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  • Bronze Skin Inc: If passing in Rio de Janeiro, where it is very common for girls to adopt this style, all female characters pass through this trope.
  • Jezebel Starr from EVIL is notable for having an Unlimited Wardrobe that seems to be entirely comprised of midriff-revealing outfits.
  • Princess Pella Brightwing from Twice Blessed shows off her midriff in her forest green two-piece outfit .
  • Both Edison Lighthouse and Eleanor, in Groovy, Kinda, favor ultra-low hiphuggers with at least a bit of tummy showing. The drunker Edison gets, the more she shows. She also has a mysterious navel piercing.
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  • Any's super-heroine costume does this in M9 Girls!. She seems shy to be seen like that the first time she wears the costume.
  • MAG-ISA: Lucia's costume.
  • Topaz from Monsterful does quite a nice job wearing her pajamas on this page, plus two of her friends a Spider-lady and a Mermaid do the same.
  • Fiona from Supernormal Step is fond of midriff-baring t-shirts.
  • In the webcomic version of ''Bravoman'' there's the cyborg ninja Benjamin.
  • The Order of the Stick
    • Celia's original shrine guardian outfit.
    • Haley's original outfit, although her resistance fighter uniform is more concealing, and her new outfit since the desert arc has been... well, more concealing of her stomach, at any rate.
    • Julia Greenhilt, too.
  • Gwynn from Sluggy Freelance bares her midriff and more in an attempt to give Doc Schlock a heart attack.
  • Zeetha of Girl Genius has many outfits with this look. Of the five she's worn for more than a couple of pages, three of them show her midriff. The other two technically belong to other people, which explains why they don't.
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  • The Noordegraaf Files: Has Akila, a Nature spirit. As she comes from a race where wearing clothes is unheard of, it's not that hard to understand. If you lived all your life without any clothes on, and one day people (whose customs you don't understand )made you wear some, how would YOU feel?
  • In Terinu this is Gwen's default condition when she's not wearing her CyberGlider uniform. Though almost every female in the main cast (Joleen excluded) shows their bellybutton at least in the gallery pictures.
  • Comparatively common in fashion in the Drowtales world along with detached sleeves, especially among the Sullisin'rune clan. When both Quain'tana and Ash'waren showed up with bare midriffs in one scene (spoilers!) the fandom nearly imploded from the Les Yay, and a poll was set up to see who had the best belly (Ash'waren won).
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  • Kin from Goblins. It looks like Goblinslayer was forcing her to wear that, because as soon as she practically can she grabs a modest neck-to-waist coat.
  • Jodie from Loserz, all the time. The only time she doesn't is when she's wearing her chicken costume.
  • Angelika from Our Little Adventure, though lately she's donned a chain shirt that doesn't bare the midriff. She doesn't like the new armor much, though. She 'returned to the classic costume design' when they returned to Huckleton. She now wears a Mithril chain shirt that looks like leather and is brown.
  • When she's not wearing a painted-on black dress, Miriam from Out There often favors a tank top or T-shirt that extends down to about mid-ribcage. Her friend Sherry, who usually dresses far more modestly, occasionally rocks the belly button as well. [1]
  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!: Bob's shirt gets torn and he ends up baring his midriff. He reflects that he liked it a lot better when it happened to Natalie Portman.
  • Hel the teacher from Brat-Halla.
  • Sidekicks: Limpid's hero outfit.
  • Despite her tomboyish tendencies, Shelly of Wapsi Square is rarely seen in an outfit that does not bare her midriff.
  • In Rusty and Co., Princess' first outfit, and the Pixie Chicks'.
  • Monique in Sinfest.
  • In Commander Kitty, Zenith's first costume does this.
  • In El Goonish Shive, both Susan and Nanase wore this kind of outfit in early comics. Now only Nanase wears it anymore.
  • Most of the cast of Ménage à 3 (of both sexes) are prone to flashing quite a lot of flesh on screen, midriffs included; for example, lead character Zii makes her very first entrance in a crop top. But the specific style is probably executed with the greatest effect by Senna. Well, she is a lingerie model.
  • Stilez in Far Out There does this unintentionally, after her jumpsuit is sent to the laundry and replaced with clothes intended for a much shorter person.
  • Angel Moxie: Riley's ultimate power costume.
  • During the period in the '00s when it was fashionable for women's shirts to stop at or just above the waistline, most of Questionable Content's female cast reflected this on a regular basis. Nowadays it's only occasional, such as here. Also, after Hannelore went on her quest of self-discovery, she has apparently adopted this look as a default part of her wardrobe.
  • Roomies!, It's Walky!, Joyce and Walky!:
    • Robin DeSanto's default top is a short orange shirt; at one point she lampshades the exposure by telling Joe "Check out these abs!"
    • Sal's preferred look when she's in alien-fighting mode; her casual clothes bounce back and forth on whether they do.
    • Joyce normally wears a SEMME T-shirt, but her hypersexualized duplicate Anti-Joyce cuts away everything on her shirt except the yellow stripe across her breasts. Later on, when the real Joyce has a bit of a breakdown and decides to let herself go, she dresses just like Anti-Joyce.
  • Kat Vance from Phillip M Jackson's peculiar webcomic Sequential Art wears sensible outfits at work, in winter or at social functions, but she likes to bare her midriff while at home with her flatmates, during the warmer months, and while out with friends. Since Kat is an example of Funny Animal, her fine feline physique is one worthy of display.
  • Chrys's shirt in Bugged Run always shows at least some of her stomach.
  • Another Pokémon comic, Sydney's Pokémon Adventure, also has its protagonist constantly bare-midriffed (as well as bare-footed).
  • Sandra on the Rocks is a comic about fashion models, so some midriff-flashing is only to be expected. It is, for example, demonstrated by 40% of the characters present (and correct for a night out clubbing) here.
  • Brigger in Undead Friend always dresses like this.


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