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Oh boy. Grab an Absolut Vodka and sit down. This'll take a while. And due to the flexible/nonexistant nature of fourth wall on the show most of these apply both in-universe and out.

  • Bebe Zahara Benet is either an elegant diva or a total bore who stole the crown from Nina Flowers.
    • This gets exacerbated in All Stars 3, in which Bebe either comes off as an elegant queen who has incredible confidence and doesn't accept drama or shade from anyone, or she's a total bitch who is so cocky that she ignores the judges' critiques and takes credit for other people's talents.
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  • Shangela is either hilarious the second time around and much more polished, or an annoying mess who still didn't deserve to be in the competition.
  • Raja is either one of the fiercest queens in the history of the show, or a talentless washed up old model whose only claim to fame is Tyra Banks.
  • Sharon Needles is either a spooky queen who's not afraid to be different, or her brand of humor is a little too tasteless for comfort.
  • Phi Phi became one in universe, due to her verbal attacks on the other queens.
  • Coco and Alyssa. You either support one and hate the other, wish both queens and their drama would sashay far away, or consider their feud the most interesting thing about Season 5. Roxxxy Andrews echoes the thoughts of many fans when she tells them both to their faces that she wishes one (or both) of them would just go home already since she's sick of the drama.
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  • Detox's lip-sync "mouth wiggle" is either hilariously genius or an annoying gimmick that got her further in the competition than it should have. There's really no middle ground, you either adore it or abhor it.
  • Milk and Vivacious. You either love or hate their high-concept drag. With Viv, even the judges argue over whether she continues the tradition of the 90's New York City rave scene, or is an outdated relic thereof. With Milk, you either think she's a hilarious comedy queen with her own style or that she tried too hard to be The Weird One. (Fans do agree that, no matter what you think of them, their looks were downright unpolished.)
  • Happened again in Season 7 with Max, whom many people are referring to as Milk 2.0 (kooky and interesting, but may also be trying too hard to be "The Weird One"). Fans either think that she is a very versatile queen and that her tendency to wear grey hair is a trademark or that she is very one note and has not been showing a lot of versatility and that the grey hair is just lazy.
    • Even within her fanbase her departure from the show caused a second rift, between those who genuinely felt for her during her breakdown, and those who saw it as a shallow attempt to dodge critique and to 'take advantage of the moment' And then afterwards Max revealed on Twitter that Ru asked her to sing to calm her nerves, and that she didn't just do it out of no where as the Manipulative Editing made it seem.
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  • Bianca is either hilarious or hateful, in universe or out.
  • Adore is either a spunky ingénue honing her skills and rising to the challenge of Drag Race or a sloppy queen coasting on her charisma who might have been a better competitor a few more seasons later.
  • Courtney Act is either the fishiest queen in Drag Race history, or she looks and sounds so much like a woman that it's no longer drag. (She's genderfluid, so unlike most of the other queens, Courtney isn't just playing a woman.)
  • Laganja Estranja: Legitimate Woobie or Drama Queen Attention Whore fond of the Wounded Gazelle Gambit? Tread lightly on this one, both in show and out.
  • Victoria "Porkchop" Parker has become one, due to her inflation of appearances on World of Wonder. Some fans enjoy Victoria, since she is the first queen to ever be eliminated from Drag Race and therefore is a sentimental favorite ... on the other hand, some people think she was eliminated for good reason and feel her popping up is just Ru trying to turn Porkchop into a Forced Meme.
  • Kennedy Davenport is either The Dancing Diva of Dallas or The Wicked Witch of the West depending on how you feel about her attitude and critiques.
  • Season 7 is a true oddity in that none of the final three are stand-out fan favorites or reviled scrappies, all of them are pretty much Base Breakers:
    • Ginger Minj is either revered as the most successful queen of the season (which was mostly acting and comedy), as well as finally being a big queen worthy of the crown, while others think her talent doesn't balance out her rudeness and shitty attitude towards the younger queens, and that her fans are overplaying the "Big Bitch" card to get her a win she doesn't deserve.
    • Pearl is either the queen who came out of her shell and grew the most throughout the season, really pushing herself to be a champion, or she's still half-asleep, and can't sing, can't act, can't dance, can't take direction ... and pretty much can't do anything that a Drag Superstar should be able to do. And then there's her infamous staredown with Ru during the award show challenge. Was Pearl awesome for standing up for herself, or was she disrespectful and deserved every word of Ru's harsh critique and then some?
    • Violet Chachki is either the prodigy of this season, having a flawless fashion sense as well as being the most consistent of the season with three wins and never having been in the bottom 2, as well actively growing as a person to be less of a bitch ... or she is still a huge bitch who is basically the Tyra Sanchez of Season 7.
  • Acid Betty: Great reality television villain or unnecessarily mean bitch who has no real justifiable reason to be the way she is? There's also some disagreement on if Betty is getting the shaft from the Manipulative Editing, or if what we see of her really is an accurate representation of her personality.
