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  • Eddie McGee is technically the first person in the American run to be one of these, from its first season, because he was introduced to us first, and has the tragic aspect of having lost his leg to sarcoma and a single mother, yet behaves with rude and insulting antics toward Jordan and smacks his naked butt on camera mocking her profession.
  • William "Mega" Collins is loved for his joyously energetic personality that makes an otherwise boring season fun and what many consider a real pity when he goes out of the house first and the house loses a lot of flavor as a result, but his culturally insensitive comments and over-the-top behavior lead to some of the US version's earliest and nastiest arguments in its pilot season.
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  • Mike "Boogie" Malin is the American version's original base-breaker. He is one of the most hilarious and competitive contestants, especially when paired alongside Will Kirby, yet an absolutely insufferable little assrag who takes Unsportsmanlike Gloating to new heights. Outside the house, he's a nice guy, however, and said to be quite friendly.
  • During Season 8 of the U.S version, both Jen and Evel Dick were simultaneously loved and hated by the fanbase.
  • Brendon and Rachel are either loved, or seen as Creator's Pets. Let's go into detail about them, shall we? In US Season 12, but less so in US Season 13, Rachel was an Entitled Bastard Drama Queen expecting everyone to kowtow to her, not unlike other people in the house since then, calling people who didn't side with her "floaters", and being a general Wangster. Brendon wasn't AS bad at first, but he showed an ugly side to him when he agreed with everything his future wife said, even when it was Insane Troll Logic, occasionally abused Rachel (especially on The Amazing Race), and was frightening to some people at how he would White Knight and gloss over Rachel's negative traits, rather than admit she was in the wrong. Though Rachel did gain some Woobie points in AR 24 where it looked like they were going to be eliminated and Won back the crowd by helping another team that they were racing for last, she then lost it all when she said she wanted a Brenchel baby by winning the race to some, others appreciated that she at least tried to help another team. And sure enough within the following year, she got her wish.
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  • Nikki from the UK series is either really really annoying, or actually pretty funny.
  • And from Season 13, the double eviction in which two powerful players (Daniele and Jeff) were evicted, Jeff by players he had targeted and accused of being "Floaters" who did nothing to stay in the game claiming that this is the worst season ever. Others were praising the three on their insight to take out the number one target over a jury goat (Rachel) and that Jeff was gone.
    • Season 13 in general was either one of the best seasons ever for being consistently dramatic and entertaining. Or you were disappointed and angered at how the veterans seemed to get every single twist directly or indirectly benefiting from it and shaking your head at the Flanderization of the game into a game about competitions.
  • Season 14. Dan was either one of the smartest players to ever play the game and was robbed by a bitter jury. Or, Dan played too aggressively and burned too many bridges on his way to the end, while simultaneously never succeeding at getting a large threat out of the house (Ian).
    • Season 14 itself, amazing due to how exciting Dan and Ian played the game, or boring due to how the Quack Pack streamrolled the competition, the newbie cast being strategically worse than Season 13, and the riggage towards Frank & Boogie. Danielle and Willie are also two reasons why fans can't find common ground to praise/condemn this season.
  • How about Amanda from Season 15? Just mentioning her name anywhere is bound to start up discussion on whether or not her racist comments were justified.
    • Similarly, Elissa. General consensus is that she's genuinely likable and wasn't surprised when she won America's Favorite Player, but some dislike her for the fact she's an obvious stunt cast, and some feel that casting her because she's Rachel's sister was an insult. Others hate her more for the fact that she was pretty much guaranteed MVP every week until America took over due to Rachel's fans.
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    • Similarly, McCrae. He starts off as a nice guy who everyone likes and then he teams up with Amanda... Let's just say despite not having said any of the racist, homophobic, or misogynistic comments, he's considered by many as guilty by association for hanging around with Aaryn and especially Amanda. Other fans still love him and think he's the most likable of the late-game players.
    • Andy Herron is among one of the most divisive contestants for being the very epitome of a backstabber who lurks in the background and doesn't really put up or shut up, and using his homosexuality as a platform/excuse to bash women. Yet he still managed to blow out the entire household, and, while nasty and a total rat, was far from the worst person in that house that season.
  • Season 15 in general. With the racism, homophobia, misogyny and bullying, in combination with the passive gameplay, it was really disliked by the public. Or it is one of the stronger season in Big Brother, with its memorable moments, tolerable rigging, chilling downfalls, and a complex (albeit unlikable) cast that changes roles events by events (if you want a staggering example, watch how the roles of Elissa or Judd change from start to finish).
  • Season 16. Most people agree that the cast is a breath of fresh air after last season, in addition to better design in challenges and a great opening twist. But it's boring, mainly for unshocking eliminations, a dominant alliance that steamrolled the majority of the season and the Battle of the Block twist, which turned out to severely limit the eliminations of strong threats by giving them the chance to get off the block.
    • Among the contestants, Derrick. Although wildly considered to have the best game in the house, opinions are divided because of it. Is he a genius masterminding things while no one is the wiser? Or has he (and possibly Frankie) ruined the entire season by making the game exceptionally boring and predictable?
