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  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series:
    • Calvin's mother gets this in the end of "Camping Trip Part 2" after eating for quite a while.
    • Hobbes gains one after eating a whole lot of fish in his segment of "Tales of a Tiger".
    • Mother Brainstorm, Big Eater as she is, gains one of these in "Forecast for Disaster" after demolishing an entire buffet.
  • Several Phineas and Ferb fanfics contain these.
    • Candace gets a particularly explosive one in Grilled Cheese Nightmare.
      Candace (groans): This must be what it feels like to be pregnant.
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    • Candace's medieval counterpart, Candavere, along with her friends Stacehilda and Jenavene, gain some nice bulges after a large banquet at the end of Excaliferb: A Further Adventure.
    • In Two Lads in Dangrabah, Candace swallows a submarine sandwich whole, which causes her stomach to bulge out significantly. Because in this story, she is a genie, she uses magic to shift the fat in her gut into other places, but since she doesn't do this immediately, it appears that she doesn't seem to mind being bigger.
    • This is the plot of Queen-Sized Candace, after said character spends a week indulging herself in several desserts, the first meal resulting in Dinner Deformation (which resolves itself after said meal also gives her the hiccups). Later, Stacy and Jenny also get the same treatment.
  • The Invader Zim fanfic Feast of Doom so far has Zim being fattened up to enormousness for an ally planet's Moon Festival. So much so that GIR gets lost in his rolls of fat.
    GIR: I just had the most wonderful adventure...
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  • Sonic the Hedgehog's Rouge the Bat ends up accidentally fattening herself up in Rouge's Weighty Frustrations. She doesn't even notice her weight gain for quite some time, until moments before she decides to go on a heist, where her fat stomach ends up getting her stuck in a small space... twice.
    Rouge: Well, this’ll be a red-letter day for the press, won’t it? 'Former Grand Thief, Rouge the Bat, Caught in the Act, Trapped by Her Own Weight'…
  • Princess Anna ends up bloating herself up in the Frozen fanfiction The Luncheon: To Spoil Anna. Her sister Elsa doesn't seem to mind her rounder stomach, however.
  • This happens to Dawn in the second chapter of the Total Drama fanfiction, Total Drama Prison. She drinks four whole bottles of aged soda as part of a challenge. Not only does her stomach bloat up and start aching, which lasts for the rest of the chapter, but she also gets the hiccups from drinking too much.
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  • The Dragon Ball Z fanfiction Exercise Me focuses on Bulma's weight gain after her pregnancy with Trunks, and how Vegeta reluctantly helps her lose the extra pounds.
  • Another example of a story revolving around this trope is A Pokémon Gaining Adventure. There are quite a few people who gain weight, but the story mostly revolves around Misty.
  • There are quite a few expansion moments in Survivor of the Smash Nintendo: Mastered Edition:
    • Zero Suit Samus becomes inflated in chapter 6 and stays in this state until chapter 9.
    • Zelda gains a bloated belly after stuffing herself at a feast in chapter 13.
    • Once again, Zero Suit Samus is inflated, only to blimp size this time due to a malfunctioning pill in chapter 16.
    • Rosalina is accidentally inflated with water by E.Gadd using FLUDD in chapter 25, before deflating and flying about the room.
    • Zero Suit Samus, once again, stuffs herself in an eating contest to the point of breaking her chair. She had to be lifted by everyone else and placed on multiple Lumas to hold her new weight.
  • Global Inflation has this happen to pretty much all the leads of Axis Powers Hetalia, as a result of massive inflation in all of their economies.
  • In a Sailor Moon fic, Cosmic Warriors, Naru and Usagi notice several customers have this when they arrive at a pancake shop.
  • Happens twice in The Lion King Adventures:
    • Simba is fattened up by King Hapana in Desperate Measures, causing his belly to grow three times its normal size.
    • Haiba eats way too much in Changes, thus creating his obese alter ego: Don Haiba.
  • Actually handled rather tastefully in the (serious) Madoka fic Cibus Esculentus Madoka Magica. In order to serve their purpose as Cibi, girls are magically turned extremely fat upon making their contracts with Kyubey.
  • Cupcakes is a violent My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic shock-fic. Cupcakes Redux is a parody of Cupcakes where Pinkie Pie chains up Rainbow Dash in her basement and force-feeds her cupcakes, pies and other desserts. Rainbow Dash winds up with such a large belly that, when she lays on top of it, she can't touch the floor with any of her hooves.