  • Bob the Drag Queen: Hilarious and bombastic queen who just naturally outshines her competition with her quick wit and confidence? Or a shameless showboater who is just more loud and obnoxious than actually funny?
  • Thogy Thor, in particular her elimination. Some fans are up in arms about her Shocking Elimination, having had Thorgy pegged as a top three contender early on and citing her rather strong showing up until her final episode, calling it a repeat of the Katya conspiracy from Season 7. Others, however, note that strong performance or not, Thorgy had no challenge wins under her belt, and her final episode really was elimination-worthy, having the most disjointed political ad of the bunch that didn't meet the criteria of the challenge, and not conveying the same emotion as her competitor, Chi Chi, during the proceeding lip-synch for her life.
  • Kim Chi is either a stunning avant garde queen who is taking drag into bold new directions, or she is purely a visual artist whose creative makeup can't hide the fact that she can't sing, act, dance, or even walk in heels.
  • Adore again due to her exit from All Stars 2. Was she justified in leaving the show in order to stay true to herself and her personal drag style, or was she a quitter who knew exactly what she was getting into and should have never agreed to do it in the first place if she didn't want to be critiqued? However, given the drama and tension that only kept escalating after she left, the general consensus seems to be that she was smart for getting out when she did.
  • Alaska in All Stars 2 has started to suffer a Broken Pedestal among the base for eliminating Tatianna twice. Although Tatianna and Roxxxy's commercials were generally accepted as the weakest of the challenge, most thought Tatianna had the stronger runway look with her tribute to TLC. Was Alaska really valuing her friendship with Roxxxy or was she getting rid of the bigger competition threat? Given that Alyssa was eliminated by Detox in the following episode, most of the base now believe that the Rolaskatox clique is an alliance this time to eliminate their competition, despite Roxxxy's weaker performances.
  • Phi Phi O'Hara from All Stars 2 in skipping the Reunion. There is very bad blood between Phi Phi and the show, with Phi Phi calling Manipulative Editing while Ru and the show claims otherwise, and as such Phi Phi decided that despite contractual obligations she would not associate herself with World of Wonder production. Some fans are upset Phi Phi didn't go, whether to stand up for herself, or to stop being a bad sport about the show. Others, however, are glad she isn't going; on the positive side that Phi Phi isn't letting herself be put in a situation where she knows there'll be a lot of negative energy, and on the negative side fans who really dislike her and are glad they don't have to deal with her excuses and accusations anymore.
  • Cynthia Lee Fontaine returns to the competition in season 9, instantly dividing the fandom. Is it worth it? Should her spot have been given to a more "worthy" queen? Heaven help if you bring up her cancer diagnosis during/after season 8. Some fans have welcomed her return, but are already sick of her constant use of "cucu."
    • Cynthia's relatively early elimination has exacerbated the issue; her detractors claim that her finishing in the same position in both seasons (10th place, although due to more competitors than season 8 she did last two more competitive episodes in season 9) is proof she shouldn't have been brought back in the first place. Her supporters argue that since she was given a bigger spotlight during the season, she was able to show much more than the first time and really establish herself and her brand, and besides, the production team couldn't have known when she'd be eliminated.
  • Trinity Taylor from Season 9 for her arrogance and for being the shadiest queen in the season. Further worsened when she calls Valentina crazy for praying to the Virgin of Guadalupe for help in the workroom, which justifiably enraged the fanbase. As the season progressed, however, fans warmed up to her as a "bitch with a heart;" Valentina in particular notes that Trinity is really evil AND the nicest person.
  • Valentina herself became this in the wake of her elimination. Her fans praised her beauty and flawless outfits, and felt that her one slip-up didn't justify sending her home. Others, however, feel that she spent the entire season coasting by on her looks without providing much else (though she did win the cheerleading challenge), and that her elimination was well-deserved due to her lackluster performance in the tv pilot challenge and her not knowing the words to the lipsynch song (and that's not even getting into her fight with Ru over her mask).
    • Exacerbated by the reunion episode. Following the rampant accusations and the first contested Miss Congeniality win in the show's history, fans argue that she's either a good person who let the competition get to her head or a total fake who just wanted to be famous. Doesn't help that she's gained the nickname "Villaintina" since then.
  • Downplayed in regards to Sasha Velour; while as a queen and a person most people think she was fierce on the show and was a lovely person throughout the season, her winning season 9 via the extremely controversial lip-synch for the crown format has drawn fervent debate about whether or not she deserved the crown, especially in comparison to Shea and Trinity, who had the strongest track records of the season.
  • Bebe Zahara Benet again when she was revealed to be the mystery queen brought back for All Stars 3. Some disagree with the choice because she already won her season and had her time in the spotlight, while others agree with Ru that the show has evolved so much since the little-watched Season 1, Bebe deserves a new chance to shine.