  • Vanessa of U.S. 17. Some fans think she's easily the most intelligent player in the game, getting out plenty of potential threats and practically going through every week without even being considered a target. Others think she's boring, wangsty, and a bully who abuses Johnny Mac and Steve.
    • Steve. People either think he's a brilliant strategist, a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing antisocial who hates Johnny Mac and purposefully got him out, a weasel and floater who has been riding Vanessa's coattails without making many big moves like evicting Vanessa, or the nicest of the final three and the last likable player since John was evicted.
    • Season 17 in general. Like Season 14 and 16 before it, it had a dominant alliance that steamrolled the competition, no one was brave enough to go after Austwins or Vanessa and the ones that tried to were quickly eliminated. Also, like BBC2, it had a very good gameplayer voted out at final 3 by a strong male competitor, someone they had underestimated and won in a landslide against a disliked female houseguest. Opinions are divided on whether or not the season was strategic enough and whether the winner deserved it.
  • Season 18's winner Nicole. Nicole, a veteran from Season 16, not only Took a Level in Jerkass but she intentionally targeted the other females in the house. So you have people torn on whether they liked her ruthless gameplay or not, and whether or not she deserved it over Paul, who was playing hard from Day 1.
  • In an ironic twist, you have Paul returning in Season 19, learning from experience that he can't be everyone's friend and is more than willing to take the full villainous route this time around (he even embraces the appearance of a snake just to get Dominique's goat) after treading around as an Anti-Hero. He drops all pretense of nice and begins playing meaner than ever, weaponizing his charisma to get everyone to rally to his corner and deliberately scheming his way to the top with some gambits, and blasting anybody who doesn't roll over for him. And it doesn't help that house is full of Paul lovers who are considered the most Genre Blind house since BB16.
  • Cody and Jessica of that same season. Either they are the most toxic houseguests ever due to being every conceivable form of hateful, be it politically incorrect down to petty, and got what they deserved when Paul rallied the house to give them a taste of their own medicine in force, or the most beloved villainous showmance who was Surrounded by Idiots and dealing with deep-seated personal issues and taking them out on the house.
  • Josh is one of the goofiest and silliest oddball houseguests the house has seen since Johnny Mac and easily one of the funniest with his antics keeping things lively, but his Hair-Trigger Temper leaves a lot to be desired. His adoration for kicking people while they are down and his irrational gameplay is also another issue, because either the recipient of his fury is an Asshole Victim, or Josh is being The Bully- and this almost led to Mark getting expelled for violence when he retaliated after being picked on unfairly one too many times. It helps that he drastically mellowed out once the two people who pissed him off most were kicked out of the house (Cody and Jessica), and that he and Mark patched up things after getting into fights with one another and the houseguests have learned to discipline Josh after growing tired of him picking fights. However, something has managed to make him much more favorable with the BB fan circuit near the end of the game- he is the ONLY person who recognizes the real threat Paul poses to his survival and actually wants to snipe out the big boss. Which he manages to do in a roundabout sorta way.
  • Season 19 has reached this status due to the fan consensus that Paul has poisoned the cast and taken over the show, some ugly conversations being tossed around about people's personal lives and the cast nearly incapable of recognizing Paul as the villain- and some of the cast are genuinely crazy.
  • Dear God, Omarossa Manigault Newman. Widely considered to be a shameless ratings ploy with her inclusion and a notorious Consummate Liar whose comments are always meant to stir shit up, many viewers expected her to steal the show, which she did... only to have it stolen back out from under her by Shannon Elizabeth Fadal and Ross Matthews. Also, Omarossa toned down her behavior since being on The Apprentice, where she got her infamous reputation as a monumental Alpha Bitch. It was additionally sympathetic to learn she had asthma and her standing in the house was equalized with the other players and not given any preferential treatment or free passes like Paul was. Rather, in a satisfying turn of events Omarossa's all-woman alliance shattered and she became the biggest target of the house, but still managed fought her way up fifth place (which is at the last day of the house).
  • The finale of Celebrity Big Brother 1 made some viewers rather confused when Marissa won over Ross, simply because Ross had played the game just like any well-versed superfan would but had all his cocky commentary out in the open because nobody went in sequester but straight home.
  • From Season 20, we have a few people.
    • JC, while he was bullied all his life for being short accidentally said the N word when he was trying to explain to Bayleigh about what the M word or F word meant to him. While many people (including former Black contestants) defended JC in saying he was only trying to get Bayleigh to realize the gravity of the words, others argue he really shouldn't have said the word in the first place. The ice cream scooper incident where he put it near his groin also offended viewers.
    • While Sam was originally The Woobie of 20, having got screwed by the robot twist and was barely saved by a flip, after becoming HoH she started showing an extremely catty side to her outright refusing to talk game with anyone even Tyler, who comforted her and Slut-Shaming Haleigh and Kaitlyn for cuddling up to the guys. While there are still people who consider her one of the nicer houseguests, others find her fake and hypocritical as she rarely talked to any of the ladies. Many of her naysayers consider her Nicole Franzel 2.0 for teaming up with the guys to get rid of the girls. The house itself is growing tired of her presence by the 70-day mark because she's become emotional and strung out with intermittent breakdowns.
