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  • How people play the game can be a Base Breaker in itself. It's caused a few flame wars on fan sites - expect What Measure Is a Non-Badass? to be pulled frequently into any arguments about any winner deemed undeserving.
  • Certain seasons can be this-
    • Survivor: Borneo is either a fun season that features the start of the show and how it came to be or a boring season with a predictable boot order.
    • Some fans like Survivor: The Australian Outback because of the well-known cast and having one of the most dangerous environments on the show. However, some fans (specifically the newer fans) thought it was another boring season with a lack of strategy and has more focus on the adventure part then the strategy part.
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    • Survivor: Cook Islands either had an enjoyable story line involving the comeback of the Aitu 4 that made it well-liked by fans or a racist tribe division and a lack of Rewatch Bonus knowing the Aitu 4 makes it to the end that made it not so enjoyable by fans. In addition, there was some accusations of the winner that season relying on too many twists to get to the end such as the hidden immunity idol that was played after the votes are read and the bottle twist where two people from the Rarotonga were voted out in tribal council.
    • While a lot of people tend to dislike Survivor: Fiji for the amount of Scrappy Mechanics that season, some fans felt the the Four Horsemen blindside redeem the season and felt like they can't hate the season afterwords.
    • Survivor: Gabon has a cast filled with eccentric characters causing some fans to like that season. On the other hand, people thought it came across one of the least strategic seasons ever with a very questionable winner making it not well-liked by those people.
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    • Survivor: Samoa is either an exciting season with having a post-merge game filled with strategic moves or a season that relies too much on a divisive Spotlight-Stealing Squad and has some extremely idiotic players that made it hard for people to like that season.
    • Survivor: Cagayan is either viewed one of the best seasons due to the well-liked cast and the exciting blindsides on the show or a season that has two divisive Creator's Pets who took too much screentime for fans to really like the season.
    • Survivor: San Juan Del Sur can be disliked for the lack of a savvy cast that season. However, a lot of fans believed that they have a very interesting post-merge gameplay with a much more balanced edit compared to previous seasons and they felt they can't truly dislike that season because of that. Some other fans believe that season was Vindicated by History since the final five of Survivor: Cambodia ended up having all three representatives from San Juan Del Sur in it where one of them went on to win the show with an unanimous vote.
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    • Survivor: Cambodia is very loved for it's stragetic gameplay or hated for it's lack of Character Development with people believing that season was just full of gamebots.
    • Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers and Ghost Island are divisive seasons for very opposite reasons.
      • Prior to the finale, Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers was praised for the cast and how many of them were willing to make big moves and take risks to win the game. However, the Ending Aversion that includes the infamous fire-making twist at the end made fans turned on the season as many fans believe it was extremely unsatisfying. However, the season has been slightly more well-liked thanks to the complaints that Ghost Island had making it more of a Broken Base.
      • On the other hand, Ghost Island has a lot of lackluster gameplay, Out of Focus contestants, and a very dull pagonging that started since Episode 4. The tie at the finale has redeem the season towards some people as they believe the tie is very reason why the season was edited in order to make air time for the very two contestants who were tied at the final tribal council. However, some other fans simply felt it was simply a bad season but with a good ending to it.
  • Whether or not Lex was a hypocrite for not voting for Rob to win All Stars after Rob backstabbed Lex once Lex saved Rob's girlfriend Amber from the vote, since, according to those who argue against Lex, his gameplay was Not So Different from Rob's.
    • The entire conflict between Lex and Rob has been one of the most heavily debated conflicts in Survivor history. Either you side with Lex, who was rightfully pissed that Rob, a close friend, stabbed him in the back after he did a personal favor for him. Or you side with Rob, believing that Lex is a hypocrite, eliminating Ethan in a similar way that Rob eliminated Lex, and that Lex was very bitter.
  • There's a relatively large group of die-hard fans who only love the original seven seasons of the show and lambaste everything that comes afterward. While most of these people are respectful towards those who like the more recent seasons, there's a lot of name-calling that goes on between them and those who like the newer seasons and accuse this group of wearing nostalgia filters.
  • The Hidden Immunity idol is a big one. Either you think it's a fun addition to the game to stir up drama, or it is a Plot Tumor that takes up too much time out of the game and removes the social part of the game. There's also the fact that there are several parts of the episode that are filled up with the cast just looking for idols.
  • Rupert Boneham was one of the first, who either comes around as one of the few people who play the game with integrity and not wanting to anger everyone, or a doof who needs to learn that he can't just drift through the game on people's shoulders. Either way, he won a million dollars for America's Favorite Survivor, so the viewers definitely like him.
