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  • From BIONICLE: Mazeka is "just" a Matoran, but he can kick any ass he wants.
    • To a lesser degree, Jaller and Kongu, who are also Matoran, though they both later became Toa.
    • The Barraki, who aside from some unique abilities granted to them by their mutations in the Pit only had strength, durability, speed, intelligence, and literal armies of sea creatures to go on compared to the Piraka. The fans loved them for being terrifying marine monsters with surprisingly complex personalities who came off as just as, if not even more threatening, than many other villains.
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    • Hydraxon. In fact, he was so badass, the Mask of Life chose to transform the Matoran Dekar into a new version of him.
    • The Matoran Resistance: Six Matoran One of whom is admittedly a Great Being, though no one else knows that, up against six guys who took down the Toa Nuva. They put up a pretty good fight. The Chronicler's Company, seven ordinary Matoran who hold off an army of infected Rahi beasts, also most definitely qualify, as do Sarda, Idris, and Defilak. Really, most if not all Matoran who aren't secondary characters-and even a few who are-qualify to some extent.
    • Tarduk, an Agori who's even less powerful than the above Matoran, and doesn't have any of the cool weapons that many of the others have, is a pretty good example.

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