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Several contests can split the fanbase on their likability. A few examples are Season 5's Ben, Season 8's Jillian, and Season 6's Tennille.

  • Season 2's Keith and Virginia. Keith was actually fairly popular for most of the season. But a lot of his fans jumped ship when he Took a Level in Jerkass. You either saw Virginia as cute and endearing or as a weak chef who didn't deserve to go as far as she did.
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  • Robert. A lot of fans like him for his passion, energy, heart, and comic relief. But there are some fans who see him as an arrogant ass. It doesn't help that some of his haters only saw him in Season 6.
  • As the main page mentions, Amanda from Season 6 is a Base-Breaking Character. You either find her ditziness cute or incredibly annoying and obnoxious.
  • For a time, Season 11's Mary became one. Some believed that she had clawed herself out of the scrappy heap and improved leaps and bounds, to the point where she rivaled top contenders like Ja'Nel and Jon, but others could not shake their first impressions of her and saw her overall performance as too weak thanks to her early troubles, and her irritating voice continued to grate on many viewer's nerves even if they did like her. It peaked when it was revealed that she was one of two finalists, pushing fan favorite Jon out of the finale and denying numerous fans the Ja'Nel vs. Jon showdown they had been hoping to see the past few months. While she lost most of her Base Breaker status when she proved in the finale that it hadn't been a fluke and that she actually was capable of running a kitchen, she would have likely stayed in this territory if she had actually beaten Ja'Nel, the other fan favorite.
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  • Both Season 1 finalists, Michael and Ralph, suffer from this, especially Michael. His fans see him as one of the most badass chefs in the shows history, his detractors accuse him of being a Karma Houdini and Manipulative Bastard who had no right to win the season. Ralph also gets this due to being a man with major Small Name, Big Ego problems, albeit an attitude he backed up in spades when in the kitchen. The fact that both sabotaged fan favorite Elsie doesn't help matters.
  • Jason, the runner-up of Season 12, has a mixed reputation in the fanbase. Many fans love him for his fun, Large Ham personality, consistency in the kitchen, and a Badass Beard worthy of a Viking. Other fans don't like his moments of arrogance, and there was his infamous blowup with Sandra (though he did at least apologize). And, similarly to Season 2's Keith and Virginia, there is a lot of debate over whether he or Rochelle should've been in the finale.
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  • Heather from both Season 16 and 18. Most people agree that she is actually a fairly solid chef, typically holding her own in services and doing well in challenges (remarkably getting a 5 on her signature dish in both seasons). However, her detractors dislike her fairly crass attitude and mannerisms, and her moments of being a Hypocrite and Never My Fault, especially in Season 18. Her showmance with Andrew in Season 16 (despite him being engaged) also cost her much popularity with both the audience and other contestants. On the other hand, her supporters point out her moments of being a Reasonable Authority Figure, especially towards Aaron's elimination and Kimberly winning a black jacket over Andrew in Season 16. Her biggest offence typically comes from surviving elimination over other contestants who are much more well-liked and popular (Heidi in Season 16 and Kanae in Season 18).
  • Mia from Season 18 has become this. Some people can agree that she has been the most consistent of the rookies, and for people who find her attractive. Other people find her arrogant to a fault, and fears that she the season is rigged for her to win (though this is ultimately subverted when she faces off and loses against Ariel in the finale).


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