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  • Bendy and the Ink Machine: Henry activates a cassette player in Chapter 4, and then he hears the voice of Bertrum Piedmont bragging about the attractions he designed for Bendy Land. However, it's not a recording: it's Bertrum himself. Because of a Thoroughly Mistaken Identity, he delivers a "The Reason You Suck" Speech meant for Joey Drew to Henry instead. The whole speech ends with "You may think I've gone... But I'm still here!" The amusement park ride in the room with Henry promptly activates and reveals itself to be what's become of Bertrum Piedmont, and attacks.
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  • Skies of Arcadia: Vyse, every so often.
    "Ha! No one's ever escaped before because I've never tried!"
  • Portal 2
    • Wheatley gets one during his Face–Heel Turn
      Wheatley: And don't think I'm not onto you too, lady. You know what you are? Selfish. I've done nothing but sacrifice to get us here, and what have you sacrificed? Nothin'. Zero. All you've done is boss me around! Well now who's the boss? Who's the boss? It's me.note 
  • DC Universe Online: "All will be one with Brainiac."
    Brainiac: I am Brainiac, and Earth shall be mine.
    Black Adam: What hope have you, if these mighty warriorsnote  could not? (When using lightning attacks) Prepare to suffer.
    Circe: You cannot hold a candle to the flame that is my power.
    Two-Face: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush... and now, Two-Face rules! This! Roost!
    Cheetah: I've slashed Wonder Woman with these claws.
    Lex Luthor: Oh, look! The Cavalry has arrived. This will be quick.
    Poison Ivy: I'm like a weed. I will rise and bloom once again.
    Etrigan: You fear Brainiac? I am worse!
    Prime Assassin: Brainiac's assimilation of the Fortress is almost complete. Resistance is futile. The sunstone crystals is our might. Attack if you dare.
    Doctor Psycho: (summons illusions of Power Girl, Supergirl and Wonder Woman to attack) One day, all these heroes will be my slaves. Today, their mere image will be your death.
    Scarecrow: Fear is the only cure. Fear is the only truth! [...] Arkham is mine now!
    • Gorilla Grodd hands these out like candies on Halloween.
    I will tear you apart! I am rage taken form!
    Behold, the soul of savagery - Gorilla Grodd!
    You cannot fathom the power of primal rage. Kneel before Grodd!
    I shall never be caged again. NEVER!
    Grodd will reclaim what is rightfully his - and the world will feel his wrath!
  • RuneScape:
    Lucien: Do you know who you address? I am Lord Lucien of the Mahjarrat, Master of the Thousand Curses, look upon my works and despair!
    Wise Old Man: Vini; volui; mihi est (I came; I wanted; it's mine).
    It takes more than death to kill me.
    I am War! I am Power! I am Bandos, the rightful god of all goblins, and through this puppet commander, I shall become god of all RuneScape!
    I'll pop your limbs from their sockets!
    I'll strip the flesh from your bones!
    I'll devour your SOUL!
  • Black Frost from Shin Megami Tensei: "I'm Black Frost, ho! Don't underestimate me, hee-ho!"
  • From Bloodborne, just five words: "Tonight, Gehrman joins the hunt."
  • Digital Devil Saga:
    "Dying Message": "Death's vastness holds no peace. I come at the end of a long road—neither human nor devil... All bends to my will."
  • Dragon Age: Origins:
    Oghren: This is it, Warden. "When from the blood of battle the Stone has fed, let the heroes prevail and the blighters lie dead." As one of the blighters, I sodding salute you. Let us show them our hearts, and then show them THEIRS.
  • Done hilariously in the original Fallout in an otherwise serious situation.
    Set: I am Set. Why do you tread my shadow?
    Vault Dweller: I am the bringer of death. Fall to your knees and beg for mercy... Or give me a sandwich; I'm pretty hungry.
    • In Fallout 3 Fawkes doesn't really have great lines for boasts, but his voice actor's delivery of lines like "YOU!!! LOSE!!!", "I WIN AGGAAAAIN!!!!" and just his regular guttural screams qualify.
