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Beauty, Brains, and Brawn in Live-Action TV.

  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation (first season)
    • Counselor Deanna Troi - Beauty (shrink)
    • Dr. Beverly Crusher - Brains (infirmary leader)
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    • Lt. Tasha Yar - Brawn (head of security... no wonder she didn't last)
  • ‘’The Golden Girls’’
    • Blanche - Beauty; the aristocratic, southern belle.
    • Dorothy - Brains; the street smart, schoolteacher.
    • Rose - Brawn; the athletic farmer’s daughter.
  • Step by Step
    • Dana- Brains; smart, academic, sarcastic.
    • Karen- Beauty; beautiful, vain and ditzy.
    • Al- Brawn; sporty and tomboyish.
  • Community
    • Beauty: Britta (though she thinks she's Brains)
    • Brains: Annie (overachiever and actually wants to learn stuff)
    • Brawn: Shirley (Mama Bear extraordinaire)
  • H₂O: Just Add Water
    • Season 1-2
      • Cleo - Beauty: Naive, feminine, shy.
      • Emma - Brains: Responsible, perfectionist, Control Freak.
      • Rikki - Brawn: Rebellious, sarcastic tomboy.
  • The Big Bang Theory (As of Season 4)
    • Bernadette - Beauty; cute, lovable and pretty.
    • Amy - Brains; stoic Brainy Brunette, TV Genius.
    • Penny - Brawn; strong, capable of handling herself on a physical level.
  • Friends
    • Rachel - Beauty; attractive, trendy, fashionable.
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    • Monica - Brains; level-headed, the one with most common sense.
    • Phoebe - Brawn; the badass who lived on the street, implied to be a capable fighter.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch (seasons 5-7)
    • Morgan - Beauty; shallow, attractive and popular.
    • Sabrina - Brains; book smart, aspiring journalist.
    • Roxie - Brawn; very strong and tough.
  • Teen Wolf
    • Beauty - Erica, the Femme Fatale who's not ashamed to use her looks and sexuality to get stuff done
    • Brains - Lydia, the brilliant and sarcastic Teen Genius.
    • Brawn - Allison, the Action Girl who's a skilled archer who won't hesitate to kick your ass.
  • Arrow
    • Beauty: Thea (From a billionaire socialite family and runs a night club)
    • Brains: Felicity (Genius hacker and case of Nerds Are Sexy)
    • Brawn: Sara/Laurel (The resident Action Girl)
  • Downton Abbey has the Crawley sisters.
    • Beauty - Mary The Charmer, though she later regrets having nothing else to offer.
    • Brawn - Sybil learns to work. Her personality also hardens.
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    • Brains - Edith becomes a master organizer since she's not as pretty or strong as her sisters.
  • Charmed the original trio:
  • Survivor used a mixed-gender example, as it themed the Cagayan and Kaôh Rōng seasons after the dynamic; each with a tribe of strong people, a tribe of smart people, and a tribe of pretty people. "Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty" was even a tagline for the seasons. A straighter example would be in Kaoh Rong, with the trio of Cydney, Aubry, and Michele:
    • Beauty - Michele Fitzgerald, a pretty bartender from the Beauty Tribe
    • Brains - Aubry Bracco, a smart social media marketer from the Brains Tribe
    • Brawn - Cydney Gillon, a beefy bodybuilder from the Brawn Tribe
  • Charlie's Angels, particularly in the first season
    • Sabrina - Brains; usually acted as leader, put the clues together, and solved the crime.
    • Jill - Brawn; Somewhat surprisingly since the opening showed Kelly doing Judo, it was Jill who was portrayed as the athlete of the three.
    • Kelly - Beauty; Insomuch as they were all pretty much this, she was portrayed as the classic beauty.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine:
    • Gina - Beauty. She's the most feminine and cares a great deal about her looks.
    • Amy - Brains. She's highly intelligent and is enthusiastically nerdy about police work.
    • Rosa - Brawn. She's an intimidating badass who is the quickest to resort to violence.
  • Orphan Black
    • The main three clones.
      • Beauty - Alison, a neat and uptight soccer mom.
      • Brains - Cosima, a nerdy science student.
      • Brawn - Sarah, a tough, abrasive former hustler.
    • The three main prominent additional Clone Club members.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The three regular females from the series.
    • Jadzia Dax - Brains. Capt. Sisko's closest colleague and confidante.
    • Kira Nerys - Brawn. Former resistance fighter.
    • Ezri Dax - Beauty. A Naïve Newcomer during the final season.
  • Gilligan's Island:
    • Beauty - Ginger, the glamorous movie star who loves to flirt with men.
    • Brains - Mrs. Howell, the wisest and most formally educated of the women.
    • Brawn - Mary Ann, the farm girl who is the only one who does any real physical work.
  • Last Man Standing - Mike and Vanessa's daughters.
    • Beauty - Mandy, the middle daughter, The Fashionista and Proud Beauty with a Hidden Heart of Gold.
    • Brains - Kristin, the eldest, who despite her teen pregnancy has worked hard to achieve a management position and is very well-read and intelligent.
    • Brawn - Eve, the youngest, Mike's tomboy who has always dreamed of and worked toward a military career.
  • Victorious:
    • Beauty - Cat, adorable and dresses the most stereotypically girly of the group.
    • Brains - Tori, often the voice of reason in the group.
    • Brawn - Jade, easily the toughest girl of the group.
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy:
  • Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue:
    • Beauty- Dana: The Captain's Combat Medic daughter.
    • Brains- Ms Fairweather: The head of R&D at Lightspeed Rescue, who built the weapons, Zords and morphers.
    • Brawn- Kelsey: An extreme sports enthusiast and tomboy.
  • Power Rangers Wild Force:
    • Beauty- Princess Shayla: The Rangers' mentor who often acts as the Team Mom
    • Brains- Alyssa: A collage student, training to be a teacher, often seen reading books.
    • Brawn- Taylor: The most expereince ranger in the current group as well as a trained military officer.
  • Power Rangers S.P.D.:
  • Power Rangers Mystic Force:
    • Beauty- Madison: The nicest ranger and somthing of a Shrinking Violet.
    • Brains- Udona: The team's mentor and a veteran of the Great War, very wise and experienced.
    • Brawn- Vida: The most aggressive ranger (including the boys).


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