  • Yul. Either he is one of the stronger winners or is overrated because of all the twists that helped him get to the end.
  • The Final Three. Jeff Probst and many fans like that format better because with a Final Two, people often intentionally bring someone with them who is The Load or just plain hated, so they can say almost anything to the jury or just play the "lesser of two evils" card and win. With a Final Three, they usually have to at least take a competitor or Worthy Opponent. However, other fans hate it partly because someone bringing The Load to the Final Two is more traditional. Not to mention, it's rare for all the contestants to receive at least one vote in a Final Three. (5 out of 20, in China, Philippines, San Juan del Sur, Worlds Apart, and Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers, though one of those mentioned seasons was a Blood vs. Water season in which both of the runner-ups had loved ones on the jury). So it was really in between two contestants anyway. There's also a chance that with a Final Three there can be a tie, but the Jury is often united enough to give someone a majority.
  • The infamous car deal from Survivor Fiji. While people were angry over the elimination of Yau-Man due to Dreamz's betrayal, there are others who figured that Dreamz breaking his word was justified since Dreamz would have been eliminated had he kept his deal.
  • Russell Hantz, who in Samoa comes across as either a brilliant player (to viewers who favor the strategic side of the game), or a terrible sport who needs to learn that people don't win by only playing his way (to viewers who value the social side of the game). And even some strategic fans see him as a Jerkass Creator's Pet.
  • After Survivor: Redemption Island, Boston Rob became a huge one as the whole entire season was basically tailored made for him to win via Executive Meddling. While people still find him to be an entertaining and strategic player, some people have a hard time liking him after his extremely obvious win that made one of the reasons why many fans consider it to be the worst season ever.
  • From Survivor: One World:
    • Troyzan. People either find him to be a rootable underdog who helped make a Seasonal Rot somewhat more entertaining or a Sore Loser who came across as a Jerkass. And while Troyzan asked a question to Kim at the final tribal council in which she will not get his vote if she answers the question wrong (in which she supposedly did answer it wrong causing Troyzan to vote for Sabrina), some fans believe that Troyzan was never going to vote for Kim in the first place coming across as a bitter juror.
    • Kim is also one. While many people stated that she played a very good game in which it can possibly be the best game ever and she went to become one of the few female top tier winners on a show where sexism can be a bit divisive as noted above, fans may believe that she is a bit boring and helps contribute to her season being a Seasonal Rot.
  • From Survivor: Philippines
    • Lisa is a very huge one. Fans of her tends to be fans of her from The Facts of Life or like her for being one of nicest contestants that season. However, some other people find her to be a bit too nice for the game along with the fact they felt that she was a bit of an unnecessary Spotlight-Stealing Squad. An example of this being where in the Final Nine, her and Skupin were in a position to flip to the other alliance and during that episode, the editors put way more focus on Lisa than Skupin despite Skupin being the one to flip not her.
    • People either find Abi-Maria to be an entertaining villain or an unlikable Jerkass.
  • Brandon's meltdown in episode 5 of Caramoan seems to have split the fanbase between those that considered how the entire event was treated to be the Moral Event Horizon for Probst and the show in general (for casting someone they knew had issues and/or exploiting them for ratings), those that found it entertaining overall, and those that found it uncomfortable but not to the point of ruining the show.
  • Cochran. Either you think he's an lovable dork or a weasel. There's very little middle ground.
  • Brad Culpepper from Blood vs Water in general, and the all-male alliance on Tadhana. Namely, whether it was sexism for the majority of males to align against the women, or Brad was only taking advantage of numbers for strategy purposes.
  • Tony from Cagayan. Either he is seen as a Creator's Pet who ruined the season by stealing the spotlight and winning with Russell Hantz-type strategy, or he is seen as an entertaining Designated Villain who was fun to watch and whose aggressive gameplay gave him a deserved victory.
  • Spencer. Fans are divided into two camps: either he's an extremely skilled player who managed to overcome being on the bottom of the pecking order several times to reach the game's final stages, or he's obnoxiously smug and only had himself to blame for always being on the bottom. This especially flared up in Cambodia, where he ended up in a power position near the end and went back to his old ways at the final 4, and ended up with no votes in the final tribal council.
  • Reed's jury speech at the end of San Juan del Sur. Either it was sexist towards Missy because of her failing to live up to gender roles or well deserved because of Missy's implied horrid treatment of the minority alliance. There's also the fact because of it coming off as contrived and a personal attack.
