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  • The Open-Source Wish Project tries to find perfect, loophole-less wordings for wishes to avert this trope. While it might work against the Jackass Genie, it doesn't really strike at the heart of the lesson of this trope; if you get exactly the thing you wanted, there's still the possibility you'll find you don't like it.
  • In a rough flowchart of the endings for Mass Effect 3, BioWare writer supposedly noted that he wanted the endings to cause LOTS OF SPECULATION FROM EVERYONE. He/They got his/their wish; Mass Effect 3's ending is quickly becoming as infamous for being infuriatingly confusing and nonsensical as that of Lost and that of Neon Genesis Evangelion, the Trope Codifier for Gainax Endings. They eventually released an Extended Cut that tried to cudgel most of it into making at least narrative (although not scientific) sense, presumably as an attempt to synthesise a wish that they hadn't made the first wish.
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  • Related to the above, this happens a lot with fandom. In a given work, something is left unexplained, causing all sorts of Epileptic Trees, Wild Mass Guessing, fan theories, and even Fanon in which people try to explain what this thing is. So the author decides to explain it, and... well... Fans don't always like it.
  • In 2001, the city of Buffalo, NY had no snow in November and most of December, the first time in recorded history, and it was possible that the city would have no snow on Christmas. On Christmas Eve, the kids who wanted a white Christmas got their wish: That night was the beginning of a 5-day long blizzard that killed at least 4 people and dropped seven feet of snow onto the city, leaving it incapacitated for nearly a month and cancelling a play named "Lake Effect".
  • Richard Heene's attempt to become a reality star with his Balloon Boy stunt on October 15, 2009. Looks like he succeeded, just not in the way he had hoped for.
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  • After viewing his teammate going past him for the win as an act of betrayal, Gilles Villeneuve vowed never to speak to Didier Pironi ever again. He got it: Villeneuve was killed in qualifying the very next race.
  • As it was entering its third season, the producers of Moral Orel asked the creators to give them the darkest season they could. And boy did they get it. One episode in particular, the infamous "Alone" was so dark, the producers sliced season three's original episode count in half, and axed the show.
  • Chicago Bears fans wished to be rid of Rex Grossman for throwing too many interceptions (despite leading them to the Super Bowl in his first season as a starter). Then came along Jay Cutler, who led the NFL in interceptions.
  • When Lena, a young German girl, moved out from her parents' house at 18 (this was in 2007), they were not happy about it and had repeatedly tried to convince her to come back. Then Lena got caught in the 2010 Love Parade Disaster. Since then, she returned to her parent's house - and she refuses to leave and constantly clings to her parents.
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  • Carrie Fisher had complained about how boring Princess Leia's wardrobe was from the first two Star Wars movies, so George Lucas had wardrobe make the iconic Slave Leia costume for Return of the Jedi. She would describe it as "what supermodels will eventually wear in the seventh ring of hell".
  • Natalie Portman did something similar and got the black corset number she wore in Attack of the Clones.
  • "Better Hitler than Blum!" - Slogan of the French ultra-conservatives. [Blum was the Socialist Premier of France from 1936–37.] Sometimes fate can be a Literal Genie.
  • Engineer Henry Winstanley achieved what was thought to be the impossible when he successfully built a lighthouse on the notorious Eddystone rocks. He was so pleased with it that he often expressed a wish to be inside it during "the greatest storm there ever was". On 27 November 1703, his wish came true, as he was overseeing repairs when the Great Storm of 1703 struck the south coast of England. The lighthouse was completely destroyed and Winstanley was never seen again.
  • For many years, fans of The Stooges wished that Iggy Pop would remix their Raw Power album, which suffered from a rushed, thin mix by David Bowie. In 1997, he finally did, but the result was so painfully loud that the rest of the band and even many fans preferred the earlier version.
  • The late Clarence Ray Allen was spending life imprisonment for a murder he committed in 1974. While in prison, he wanted a new trial so that he could be acquitted and get back out on the street. He contracted a fellow inmate to murder the witnesses who testified against him before. The murders got carried out. When the authorities found out that Allen had arranged the murders, they did give him a new trial - he was convicted of several counts of murder and executed in 2006.
  • Fight Club producer Laura Ziskin begged director David Fincher to change Marla's line "I want to have your abortion" to something less offensive. Fincher said he would but only if he was allowed to come up with the replacement. Ziskin agreed, thinking nothing he could come up with could possibly be any worse. The new line? "Oh my God, I haven't been fucked like that since grade school." Ziskin begged Fincher to change it back.
  • The Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk was worried about the seaworthiness of the ship he was on and said that he'd rather be left behind on the island than return to the ship. His captain granted him the wish: he spent four years marooned on the island before another ship rescued him; his story served as an inspiration for Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. (He was in fact right about the ship: the Cinque Ports has shipwrecked, and the crew was captured by the Spanish.)
  • Whenever a character is in a long-running anime from the start, most fans get tired of them and want them to leave the show, but when that actually happens, the fans start complaining because they kicked that character out of the show.
  • The Volkswagen Group CEO, Ferdinand Piech, wanted his engineers to make diesel engines that would be emission norm compliant without fancy emission control devices. They did.
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic's record label required him to record a Christmas song for his album Polka Party! The result was "Christmas at Ground Zero".
  • Debbie Reynolds stated on December 28, 2016, how much she missed her daughter, Carrie Fisher, who'd passed away the day before, and that she "wished to be with her." No later than 15 minutes after saying that, she suffered a stroke (likely from a combination of her old age and the stress of losing her daughter) and died later that day.
  • During the Arab Spring many people demanded the fall of their dictatorial governments. In 2017 many countries have gotten exactly that, only to learn all potential meanings of the old Arab saying "One night of anarchy is worse than a hundred years of tyranny". Just ask Libya how they feel about Qaddafi now...
