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Base Breaking Character / Super Mario Bros.

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  • Toad, while cute and funny, has many who find his voice annoying and complain about the species' utter worthlessness in protecting the Mushroom Kingdom.
    • Toadette is another example: Lazy Distaff Counterpart to the already annoying Toad, or a great female alternative to Princess-type characters? The fanbase hasn't made up their collective mind on her, though her well-received appearances in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and Super Mario Run have made her better in the eyes of some detractors.
    • The Toad species as a whole became this, with a number of fans growing sick of always seeing them as extras in the games and insisting that they are becoming overused when there are a wide range of other Mario characters that could appear in the games. The fact that Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam largely featured them as cast members instead of other ally Mario characters doesn't help, and it only worsened after Paper Mario: Color Splash continued this trend along with Mario Party: Star Rush. There are still many who still like them (or at least tolerate their presence), though.
      • A specific example involving the Toads would be the Rescue V Toads introduced in Color Splash. While a number of folks love them for being a Sentai-like group of Toads, others can't get past the fact that they are yet another group of Toads in a game that's already littered with them.
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  • Despite (and often, because) of her vital role in the series, Princess Peach is usually the most cited example of this as far as the main charactersnote  are concerned, along with Toad. She is no stranger to base-breaking considering her flanderized ditzyness, annoyingly high-pitched voice and constant kidnappings have grown tiresome for many; her shallow Dumb Blonde depiction in Super Mario Sunshine is brought up as a particularly sour spot. Her lack of self-initiative in escaping hasn't garnered her much support either, with some people labeling her as a negative, outdated female stereotype compared to smarter and/or more proactive Nintendo heroines such as Princess Zelda, Samus Aran and even Rosalina from her own franchise. She has fans and fanboys however, particularly for her more competent spin-off portrayals and sweet nature, along with being rather pretty looking; additionally, later appearances help address the former group's complaints, as Peach is a fully playable character in Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Run instead of being the damsel in distress. Additionally, Peach is generally liked in the RPGs, where she is usually depicted as a more fleshed-out and endearing character and is more consistently competent, but some fans believe that this doesn't make up for her shallow and/or ditzy main series depiction due to the main platformers being more central to the Mario franchise. Peach's role in Super Mario Odyssey cast a new light on this debate; the game's ending depicts her as a much more independent character who refuses Bowser's and Mario's advances and goes on her own adventures, removing quite a bit of her Damsel Scrappy-dom and causing most of the debates on this specific appearance to instead be on whether her actions were fair to Mario or not.
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  • Princess Daisy. Fans view her as a cool Tomboy Princess, love to ship her with Luigi, and feel that Nintendo is wasting the character by not letting her appear in other platformers and the RPGs (other than her first appearance in Super Mario Land, and in Super Mario Maker as a costume), until she got her playable appearance in Super Mario Run. Others can't stand her voice and think that she is a pointless Peach clone. Aside from the fact she technically only uses the line in a few games, her "Hi, I'm Daisy!" quote has become something of an online meme for her character.
  • Bowser Jr., especially when it comes to comparisons between him and the Koopalings. He was originally a Replacement Scrappy for a whole villain team, and he already got a great deal of hatedom by replacing the seven most popular non Bowser villains in the older games. Even disregarding that, however, to a lesser degree he was also controversial for his design being little more than a redesign of the original Baby Bowser, as well as the fact that he's fought as a bland recurring boss in his early appearances. In Super Mario Sunshine, you had to pointlessly chase him for a Shine Sprite in each of the seven main levels, and in New Super Mario Bros., he is fought in every single one of the ten towers, with just two attack patterns. Some fans did start warming up to him when he was finally shown with his siblings in the sequel, New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Nowadays Bowser Jr. is more well-liked for using unique and creative Humongous Mechas to battle Mario rather than the same bland attack patterns, taking a page from Dr. Eggman's book in that game as well as in New Super Mario Bros. U and Super Smash Bros. 4, granting him a style that was somewhat missing from Mario games beforehand. His best character traits are seen when he's working with his equally evil dad, which is both cute and frightening. However this predicament amplified when Shigeru Miyamoto stated that the Koopalings are no longer considered to be Bowser's children and only Junior was. It didn't take long for this to be completely reversed in the the eyes of some fans. Since Bowser Jr's introduction, he's been in almost five times the amount of games as the Koopalings and has developed some deep character traits and a sizeable fan base of his own, causing many of Junior's fans to call the Koopalings overrated.
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  • Beldam from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is loved for being fun to fight in bosses and her turning out to be the Big Bad and one pulling the strings. She also despised by a good chuck of people for being a Jerkass toward Vivian and Doopliss (both of whom are fan favorites, especially the former) and for being a big Karma Houdini.
  • Birdo. Some find her creepy/gross due to the gender confusion and/or the eggs spewing out of the mouth, are annoyed by the honking noises she frequently makes in recent titles, and believe she's not a very interesting character. Yet others like her and consider her vastly underutilized in the Mario series. She's also a favorite in the spin-off titles.


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