  • Shirin from Worlds Apart is a major one. Either you find her incredibly annoying, and believe she plays the victim, or you find her to be a sympathetic character who is still struggling with the abuse she went through when she was younger.
  • Joe is this to an extent. While Joe has a decently sized fanbase and Jeff went on to state that he was one of the most popular contestants in Worlds Apart, a lot of fans felt he was a bit overrated and didn't do much to become a "fan favorite". However, he was not as divisive like the other examples in this trope such as Russell, Cochran, and Rupert.
  • Woo's inclusion in the Cambodia cast. He is hated it because he effectively gave up a Million dollars to Tony in Cagayan deemed not deserving of an second chance and he gotten a spot over fan favorite Shane. Others felt that Woo was needed for entertainment purposes and to avoid a season full of gamebots.
  • The opinion of Kelley Wentworth was divided right down the middle in the online fanbase when she was announced to be on the Second Chance ballot. One half was insistent that she showed a lot of potential in San Juan Del Sur and was charmed by her eagerness to get back on the show, while the other side argued that she was an irrelevant pre-merge boot who was not worthy of a spot on an All-Stars season and found her enthusiastic campaigning obnoxious. This rift blew up when she unexpectedly made the cast of Survivor: Cambodia with the side against her becoming vocal against her inclusion claiming that she was undeserving of making the cut and stole Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper's spot on the show. By the premier episode most people had come around and realized that her pre-game promises to play hard were legitimate. By the time the season ended it was agreed upon that her inclusion was worthwhile and she is indeed a very capable player.
  • The winner of Kaoh Rong is probably has the most divided opinion since Russell lost Samoa. Either you think Michele deserved it because she was a very good social player and made friends with everyone, or you think Aubry deserved it because she clawed her way from the bottom and made a lot of big moves.
  • From Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X
    • David Wright has proven very divisive. Some find his fish-out-of-water reaction to the game to be endearing, and enjoy his storyline of growing more comfortable in his surroundings and his growth into a dangerous strategic player. Others find him to be a Spotlight-Stealing Squad who gets a disproportionate amount of screentime compared to the other castaways and who find his neuroses to be annoying, rather than relatable. This seems to have lightened up later on in the season.
    • Zeke Smith. While initially a rather likable castaway who was seen as an underdog and charismatic character, his popularity took a rather nasty plummet in episode ten, where he became condescending, arrogant and rude. He was especially nasty in the second tribal council, when he openly mocked David for his anxiety and tauntingly questioned if he was going to cry. A lot of people online - especially those who face anxiety and neuroticism - grew disgusted with his attitude, and most have jumped ship from the Zeke bandwagon. This has increased even more when it was revealed that he would be cast on Game Changers, over more popular male players from his season like David or Jay.
    • Ken is also proven to be a bit divisive himself. Fans either like for his genuine sweet personality and his friendship with David or dislike him for his old school mentality, his want for respect, and his Idiot Ball moment in Episode 11 where he told Zeke, Sunday, Brett, and Jay that Will told him that they are voting for him. Although, there are also people in the middle who enjoy the complexity of his character, finding his old-school mentality to be nostalgic for older viewers as well as understandable since he's a casual among super-fans.
    • Adam's victory. You have one group of people who think it was a week deserved happy ending to a guy who played hard and had a heart wrenching story. Then you have the people who think Ken deserved it more because of his well adept survival skills, making very tough moves, working very hard to keep himself and his friends in the game, and had an equally heart wrenching story. And then you have another group of people who believe Hannah was robbed because they believe she gave a dominating jury performance. There is very little middle ground on the matter. There are also some people who believed he deserved to win, but he did not deserve to win unanimously, and felt that Ken and Hannah should've gotten some jury votes.
  • Surprisely, Jeff Probst can be a bit divisive as well. Some fans felt that that he is a good host that keeps contestants on their toes while others dislike him for his favoritism towards certain male contestants believing that he is a sexist.
  • The goat episode in Survivor: Game Changers. Some people were horrified at the thought of Nuku killing and eating the goats they caught, mainly due to the fact it was a mother and child, and were outraged by Sandra's apathy towards the animals. Others countered that it was no different from killing and eating chickens, fish or even a pig, and argued the only reason people cared was because the goats were cute.