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    • In Fallout: New Vegas, the Courier may deliver these if you take the Terrifying Presence perk. For instance: upon your first visit to Nipton, Vulpes Inculta, dog-head-wearing captain of Caesar's brutal Frumentarii who just slaughtered the entire town, will try to muscle his way into making you take a quest where you spread word of the Legion's atrocities. Your response, right to his face?
      The Courier: I'll wear your head like you wear that dog's.
      Vulpes: Legionnaries?! We have a problem!
      • Even better is the one against the Brotherhood Paladins who murdered an outpost of Followers doctors.
        The Courier: I'll cast down your Codex and bask in the dying agony of those who hold it dear.
    • Another one, when encountering a group of Legionaries:
      Legionary: Do you ever give up?
      Courier: Not while there are still spines unshattered!
    • The motto of the NCR First Recon, a unit made up entirely of highly skilled snipers: "The last thing you never see".
      Boone: Pretty accurate. And so were we.
    • One from Fallout 3, by the Player Character:
      • Or the more memorable one to Colonel Autumn during the interrogation. The best part is how simple it is and you can just hear him saying it very calmly.
        Lone Wanderer: Fuck you! I'm not telling you anything.
        Col. Autumn: Now, now. Let's discuss this reasonably.
        Lone Wanderer: No, seriously. Fuck you.
    • Joshua Graham has two notable ones. The first is if you point a gun at him:
      "Make your first shot count, you won't get a second."
    • The second is if you threaten Daniel:
    • Joshua Graham may also well be the only person whose weapon has a boast on it. His gun, A Light Shining In Darkness, is etched with John 1:5, in Greek; the verse reads "And the light shineth in the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not." The subtleties in translation means that the context of the term "comprehend" can be read as either Evil Cannot Comprehend Good or that darkness cannot overcome light.
      • The Ranger Sequoia carries a simple phrase on its barrel: "Against All Tyrants".
    • Speaking of Memetic Badasses, Legate Lanius has a nice boast for you before the Final Battle begins.
      We shall see how brave you are when nailed to the walls of Hoover Dam, your body facing west so you may watch your world die.
    • General Oliver tries to make a few if the Courier screws him over with the help of the Securitrons. Unlike the others however, he can't really back it up by himself.
      "I would sooner spit on my dead mother's grave than let some courier walk-the-wasteland fuck talk to me like that. Who the hell do you think you are? Looking to cash your check in NCR bullets, eh? I can oblige."
    • On occasion, with the right reputation, you can simply use your introduction as one.
      Courier: They call me "The Courier".
    • In the finale of Lonesome Road, if you manage to talk Ulysses down, he'll state that at this point he can't stop the nukes and the Marked Men will be coming soon. However, he'll also offer you to join him in a Last Stand.
      "If we cannot prevent what happens, then let us make our stand here. Two Couriers, together, at the Divide."
    • The unique weapon This Machine, like A Light Shining In Darkness, has a badass boast carved onto it in the form of a comeback to the phrase that real-life musician Woody Guthrie carved onto his guitar: "This machine kills fascists". The phrase carved onto the gun in response? "WELL THIS MACHINE KILLS COMMIES!"
      • The player character in Fallout 4 levels a particularly nasty one on Kellogg during the main story.
      In a hundred years, when I finally die, I only hope I go to Hell so I can kill you all over again, you piece of shit.
  • From a trailer for EVE Online: "For man is the Destroyer of Things, and the vicious master of his savage domain. We have our own place in the universe. And it is a dark, cruel role we play. We are the revolutionaries. We are the usurpers to the heavenly thrones. We are the enemies of the Gods."
    • "The cycle of life and death was supposed to end with us. We would've been the start of a new age. A destiny of light, an Empyrean Age. Yet these tombs call out to us... of all the heroes and villains vanquished within, cry out at once, begging for justice. We will fight for what we believe in, we will take a side, and our wrath will be furious."
    • Upon arriving in a system where two sizable factions are already duking it out, the commander of a third party gives his order: "Burn them all. This system belongs to us." Cue two Titan doomsday weapons firing into the battle.
  • In Fable the player can perform various boasts before beginning a mission. Each boast adds additional conditions to the quest, such as completing it without any armour or without allowing any friendlies to die, and increases the payout for the mission proportionally.