  • Gamers have long since said that Nintendo needs to "get with the times". However, the Nintendo Switch has had Nintendo announce online gameplay... that is paid. (Which is what Sony and Microsoft did), then they were upfront in announcing season packs and DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Fire Emblem Gaiden's remake, and announcing purely aesthetic DLC as opposed to actual playable content (Which most Nintendo paid DLC has been before) All of which are practices that other game studios have done for a while. Sure enough, cue people complaining then being told "Hey you wanted them to get with the times. You got what you wanted!"
  • One of the most famous upsets in College Football history. Michigan entered the game ranked No. 5 in both major Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) polls and were preseason favorites to win the Big Ten conference championship as well as possible contenders for the national championship, while Appalachian State was a smaller (albeit powerhouse) school in the lower Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). Typically, games between FBS and FCS teams typically result in lopsided victories for the bigger FBS team (especially schools as large as Michigan). These are commonly known as "paycheck games", where the smaller overmatched school gets a large payday to lose by a big margin. Appalachian State ended up pulling off a historic 34–32 upset victory. Prior to the season, Michigan had never played an FCS team before, and was originally scheduled to play the University of Hawaii, who had won 11 games the year before and would go on to finish the 2007 regular season undefeated). Michigan instead bought out their game against Hawaii and ended up scheduling Appalachian State instead, thinking it would be an easy victory.
  • The Japanese Emperor Hirohito decreed, upon his ascension, that his reign would be known as "Shōwa", which means either "Enlightened Harmony" or "Radiant Japan." Later, the Japanese decided against the first, which resulted in getting a close approximation of the second.
  • This trope perfectly sums up the Japanese story with the Washington Naval Treaty in the 1920s. Because the treaty limited their forces up to 60% of the British and the US (meaning that Japan was allowed to retain 3 tons of ships for every 5 tons that the US and Britain retained) note , the Japanese people, particularly the IJN, weren't too happy with it, seeing it as proof that the Japanese people was seen as an inferior race by the Western world, as well as an insult on a national scale; the Japanese spent the 1930s fulminating against this treaty, in particular, the unequal ratio. Yamamoto, the Only Sane Man, knew better and advocated Japan stay in the treaty, arguing that the treaty was a limitation for the other parties note . Unfortunately, not only did the Japanese people consider anything less than equal ratio dishonorable, he did not have any influence in the IJN or the government to do anything. Japan finally renounced the treaty in 1934...... followed by the US, now freed from the limitation and free to outbuild Japan much worse than the 5:3 ratio, starting a naval construction program of such scale Japan had no hope of matching it.
  • Rapper Kanye West professes to having a love/hate relationship with fame, especially after his mother died from complications from extensive surgery after they were enveloped in Hollywood.
  • In another example affecting a musician, A Flock of Seagulls lead singer Mike Score got the outrageous haircut he sports in the "Space Age Love Song" video with the idea that it would get the band noticed. It did ... but on the band's ensuing American tour, all he or anyone in the band was asked about in interviews or by fans was that haircut. The band was never able to enjoy the same level of success again, and their first incarnation broke up a few years later.
  • Roseanne Barr kicked off the ABC upfront meeting in 2018 by introducing an ABC Executive with a joke about the network writing her tweets. The Executive, Ben Sherwood, said, "If you are playing a drinking game based on how many times ABC execs mention Roseanne; you’re in luck... You’re welcome." 2 weeks later, ABC cancelled Roseanne after the actress made racist and anti-Semitic Twitter comments and later blamed being impaired from the drug Ambion. The story dominated the news cycle, including ABC News, for over a day.
  • In the wake of Brexit, a Conservative MP requested that BBC 1 close each day's broadcasting by playing "God Save The Queen". On November 4, 2016, BBC 2's Newsnight reported this and said "we're happy to oblige"; ending the show by playing "God Save The Queen" — but not the one the MP had intended.
  • This also happened with WildStar. The game was advertised as a Genre Throwback to MMORPGs such as the first EverQuest, Classic World of Warcraft, Van Guard and even Dark Ages Of Camelot, complete with some Anti-Frustration Features, advertising it to be a challenge unlike the "Cakewalk" most people criticise modern MMORPGs to be. The content turned out to be so exclusive to reach and hard to complete, that people left since they no longer had the time to put up with all of this like they could ten plus years ago.
  • At the American League Division Series game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees in the 2018 World Series, Yankees fans were chanting "We want Boston!" as the game was starting. Well, the Red Sox ended up beating the Yankees 16-1, the biggest margin of loss in Yankees postseason history.
  • Supporters of Donald Trump have long argued that Judge Emmet G. Sullivan should call the validity of a plea deal struck between special counsel Robert Mueller and defendant Michael Flynn, who had been indicted following an abbreviated tenure as Trump's national security adviser over improprieties which happened during the 2016-17 presidential transition, into question over alleged misconduct on the part of the FBI, including entrapment. Sullivan did call the plea deal's validity into question—but over Flynn's misconduct, not the FBI's. Specifically, he pointed out how Flynn had lied to the FBI on numerous occasions, pleaded guilty to it as part of the plea deal, which happened to be quite generous on the FBI's part under the circumstances, and then had the gall to call entrapment afterward. As a result, Judge Sullivan warned Flynn that he could face at least some jail time over his misconduct, thus forcing him to accept the judge's offer to delay his sentencing until after he had completed his cooperation agreement with Mueller.
  • As a condition of getting an animation job at Disney, the company gets to own everything you create while working for them - including works that are..."non-marketable". According to an urban legend, there is a massive vault at the Disney studio full to the rafters of porn featuring any Disney character you can think of...all of it "official".

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