    • Bayleigh and Swaggy C. While some found their romance charming and cute especially with their backstories, others found Bayleigh get a catty side when she became HoH similar to Sam but also with her constant usage of the M and F words after JC said they were offensive to him. As for Swaggy some people find him an amusing if a bit self centered person who likes to party with a tragic backstory while others found him easily one of the more grating houseguests and a douche who tried to be a big hammy alliance leader.
    • Tyler as well. While some find him entertaining and a ball of fun charismatic alliance leader who is pulling the strings from behind the scenes, others find him guilty by association for siding with people like Brett, Winston, Rachel and Angela all of whom have said some nasty things to other houseguests and not being with the "good" side of the house.
    • Angela really takes the cake as of the proceedings leading up to the fifth eviction night and her cocky goodbye message to Rachel, trashing an apparent friendship and revealing her true colors as one of the season's meanest players as she steps up to become a menace in the game after laying low prior to the Jury stage commencing. Some applaud her for stepping up and taking the game seriously, but many people are disgusted with her for trashing Rachel and acting like a pure bitch.
    • Rockstar rapidly became a divisive houseguest for expressing intensely liberal views on the live feeds. She frequently expresses strong stances on political and social issues, and also seems to let it influence who she's willing to vote for if she becomes a juror. Her constant breakdowns don't help her image, either, which got tiresome after a while. Her gross hygiene was another major contributor to her infamy.
    • Faysal and Haleigh. Faysal for being extremely stupid, petty, and Yandere over Haleigh, especially having become HoH and taking a third option rather than putting two Level Six members up, he puts one member of Level Six, and the only other person left who would even consider being his ally: Scottie of all people just because Haleigh "can't have male friends". This alone would make him a Scrappy but Haleigh kind of saves him from that (normally) being the brains to his brawn and genuinely hating most of his irrational decisions not unlike Caleb Reynolds. Haleigh herself, is also quite divisive for refusing the love of any guy that tries to flirt with her (she even said she's using Faysal to stay out of the crosshairs) including Tyler, Brett, and Faysal. Plus they have been seen by watchers (especially Faysal) as The Bore. All they do is sit around flirting with each other and complaining at each other, which gets VERY old.
    • Level Six as a group. Are they a well liked group of people who just happen to be against seemingly the worst alliance in BBUS history and wouldn't last if they had gone against a real alliance like The Brigade or The Detonators? A bunch of bullies and Jerk Jocks who deserve every attack by Zingbot they got? Paul and the Minions 2.0 making the season extremely boring because the winner is so obvious? Nice people that just play dirty? Even the polls can't seem to agree on what they are.
    • Season 20 in general. Is it a good season with blindside after blindside and no repeating HoH after the travesty of S19. A boring season where yet another dominant alliance steamrolls the competition? Or is it a combination of the two?
  • The winner of Big Brother Canada 1. Topaz meant to vote for Gary, but because she wasn't paying attention she thought they were voting to evict the final member, not for the person to win. Topaz votes for Jillian, Jillian wins, and everybody - fans and contestants alike- begin debating afterwards who the "real" winner is and what should happen (suggestions ranging from a revote, to simply Jillian handing the money or a portion of it to Gary). Gary, though, is fine with it, citing the previous sentences during the season where rule technicalities played a big part in the game and that the end result was still fair.
  • The winner of Big Brother Canada 4, Nicholas and Philippe Paquette seem to be very divisive if comments on Facebook are any indication. Tim was the favourite to win for sure, but many fans saw Nick and Phil as annoying and cringe-inducing having no real gameplay to speak of (only winning competitions when they had to, even losing the final Ho H which could have cost them the game). Unlike many examples though, while they aren't hated, per se, there is a vocal minority who threatened to stop watching all future seasons of Big Brother if Nick and Phil won, making them this.
  • Big Brother Canada 4 in general. Was it the best Canadian season thus far with the twist of the players from the UK and Australia giving the cast a good needed seasoning, or did Canada pick the two most annoying houseguests in Big Brother history who should have gone home immediately, but only stayed because of their standing with the house? There's also a camp who tolerates Nikki and Tim, but despises the other houseguests saying the season was only the least bit entertaining because of them, and if they weren't there, they would have quit watching weeks ago.
  • Canada 5's winner Kevin. There's no denying he played hard, but is he worthy of being placed next to players like Dan, Tim, and Will, or is he too much of an underdog to really count? Plus you have people saying Ika played a better game because she sided with a newbie and tried to get the other vets out. He's still generally a liked character though.
  • Nikki Graeme of BB UK. You will genuinely either love her or hate her because she is the biggest tantrum thrower ever. Her tantrums will either entertain far more than any contestant you've ever seen going nuts or cause migraines... or both. The UK certainly seemed to love her, as when she got evicted for the first time, she got one of the loudest ovations of the entire series, and this is a region which has no qualms about booing the people they openly despise as houseguests and readily campaigning to evict their scrappies. Even crazier— Nikki isn't putting on an act, she's literally this way in real life! Not convinced? Go watch her reality show, Princess Nikki. Yes, they actually made a show just to invoke more Nikki tantrums.