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  • In the Tales of the Folly series in the Chakona Space setting, you really should be careful what you wish for on the Folly, as there are a number of fairly mischievous, and meddlesome Rakshani Deities hanging around. The trope is lampshaded word-for-word on a couple of occasions.
  • From one of The Cinema Snob's reviews, Beware Children at Play...
    Snob: You know, the kids are evil, just fucking kill them!
    [massacre of children begins as the Snob watches in horror]
    Snob:...I wasn't serious about killing them!
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  • In the first season of Cobra Kai, Johnny gets hit hard with this trope. First he reopens the dojo in the hopes of training a new generation, only to find that his new students are a horde of youth that wouldn't be out of place in a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits. But at the All Valley Tournament, his three top charges have taken his Training from Hell, in response to a bullying epidemic, to its logical extreme.
  • The Creepypasta titled "The Wishes".
  • In Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues, Ivy used to hope that her life could become more eventful than simply falling into the same routine of going to school every day. Then she got superpowers, which is a little more than what she was expecting or wanted.
  • Rob from Dimension Heroes wishing for a less boring summer. Boy, did he get that wish granted...
  • The Red Guy from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared was the only one of the three students who wanted a relatively normal life away from constant interruptions by whimsical yet sinister teachers. In episode 6, he gets an office job in a more normal world and finds it to be extremely boring.
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  • Invoked in an intentionally nonsensical manner in the Something Awful parody "horror film" Doom House. "My name is Reginald P. Linux, and ever since my wife died, I've been very depressed. This is why I've been searching for the house of my dreams. But as a philosopher once said, be careful what you dream for, because you just... might... get it." Since he wasn't "dreaming for" a house haunted by an odd-looking figurine and built over a terrorist burial camp, this makes no sense, and it's only put there as a parody of bad writing.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is this trope played deadly straight. Billy/Dr. Horrible wants to be a supervillain and join the Evil League of Evil. He also wants to get a girlfriend. Well, he gets one of his wishes when the Evil League demands that he commit a heinous crime ("a murder would be nice of course") as a membership test. This turns out to be Foreshadowing, as the final confrontation with his Arch-Enemy, Captain Hammer, ends with the latter's humiliating defeat and the world bowing to him in fear due to the murder of... his girlfriend, Penny. Cue his entry into the Evil League, having both gained and lost everything he wanted.
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  • Several JonTron fans kept constantly whining about a lack of new videos, so Jon decided he should please them by leaving Game Grumps to go work on his own videos. While Danny Sexbang, his replacement, is not getting nearly the same amount of hatred he did when he first showed up, there are still many fans who wish they just kept their mouths shut in the first place.
  • One instance of the Kakos Industries Ruin-A-Life Drawing had the Wheel of Misery land on the space labelled "Greatest Desire Granted" for its victim, Carl. Carl's greatest wish was to live during a Zombie Apocalypse, so Kakos Industries engineered a zombie apocalypse just for him. They even made someone a fair distance away Patient Zero to give him half a day's head start in getting his preparations in order. Then fifteen zombies bum rushed him while he was sitting on the toilet. Following that, he came back as an undead with his pants around his ankles and insufficient cleanup.
  • In Noob, we find out that the reason Judge Dead quit playing the MMORPG in which the story is set and got himself hired as a Game Master was that another player among the elite turned out to be his father attempting to connect with him. Judge Dead didn't take it well due to suffering from an Inferiority Superiority Complex and his father being much better at him at stuff having become a pattern over the years. Once a Game Master, Judge Dead decided to use his new power to spite the other player, who had also quit. A message along the lines of "If you want to apologize, log in your avatar one last time and let me ban it forever." gets sent. The other player did log in his gaming avatar Clark Kenting as the hacker known to always get himself in the game despite the best efforts of the Game Master team in the main timeframe.. The whole story can very well qualify for Create Your Own Villain.
  • Not Always Learning has this tale, in which a class-cutting student tells the professor that all they want from the class they skipped so much is a passing grade. At the end of the semester, the student gets a C... even though they completed enough coursework to earn an A.
  • Not Always Working has a cocky workplace braggart insisting that he can do someone else's job better than they can. When that coworker goes on vacation, the braggart is made to fill in for them.
    • The owner in this story had been actively bending every rule he could to treat his employees generously. When one worker gets greedy over bonus checks, the owner simply gives them exactly what they'd asked for— merit-based bonus checks (the greedy worker hadn't contributed to the project, and so got no bonus), and a departure without being fired (making them ineligible for severance pay).
  • On the Pokemon-themed egg-hatching website PokéFarm Q, several Gen 6 Pokemon had question marks instead of actual sprites. In response to users constantly demanding that the sprites be completed right now, the admins granted their wish... uploading incredibly bad MS Paint-style artwork for every Pokémon currently without a sprite. In a subversion, the fanbase took it on the chin, with many finding the sprites hilarious.
  • SCP-738 ("The Devil's Deal"). The entity connected to SCP-738 grants wishes as part of a bargain, but it will only give exactly what it has agreed to and no more. For example, one subject who asked for "freedom" disappeared from custody, but was captured again a few hours later.
  • YouTuber Shawn Woods posted a video showcasing a very effective mousetrap that catches and drowns mice in a bucket. After many outraged comments about how cruel and inhumane it was to add water and drown those cute widdle huggy-wuggy mice, he posted another video showing what happened when he did as they requested and left the bucket empty. Suffice to say, the mice didn't throw a tea party together down there; click that second link at your own risk.
  • Stuart Ashen had a taste of this trope in the Toy Box, Geek Gear July 2016 video. While reviewing the 90s box, Ashen joked about how the 80s box would probably come with the notorious E.T. game after being all pleased with receiving a copy of Link's Awakening DX for the Game Boy. A while later he moves on to the 80s box and find that there is indeed a copy of E.T. in there, and broke down corpsing. After finally regaining his composure, he warned viewers to never ever joke about these kinds of things because they may become true.
  • In Three wishes for free will — a story posted on some blog — a man is worried that there is no free will and tries to wish from a genie to have it. However, the genie requires him to explain what he means by free will, and since he doesn't really understand what follows from different explanations he can think of, the results are rather weird. For example, on the second wish, he ends up deciding to do all sorts of crazy things for no reason because he asked to be able to make decisions that "aren't determined".
  • "A Caution to the Wise" from The Wanderer's Library.


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