  • From Suikoden II, Luca Blight's Famous Last Words: "Remember! It took hundreds to kill me, but I killed humans by the thousands! Look at me! I am sublime! I am the true face of evil!"
  • Gig from Soul Nomad & the World Eaters introduces himself to the main character thus shortly before trying to possess them: "...Me? Oh, just the most hard-core ass-kicker to ever walk the planet, is all. The destroyer of everything! The commander of the World Eaters! But hell, you can just call me Gig."
    • And of course there's his LEGENDARY lines right before the battle that ends with him sealed in the black sword: "Come on, you little shits! Are none of you man enough to stand up to me?! Then put your heads between your legs while I cut you down one by one! Ah, finally someone steps up! You numbnuts better not waste my time!"
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • In Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic himself gets in a particularly awesome one near the end of both the Hero and Dark Stories:
    Shadow: "So there's more to you than just looking like me. What are you, anyway?"
    Sonic: "What you see is what you get, just a guy that loves adventure. I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!"
    Percival: "I am Sir Percival, Knight of the Round Table, servant of King Arthur. State your name and your master, sir."
    Sonic: "I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog! I have no master except the wind that blows free!"
    • There is also the fact that nobody so far has contested Shadow's claim to being the ultimate life form. He introduces himself as such at least once in every game he appears in, including the game where he had amnesia for the entirety of it and didn't know who he was.
    • Sonic spouts one in Sonic Colors when Eggman issues a public service announcement on Planet Wisp.
    Eggman: All of the planets found in Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park are, as far as you know, wholly owned by Eggman Enterprises and its subsidiaries. All unauthorized photography, video reproduction, and shutting down of generators is strictly prohibited. Thank you.
    Sonic: Eggman! I am going to save this planet, and I am going to free these aliens! No copyright law in the universe is going to stop me! We can save ourselves a lot of time and broken robots if you just quit now!
  • Sega Heroes has a memetic scene in which Death Adder trades boasts with Cream the Rabbit, with Cream even getting the last word:
    Death Adder: Cease your staring, creature. Do not look at me.
    Cream: I'm not afraid of you.
    Death Adder: You should be.
    Cream: And yet, here we are.
  • Listen to the sound of your own extinction... The mad AI CABAL, of Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun.
    • "Rule of the thumb, Hassan: You can't kill the Messiah!" (oft-repeated in many forms)
    CABAL: A division of Hassan's Elite Guard is closing on our position. The probability of a favorable outcome can be increased if we can return to your main base and engage the enemy as we move.
    Anton Slavik: Define "favorable outcome", CABAL.
    CABAL: They all die.
    Slavik: That'll do.
    • "The future? Comrade Chairman, I am the future!"
    • Quite a few units have these as well.
      • "Unrivaled." -Mammoth Tank
      • "It is day of Judgement!" -Apocalypse Tank
      • "I am big!" -Overlord Tank
      • "Pride of the Allied Fleet.." -Aircraft Carrier
      • "The Seas Tremble Beneath us!" -Dreadnought
      • "The Day of the Shogun has Arrived" -Shogun Battleship
      • "Size Matters" -Mammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle
      • "That won't take long" -Juggernaut
      • "The Black hand is in control." -Black Hand
      • "Pulverize Them!" -Titan Mk.II
      • And most every other unit in the game.
  • Team Fortress 2. Good God, Team Fortress 2. Each character has an absolute plethora of badass taunts to deliver, and gives you the option to throw said taunts while playing.
    • Demoman
      "'What makes me a good Demoman?'...If I were a bad Demoman, I wouldn't be sittin' here, DISCUSSING it with you now, would I!?"
      "So! T'all ya fine dandies, so proud, so cocksure, prancin' aboot with yer heads full of eyeballs...come and get me, I say! I'll be waiting for ye with a whiff of the ol' brimstone! I'M A GRIM BLOODY FABLE, WITH AN UNHAPPY BLOODY END!"'
    • Scout
      "Grass grows, birds fly, the sun shines, and brother, I hurt people. I'm a force of nature. If you was from where I was from, you'd be f*bleep*kin' dead!"
