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  • In "Saving Private Brian", Stewie warns Brian, "You can't run away from the Army. They'll come after you, like Peter went after that hockey coach." After a pause: "What, no clip? Thought we had a clip."
  • In another episode, when Peter launches himself with a catapult. We get a scene of a man in a room, going over a list of all the precious, easily breakable things that are in that room (including a hemophiliac baby). Of course, Peter lands... right outside the window to the room, and proclaims "Those are all nice things!"
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  • A more classic example happens when Peter tries to deviate a parade to his house for Stewie's birthday party. He waits ahead at a fork for the parade to come holding a Detour sign... then he slams it on the parade leader's head, knocks him out, steals his uniform and leads the parade to his house.
  • In "Brothers & Sisters", Mayor West tells Carol he has aides, leading Carol to think West meant the STD. West points to two men that are his aides and then says they have AIDS.
    Robert Loggia: NOT OKAY!
  • There's another episode where Adam West is looking for a sign to warn people about his ferocious dog. You would think he's looking at the "Beware of Dog" sign, but he's actually looking at the "One Way" sign, so that people will know that there's only one way they can go to get away from his dog. Classic Adam West!
  • In "Brian in Love", Brian confesses to Peter that he's in love with Lois. Peter looks at him and says, "Oh my God!" Then he pauses and adds in: "You can talk!"
    • In a Cutaway Gag, Peter thinks back to when he was potty trained. The flashback starts by showing Peter as a kid, but the camera zooms out revealing it was only a picture showing a full-grown Peter running up to Lois saying, "Lois, I did it!"
  • In another Cutaway Gag where a Japanese man in Japan gets a parking ticket and then gets splashed by a car with mud, wondering how his day could get any worse. The man looks up and sees something falling on him from the sky and he utters "Oh... my... God!" The gag is dated on the same year that the United States bombed Japan but instead of a bomb falling on the man, it's just a rabid baboon.
  • In ""Fifteen Minutes of Shame", the Griffins have a reality show set up in their house. Peter speaks to the executive producer and says, "This is what I think of your contract!" As he says this, he holds the contract as if he's going to tear it in half, but he doesn't. He just sets it down and says that he thinks the contract is stupid.
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  • Towards the end of "Prick Up Your Ears", Lois tries to think of a way to get into Chris' school, which she had been banned from, and the school is safely guarded by security. Naturally, Peter has a plan. Cut to a very tall man in an overcoat, who's head clearly looks like Peter's and legs look like Lois', but then the camera cuts back to show Peter and Lois still hiding behind the bush. Peter says that guy in the overcoat is large enough for them to get behind him and sneak in.
  • In "Road to Rupert", Peter places a dollar on the ground underneath an anvil he is hanging by a rope in a tree, he waits to drop it on someone who picks up the dollar, but only seconds later, he falls for his own trick by saying, "Ooh, a dollar!" and going after it only to smash himself.
  • In an earlier episode, there's a Cutaway Gag where Peter cuts a cake but ends up accidentally slicing a woman inside the cake (who was supposed to surprise the guests by jumping out of it). Peter yells, "Ah, crap!" but not because he killed the woman; it was because the cake was coconut flavor.
  • "Killer Queen" has a Running Gag where Brian comes up with many creative ways to get Stewie to see the giant robot on the cover of Queen's News of the World album, which scares him to death. At one point, Stewie walks into his room and sees an unopened Jack-in-the-box. At this point, Stewie thinks he's onto Brian thinking the robot will pop out. He turns the crank anyway, and it turns out to be just a normal clown. Stewie sighs of relief, but turns around only to see the that Brian painted the robot on his wall.
  • When Peter comes across his old bicycle, he remembers how much fun he had with it when he was a kid. Cut to a young Peter having a tea party with his bike.
  • At the end of "Baby Not on Board", when Stewie sees the rest of the family returning home after they accidentally leave him home, he exclaims "Mommy! Daddy! Chris! Dog! Brian! They're home!" Ordinarily he uses "Dog" to refer to Brian, but due to Rule of Funny here he used it to refer to Meg.
  • In "If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin'", before Peter walks into a TV executive office, a woman at the desk says, "You can't go in there." Peter responds, "Oh yeah? Watch me!" and then he hits a brick wall. Turns out that's why the woman said he can't go in there then directed him to the door next to it, which is what he should have used.
