
  • Tomoe and Nanami from Kamisama Kiss. Tomoe is a definite Jerk with a Heart of Gold while Nanami is very deredere. It is obvious to several other characters in the series that they like each other and Nanami doesn't bother to hide the fact she has feelings for Tomoe, but Tomoe has some real problems admitting his feelings about Nanami.
  • Kangoku Gakuen: Main Character Kiyoshi and antagonist Hana. Oh my goodness me, yes.
  • Ayano and Kazuma from Kaze no Stigma, full stop. She's a full-blown Tsundere, he's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who LOVES to tease her.
  • Lovely Complex has Atsushi Otani and Risa Koizumi starting out very much like this, although it's somewhat unusual in that it's entirely viewed from the Tsundere's perspective. Also, their feelings for each other develop at a more or less realistic pace.
  • Alto Saotome and Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier, a rather interesting case in that they both alternate as to who's the Tsundere and who's the Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • Magic Kaito has Kaito as the Jerk with a Heart of Gold and Aoko as the Tsundere—to the point where fanart of Kaito drawn as Ranma and Aoko drawn as Akane has become fairly popular.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!: Flashbacks reveal that Negi's parents, Nagi and Princess Arika, had this in spades with his dad being a cocky, slightly perverted Idiot Hero and his mom being a Tsundere who slapped his dad whenever he annoyed her just a little.
  • Ayuzawa Misaki and Usui Takumi in Maid-Sama! are a much milder example than most of the others listed, having progressed to being very nearly a confirmed couple in no more than about forty manga chapters, but they still deserve a mention for continuing to follow the general pattern. Even after kissing several times and going on a couple of actual dates, Misaki is still very Tsundere where Usui is concerned, and Usui still claims that he doesn't date because it's too much trouble.
  • Panzer World Galient: Jordy and Chururu fought constantly since they met for first time, but they were very fond of each other, and they got together after a while.
  • Kei and Hayato from Project ARMS. Possibly best summed up when the group is crawling through a tunnel. Hayato coments on the lovely view (of Kei's rear) and Kei gives him a good kick in the face.
  • The Rurouni Kenshin prequel To Rule Flame, surprisingly, plays this almost completely straight with none other than Makoto Shishio and Yumi Komagata . She is a very sharp-tongued beauty and the most expensive High-Class Call Girl in Yoshiwara, then Tokyo/Edo's most famous Red Light District, whereas he is among the very few men who not only don't flinch at her acerbic words, but can verbally give as good as he gets. Their dynamics change into the Mad Love the reader/viewer knows once Yumi's sister-like friends become her Cynicism Catalysts and she decides to offer herself to Shishio as his mistress in exchange for him and the Juppongatana executing the ones to blame.
  • Usagi, the bubbly and easily-angered heroine of Sailor Moon loves Mamoru, the cool and snarky hero. In a twist, they're reincarnated, destined lovers and the tension between them dies almost completely after the first arc's reveal.
  • Takano and Ritsu from Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi with a mix of Slap-Slap-Kiss. Episode starts, they're fighting at work, later on in the episode, they're still fighting after work and then at the end, they slowly try to understand each other near the end of the episode. Rinse and repeat at the very end when Takano blows his chance every time Ritsu is close to admitting that he likes Takano.
  • Knuckles the Echidna (Jerk with a Heart of Gold) and Rouge the Bat (Tsundere) (a case of Interspecies Romance) from Sonic X. Just watch almost any episode where they're in the same place and you'll know what I mean. Episodes 12, 13, 39, 52, and 54 are good examples of this (episode 52 being the best example).
  • In Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note, the relationship between Aya and Wakatake can be categorized as this. Wakatake is brash, impatient and Innocently Insensitive to the point that Aya decided to call him without any honorifics, but it's also the only pair where both have gone Green Eyed to each other—in episode 5, Aya found herself in jealousy when she finds Wakatake have recently been dumped, and in episode 13, Wakatake (together with the rest of the The Team) are obviously jealous when they know Aya is far closer to Sunahara than they think (i.e. a former classmate).
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Describes well Kamina and Yoko's relation. The bickering, the insults, the beating, the denial, the accidental perversion that leads to a beating; its all there. They're also a rare example of this trope being Played for Drama and as much tragedy as it possibly can during the culmination where Kamina dies shortly after their first kiss.