    • Engineer
      "Like this tripod mounted heavy-caliber little number here. Designed by me, built by me... and you'd best hope, not pointed at you."
    • Heavy
      "I am Heavy Weapons Guy, and this... is my weapon. She weighs 150 kilograms and fires $200 custom-tooled cartridges at 10,000 rounds per minute. It costs four hundred thousand dollars to fire this weapon...for twelve seconds."
      "Some people think they can outsmart me. Maybe...maybe. I have yet to meet one that can outsmart bullet boolit."
      "CRY SOME MORE!"
      "Vhat was that, Sandvich? Kill zem all? GOOD IDEA!"
      "I have plan for you - more pain..."
    • Medic
      "I am the Ubermensch!"
      "I am prepared to do whatever it takes"
      "I healed the man who will kill you!"
      • Since the release of the Meet the Medic trailer we now have:
      Medic: When the patient voke up his skeleton vas missing, and ze doctor vas never seen again!
      Heavy: HA HA HA HA!
      Medic: Anyvay, zats how I lost my medical license.
      • And another:
      Heavy: What happens now?
      Medic: Now? Let's go practice medicine.
      • A good one from the comics, going for both medical skill and badassery:
      Medic: "Please. I am a doctor. You will not die on my table. I'll just kill you here."
    • Sniper
      "Professionals have standards: be polite, be efficient, have a plan to kill everyone you meet."
    • Spy
      "If you managed to kill them, I can assure you they were not like me."
      "Right behind you."
      "No coffin can contain me."
    • Soldier
      "If God had wanted you to live, he would not have created me!"
      "You cannot burn me, I'm already on fire!"
    • The Spy even gets one from somebody else who fears him.
      BLU Scout: Big deal. I've killed plenty of spies. They're dime a dozen back stabbing scumbags. Like you! *hits self with knife* Ow! No offense...
      BLU Spy: If you managed to kill them I assure you they were not like me. And nothing! Nothing like the man loose inside this building!
      BLU Scout: What're you, president of his fan club?
      BLU Spy: No. That would be YOUR MOTHER! *produces pictures of the Spy and the Scout's mother... fraternizing*
      BLU Scout: What the... howdidhe... ugh...
      BLU Spy: Indeed. And now he's here to f**k us! So listen up, boy! Or pornography starring your mother will be the second worst thing that happens to you today. ...The spy has already breached our defenses. You've seen what he's done to our colleagues! And worst of all... He could be any one of us. He could be in this very room! He could be you! He could be me! He could even b-
    • Hell, every class gets this, with the exception of Pyro (who attempts it, but is mute due to his mask). That's okay though, the Spy has him covered.
      RED Spy: One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that mask. What dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty.
      • The Heavy has an even better one:
      "I fear no man. But that... thing... It scares me."
  • Manfred von Karma in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney uses his perfect record, his claims to perfection, and tons of dread to intimidate his opponents. In Trials and Tribulations, Godot claims to have never been defeated as a prosecutor, using this to intimidate Phoenix; subverted when it shortly after is revealed it's because he's never had a case before. As a prosecutor.
  • From Warcraft, "I am Gul'dan. I am darkness incarnate. I will not be denied."
    • From Warcraft III:
      Mannoroth: Stupid, pitiful creature. I am the rage in your heart. I am the fury in your thoughts. I alone empowered you to bring chaos to this world, and by the endless void you shall!
    • Naturally, Arthas gets one of his own:
      Arthas: So come then, you heroes! Come in all your power and glory! For in the final hour, all must serve the one... true... king."
      • "Let them come! Frostmourne hungers!"
      • "When my work is complete, you will beg for mercy... and I will deny you. Your anguished cries will be testament to my unbridled power."
      • "Illidan has mocked the Scourge long enough. It's time we put the fear of death back in him."
    • Yogg-Saron from World of Warcraft gets one.
      Yogg-Saron/Sara: I am the lucid dream... the monster in your nightmares... the fiend of a thousand faces! Cower before my true form! BOW DOWN BEFORE THE GOD OF DEATH!
      Yogg-Saron: He will learn... no king rules forever; only DEATH is eternal!
