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  • Mitos y Leyendas takes this up to eleven with the "Heroes" set, which is based off the War of the Pacific. As a result, ship captains are on the same tiers as Top gods
  • In Magic: The Gathering humans tend to be this, especially white mana humans. In the Gothic themed Innistrad block, White Humans decks repeatedly came in second. They were able to band together and overcome Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, Zombies with little more than the power of teamwork and the grace of God.
  • Yu Gi Oh: Following Normal Monsters:
    • Blue-Eyes White Dragon had the highest ATK back then in the earliest days of the card game, and even to this day, it is the strongest Normal Monster in the game. Though it has been outclassed by many monsters in terms of playability because it is/was impractical to use or because high ATK does not really matter anymore, since powerful effects are more favorable options, its 3000 ATK is still dangerous when it comes to beatstick battles and nowayadays, it is a lot of easier to summon it. It is still relevant in Blue-Eyes decks, since many cards can either summon it easily or stronger forms of it require it as Materials.
    • Also at the beginning of the Duel Monsters era, Summoned Skull was one of the most famous examples. Being a Level 6 monster, you only need one monster to tribute for his Tribute Summoning, getting a powerful 2500 ATK beatstick on your board. With only 1200 DEF, he was also easily searchable by the Witch of Black Forest until she was banned. Due to Summoned Skull having 2500 ATK, he was the strongest Normal Monster with only one Tribute, making him equal to Dark Magician in terms of power, and he was more favored in decks than Blue-Eyes, since the dragon required two monsters for her Tribute Summoning. However, Summoned Skull has been beaten by Frostosaurus and Trance the Magic Swordsman many years later, but he has become relevant again, thanks to the Red-Eyes archetype.
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    • Dark Magician has become this after many years. He was initially overshadowed by Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Summoned Skull, due to being a Level 7 monster with 2500 ATK, being weaker than Blue-Eyes who requires the same amount of tribute, and being equally as strong as Summoned Skull who requires one tribute less. But like Blue-Eyes, new support has make him more revelevant to the game, as he become much easier to summon and can be used for different strategies. Additionaly, some of his support cards require Normal Spellcaster-Type Monsters for their effects, so the fact that he is a Normal Monster has its advantages.
    • Like Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician, Red-Eyes Black Dragon has also become a Badass Normal after many years, despite being weaker than both of them while requiring two tributes like them. Similar like the other two, Red-Eyes gained support cards that require Normal Monsters, and some new members of the Red-Eyes archetype are in fact Gemini Monsters (monsters that can either be Normal Monsters or Effect Monsters). However, in contrast to the other two, Red-Eyes Black Dragon is more required as a Material for its more powerful forms, but its potential as a Normal Monster is used quite well.
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    • Gem-Knight Pearl is a Rank 4 Xyz Monster with ATK and DEF equal to Alexandrite, the Gem-Knights' ace, and no effect; indeed, Pearl is the first ever non-effect Xyz card. In the storyline, this is what allowed him to defeat the Vylons - Vylon Disigman is able to take control of effect monsters and use them to destroy others, but since Pearl has no effect, he was immune to Disigma's ability and so was able to simply punch it into oblivion.


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