  • In the second drama CD of Tiger & Bunny, Karina tells Barnaby that she's fully aware that this trope tends to occur between people like them, and that she has every intention of making sure that doesn't happen, because there's no way she could possibly fall in love with such a Jerkass. No surprise to anyone, she then proceeds to fall in love... with Barnaby's partner, Kotetsu.
  • Yuuji Kagura and Kazuki Arisaka in Tonagura. While Yuuji will take his beatdown when he has it coming (and he often does, even past animanga standards), he will be vociferous in telling off Kazuki when she has it wrong (and she often does). Both can be jerks, and both can be tsunderes, though it more or less settles traditionally based on gender.
  • Ushio and Tora has Jerk with a Heart of Gold Ushio and his Tsundere childhood friend Asako. They have been fighting and bickering over anything ever since they can remember, but it's obvious how they really feel about each other.
  • In Yona of the Dawn, Yona and Hak start off like this, though the dynamic fades in time. Hak is less a Jerk with a Heart of Gold and more The Gadfly, constantly taking pride in successfully teasing Yona. She is definitely a Tsundere, with her consistent insistence that he isn't cute or charming at all. That said, the bickering is clearly a game between the two, and their genuine affection for one another is very apparent from the start—especially on Hak's end.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho:
    • Keiko Yukimura and Yusuke Urameshi in that Yusuke is definitely a Jerk with a Heart of Gold while Keiko is working to keep him on the straight and narrow. They obviously love each other (and everyone knows it) but Yusuke's jerkitude tends to keep them apart until the end. It's downplayed in that Yusuke realizes early on that he loves Keiko, and there's never really any silliness with love rivals and what not. His new problem is keeping her out of the inherent perils of his new job (you see, probably the biggest thing that kept them apart until the end was that Yusuke didn't want to leave unfinished business—he eventually came back just in time after he tied up his loose ends).
    • Hiei and Mukuro may also fit this trope, with The Masochism Tango that doesn't seem to dampen Hiei's interest (even Kurama notes it). Not quite the same since she's only introduced in the last arc, and their hinted attraction is too early to be a Will They or Won't They?. Hiei and Mukuro are pretty much canon. They respect each other, like each other, and he brings her her evil and abusive father trapped in a healing plant that Kurama specially got for such a purpose to torture for eternity as a present. Practically romantic for Hiei—or, for that matter, for Mukuro; just keep in mind neither are exactly normal—this is likely the best way each can convey their feelings.
  • Kyohei and Sunako in The Wallflower. In an eerily similar case to Inuyasha, they've had their moments, but they're not even a third of the way into the Romance Arc progression in the manga and the readers are already going, "Let them progress! End! End!" at all the plot-stretching.
  • While Riku is a Nice Guy, his girlfriend in Wandering Son is a Jerkass Tsundere. Their early days were full of Slap-Slap-Kiss.
  • We Were There: Nanami and Yano. Nanami frequently says "Shine, baka!" ("Die, you idiot!") to Yano, whom she loves, before the two of them start dating.
  • Wedding Peach: Momoko and Yousuke can barely manage a conversation without one grinding the other's gears (usually Yousuke pissing Momoko off) followed by both parties casting longing gazes and wistful sighs as soon as the other has left.
  • Whisper of the Heart: Shizuku and Seiji, with Shizuku being the Tsundere (dere dere) and Seiji being the Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Jonouchi and Mai alternate between positions. Mai begins as arrogant and condescending towards Jonouchi, but her mind begins to change after he beats her in a duel. However, being tsundere, she never admits to having any feelings for him. Jonouchi himself often tries to pick fights with her, but will fight tooth-and-nail to save her.
  • Kamille Bidan and Fa Yuiri from Zeta Gundam. To the point that the Argama's crew calls their constant bickering their "hobby". They also mention it when Kamille kisses Fa after a rather tiring battle and tells her that they should reconsider their mutual interaction since he's getting tired of the fighting.
  • Yuru-Yuri has Sakurako Omura and Himawari Furutani, who are both girls who are always at each other's throats about pretty much everything. Despite this, it's obvious that they're hiding romantic feelings for each other.
  • Vampire Knight: Yuuki and Zero.


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