  • In "The Peanut Butter Kid", when Lois tells Peter she is returning his metal detector, Peter tells Lois that buying that metal detector was the best thing to ever happen to him, then he looks at Lois with a face of love and says, "Well...the second best." But then it suddenly cuts to A Cutaway Gag with him at an Usher concert he wasn't even supposed to be at where he gets pulled onto the stage by Usher.
  • In "Running Mates", Lois ends up winning the position of school board president by default due to her opponent quitting, but she refuses to rehire a beloved teacher of Peter's from when he went to high school, so then we then see him lifting an ax over her head and saying, "Well, then I'm just going to have to kill you..." then the scene transitions to their front yard as he uses the ax to pound in his own lawn sign, stating " the race for school board president."
  • "Dammit Janet!" has Peter talking at the bar with his friends and griping how Lois wants a job. He then says, "I've got a job for you, baby; Right! Here!" As he points to his penis while saying it and then continues on, explaining, "See? The damn zipper's been broken for a week! I was hoping you could fix it."
    • A later scene has Peter in Australia poking a sleeping crocodile with a stick. The crocodile eventually wakes up, but once it does Peter instead gets attacked by a koala jumping on his face out of nowhere.
  • "Ready, Willing, and Disabled" had Stewie threatening Brian saying that he'll do to him just what he did to John Lennon, which then shows a cutaway of him introducing John to Yoko Ono.
  • "And the Wiener Is..." has Meg (once again) trying to impress the "cool" kids, and she pulls out the answers to a test. When questioned about how she acquired this, she explains that she spent the night with their teacher, only for it to cut to her staying up sitting in his room while holding a stake and a hammer while he sleeps in his own bed with garlic around his neck while also clutching a cross then waking up and thanking her for helping him to "ward off evil" (presumably vampires) for another night.
  • "Brian Does Hollywood" has Peter trying to invoke a Quip to Black when learning that Stewie's successful audition has won him and the family a trip out to Hollywood to appear on Kids Say The Darndest Things and expressing how people always say something clever before a commercial break. He looks at the camera in excitement to say something right before the break, but ends up in silent disappointment.
    • Later on while in L.A., Peter finds himself getting beat up by the LAPD, only for it to be that he and the cops were pretending to assault him for a photo that Lois was taking of the trip. Then it becomes subverted when after he thanks them and as they leave, one comes back and hits his with his club and brings him to his knees for good measure.
  • One episode has a cutaway where Peter reading The Bible to a group of young children and then expressing what a beautiful place Heaven is and that if they've been good, they'll go there after the die, to all of their delight. He then takes a beat, snickers and says "I'm only yanking ya chain; you just rot in the ground!" Cue their horrified faces.
  • "Let's All Go To The Hop" has a scene that cuts to Peter in the principal's office of Meg's school and saying immediately "And that's my plan!", which causes him to say that he was confused as he just came into his office, sat down and said "And that's my plan!" to him. Peter then apologizes which leads to a Gilligan Cut later where he did express his plan, to which the principal says that he didn't like it and pushes him out the door. Then a short time later at home, Peter is bummed out only for the principal to call him up and say that he now, out of the blue, loves his plan and will go through it.note 
    • Later at the high school dance where Meg is now popular due to her association with Peter's alias cool student, as boys are all lining up to dance with her, she goes to Neil, who was the only boy paying attention to her before her overnight popularity, and asks him to hold her purse while she dances with a cool boy.
  • In "Dead Dog Walking", when Jess tells Peter she's having Brian euthanized, Peter reacts with horror and is shown getting his car and driving off, leaving the viewer to assume he's immediately going to save Brian... but first, he stops at a local library to look up the definition for the word "euthanize".
  • In a Cutaway Gag in the episode, “Regarding Carter”, Lois is surfing the web using Safari and says that this was better than Firefox until she notices the Autofill is giving her problems. Peter Than shows up armed with a knife and says, “You shoulda stuck with Firefox.” Then he uses the knife to...kill himself!
  • "Dearly Deported" has a group of shady Mexicans ambushing Peter & the gang with guns. Peter then says that Donald Trump was right...about his daughter being a hot piece of ass.
  • In "Hell Comes to Quahog", Peter shoots a rocket out of a tank. It then cuts to a wife yelling at her husband to get a stump removed from their front yard. Then the rocket blows up the wife, and the husband is happy because the stump can stay.

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