  • Sandra Diaz-Twine. Either she is somebody who is an awesome game player for winning twice or an "undeserving" winner on Heroes vs. Villains in which Parvati should have won that season. Her status as a Base-Breaking Character only gotten worst after Game Changers due to the goat incident as noted above. There was also the incident where she needlessly insults Tony on his way out of the game. While some fans didn't like her doing that, some fans felt it was justified given how Tony tried to backstab her and became a Sore Loser.
  • Malcolm's boot episode in Game Changers is very polarizing. Either you find his boot episode to have an exciting tribal council or you dislike because of the twist that caused Malcolm to be voted out.
  • Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton is easily one of the most divisive contestants for acting like a total snake during his time on the show, best remembered for a notorious incident in Pearl Islands, where, during the reward where family members got to spend time with their loved ones, he and his brother concocted a whopping lie that their grandma was dead to broker sympathy from everybody, so that they would throw the reward challenge, and then was revealed to not only be alive and well but at home watching The Jerry Springer Show, proving this kind of lowbrow behavior runs in the family. Either it's a wonderful stunt pulled by someone you love to hate, or a shameless act of divine-magnitude Jerkass. Keep in mind this guy has even developed a celebrity following for his rancid nature when he made guest spots on MTV's "I Love the Decades" series in a segment called "Filthy Liar" and has been booed in wrestling rings ("F—k him up, Nigel" rings a bell).
  • Now that Ozzy Lusth has Taken a level in Kindness, he's arguably become this. Some people now like him because he's considerably nicer than in seasons after Cook Islands, others think he was just acting and is really an unpleasant person through and through, and then there are others who think he shouldn't have been voted out so early. His boot speech of "Good luck eating" has not helped and has made quite a few people think of him as a Sore Loser.
  • Despite him being an Ensemble Dark Horse on his first season, Tai has arguably became this on his second season due to him being one of the many questionable casting choices on Game Changers.
  • Ryan Ulrich and Chrissy Hofbeck. On the one hand, they're liked because they're competent strategists, genuinely friendly, and both had a Moment of Awesome before the merge. On the other hand, opinions have soured as the game wore on and revealed their weaknesses: Pride for Chrissy and Chronic Backstabbing Disorder for Ryan. Ryan gets the worst of it as his poor handling of alliances leads him to betray the same person twice in a row and lose the trust of everyone but Chrissy. The result is that, ironically, they are both pretty well liked on their own, but considered insufferable when they're together.
  • Is Joe Mena either an entertaining castaway or a cheap knock-off of Tony Vlachos?
  • The circumstances surrounding Ben's win, especially as they relate to the final four twist and his knack for finding idols when he needed them most, have proven to be very contentious. While some argue that Ben just took advantage of the mechanics of the game (particularly in finding said idols) and couldn't have anticipated the fire-making twist to benefit him at all, just as many have pointed to the relative ease with which Ben found these idols, along with the timing of the twist (after Ben had lost final immunity and had no way to protect himself with idols out of the game), as questionable at best, and as evidence of blatant Executive Meddling on his behalf at worst.
  • Sebastian "Seabass" has a couple of fans for his Cloudcuckoolander tendencies. However, he has a couple of haters thanks to his poor performance in his final tribal council in which he doesn't use his extra vote despite it being his last chance to use it as well as the belief that he was generally not doing anything in the game at all (despite many post-game interviews stating he would have won if he made it to the FTC).
  • Fans are torn about who deserved to win Ghost Island more - the winner Wendell or the close runner-up Domenick. Fans who are for Wendell believe he is proof that social game is still the most important attribute to have in a cut-throat game as Survivor, citing that the last five jurors and Laurel voted for him due to being around him longer and finding him more likable than Dom. Fans who are for Domenick think he was unfairly screwed by a bitter jury who couldn't accept his phenomenal strategic and Godfather-like play, or lay the blame on Laurel for voting for Wendell instead of him, with some even claiming she only voted for him because they're both black. That's all we'll say on that matter. But needless to say, this split debate has very little middle ground.
  • Rick Devens from Edge of Extinction. Due to being such a big character, he tends to get the spotlight more than the remaining castwawys, and this has people split; he's either an entertaining and fun character with a scrappy underdog story that people love, or he's an annoying and unlikable camera hog who's edit is growing very similar to that of Ben's, which has people worrying that he's going to win by less-than-stellar means. Especially as a lot of people are hoping for another female winner.
    • Chris' victory. While it's agreed his risky move was universally agreed to be impressive, a lot of fans are torn on whether he deserved to win due to the fact he only really played 12 days or if he was best choice of the final 3 due to being the only one with a true gameplay


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