  • Trixie Mattel winning All-Stars 3. Trixie has always been a fan favorite and remains so even after this season, but the question is whether or not Trixie deserved to win, or was her victory dirty? Not only do many fans cite that had Ben not eliminated herself she likely would have swept the title (5 wins at the time of her self-elimination), but that Shangela was robbed due to Ru's sudden change in format, letting the eliminated queens pick the top two (and thus allowing the decisions to be made more on friendships and pity, rather than who played the best game). In the end, its an argument if Trixie really earned her way into the Drag Race Hall of Fame, or if her victory is ultimately a hallow one due to the circumstances and twists of the season.
  • Season 10's Blair St. Clair has become divisive once it was revealed that she participated in the show illegally by ignoring her court order to remain in the state of Indiana due to a DUI. Some fans have shown support for Blair, as she is bringing spotlight to the drag scene of Indiana (the first Drag Race queen from that state), as well as the fact she tried to appeal to the courts and made the tough decision to break the law instead of missing out on a life-changing opportunity. Others, however, are less forgiving as Blair was arrested for a DUI while under nearly twice the legal blood-alcohol level, and that it was her decision to go out on the road and put other lives in danger, and as such she should have to pay the consequences for her actions.
  • The Vixen is quite a divisive topic. There are many vocal fans who find her to be rude, loud, unpolished, and seeming to seek out confrontation just for the sake of drama, always claiming to be "The Bear" and that she's always at 100. Episode 7 in particular turned many members of the audience against her as she claimed to purposely try and invoke White Guilt at her shows to make money, and lambasting Eureka O'Hara on stage for things that honestly most fans agree describe The Vixen perfectly as well (talking over people, making everything about her, a refusal to change her personality even when confronted about it, etc.). Still, there are also plenty of viewers who support The Vixen as a strong black queen and argue she's getting an unfair Villain Edit for the season, not to mention many of the race cards she does play are quite fair in the drag community, black queens tend to get hired as a whole much less often and are usually treated as in the wrong when butting heads with a white queen, regardless of who is actually right. Plus the queens she has the hardest time with are Aquaria and Eureka, both of whom can be difficult in their own right.
    • Happens again in the reunion episode when Vixen leaves the theater after Ru calls her out. Was The Vixen justified because Ru was purposely stirring the pot for a dramatic reunion, or was Ru's analysis spot-on and Vixen childishly stormed out when confronted about her behavior? Also, was Asia correct in that Ru and the other queens should have done more to make The Vixen feel heard and accepted, or was Ru correct that people like The Vixen have to make the effort to want to be helped, and her stomping off the stage was solely on her own head?
  • Eureka O'Hara is also contested for being quite loud and boisterous, needing to always try and chew the scenery and ham things up, not to mention her reliance on playing characters who are either very childish or just playing the fat card for comedy. Still, many fans look past that and argue Eureka is really not only a talented queen, but an incredibly genuine and kind one, and that there is really little to no malice in the things she does. Often, the divide of loving/hating Eureka directly coincides with hating/loving The Vixen, if you sympathize with one you normally automatically vilify the other.
  • Monét X Change and Trinity the Tuck after both shared the victory for All Stars 4. On the one hand, many people feel Trinity truly did the best the entire season and sharing her win was disrespectful for her body of work, and feel the only reason Monét was simultaneously crowned was due to fans crying foul over Ru once again passing over a black queen (after Trixie had an upset win over Shangela), and then having an All Stars wall with only Caucasian queens on it. On the other hand, there are many people who feel Monét not only had the second best record for the season, but clearly won the Finale challenge and cry racism anyway that the producers felt fans couldn't accept Monét as the winner and needed Trinity to win with her to make it more palatable. About the only thing fans can agree on is that a double-win for a season was a cop-out and Ru should have just made the tough decision instead of trying to please everyone by giving Monét and Trinity basically a 100k participation award.
  • Silky Nutmeg Ganache is the single most divisive queen of Season 11; detractors hate her for being loud, rude, unpolished, aggressive and unable to take any criticisms to the point she ignores judges critiques, and for winning challenges they argue she did not deserve. Her defenders see her as being hilarious, glamorous, and bringing a level of honesty to the competition that seems to avoid the newer seasons with everyone acting nice for the cameras, not to mention being a deserving "big girl" for the crown. The same supporters vs. haters also dispute on what edit Silky is getting in Season 11, some saying she's clearly getting the villain edit, while others say she's obviously getting the underdog edit. By episode 11 after a lackluster lipsynch (after boasting the entire season how she wanted to be in the bottom two to prove herself) and sending home fan favorite Nina it seemed to place Silky more into The Scrappy status, but then at the head of the penultimate episode Silky finally accepts Yvie's apology for calling her "talentless" (after several episodes of resentment) winning her back some of her fanbase.
  • Shockingly averted by Yvie Oddly, whose Season 11 victory was accepted by the majority of the fanbase, which hasn't happened since Bianca Del Rio in Season 6. Even fans who preferred other queens were generally okay with Yvie winning.

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