    • Another one from Ulduar:
      Algalon: Your actions are illogical. All possible results for this encounter have been calculated. The Pantheon will receive the Observer's message regardless of outcome.
    • Deathwing gets one in Beyond The Dark Portal (the book).
      Puny mortals! I have had many names throughout history, all of them spoken with dread: Neltharion, Xaxas, and many more. Yet you shall know me best as Deathwing, for so I am! I am the bane of all life, the darkness within history, the lord of death, the master of destruction. And I tell you now, and so it is true, that this world is mine!
      • Deathwing likes doing this. Here's one from when you fight him in the Dragon Soul raid:
        I am Deathwing, The Destroyer, the end of all things. Inevitable, indomitable. I. AM. THE CATACLYSM!
    • Not to mention Saurfang's pre-battle speech atop Icecrown Citadel: "Things are about to get much worse!"
    • Zul'jin:
      "Da Amani never give up. We never forget. We never die. Dis, is our land. You wanna stay? You stay here forever. We gonna bury you here."
    • This one goes back to vanilla wow; from when High Overlord Saurfang was just a quest giver; this is what he'd say whenever you initiated conversation with him.
    Saurfang: I am he who watches they. I am the fist of retribution. That which does quell the recalcitrant. Do you dare defy the Warchief? Do you dare face my merciless judgement?
    • Vol'jin to Garrosh:
    I know exactly what i'll be doin' about it, Son of Hellscream. I'll watch and wait as ya people slowly become aware of ya ineptitude. I'll laugh as dey grow to despise ya, as I do. And when that times comes, when ya failure is complete and ya power is meaningless, I will be there ta end your rule. Swiftly, and silently. You will spend ya reign glancin' over ya shoulder, and fearin' da shadows. For when the time comes, and ya blood be slowly drainin' out, you will know exactly who fired da arrow that pierced ya black heart.
    • Baine Bloodhoof gives one on behalf of his father Cairne.
    Orno Grimtotem: You will die in shame like your pathetic father!
    Baine: It took a coward's poison and the fury of Hellscream to bring my father down. WHAT CHANCE HAVE YOU?!
    • Ultraxion from the Dragon Soul raid:
    Ultraxion: I am the beginning of the end...the shadow which blots out the sun...the bell which tolls your doom... For this moment ALONE was I made. Look upon your death, mortals, and despair!
    • The Darkspear Tribe gives a couple during Garrosh's occupation of the Darkspear Isles.
    Darkspear Troll: "You want our land? We'll bury you here."
    • The demon lord Archimonde, at the moment he is summoned to Azeroth in Warcraft III:
    Archimonde: "Tremble mortals, and despair! DOOM has come to this world!"
    • Lei Shen gets a lovely one when attacked.
    Lei Shen: "I am Lei Shen, slayer of kings and gods. You have made a grave mistake."
    • Grommash Hellscream in the introduction cinematic for Warlords of Draenor.
    "We will never be slaves! But we will be conquerers.
    • Ga'nar of the Frostwolves gets one at the Horde ending of Tanaan Jungle.
    "We Frostwolves will be waiting for you, Hellscream! You! Your ogres! Your whole Iron Horde! You're as good as dead!!
    • Darion Mograine has a surprisingly understated one.
    "We are eternal. We are unyielding.
    "How dare you poke the Archlich of Naxxramas, Lich Lord of the Plaguelands, Commander of the Dread Necropolis, Master, and Founder of the Cult of the Damned- formally of the council of six- Summoner of Archimonde the Defiler, the betrayer of humanity, Hearthstone enthusiast, and majordomo to the Lich King himself, KEL'THU-FREAKING-ZAD!!! Oh wait! I forgot creator of the abomination! Can we take it again from the top? ... What do you mean no?"
  • In League of Legends, every champion has a /taunt, some more than just one. Also, when you pick a champion in the champion select, they tend to say something boastful.
  • Viewtiful Joe's Hulk Davidson introduces himself: "You know who I am? You know who I am? I'm the one that put that scar on Captain Blue's face! You'll be lucky to get out with your life!"
    • In Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble, most characters have a 'death quote' said when they run out of health and are forced to respawn. Dark Hero Jet Black's quote: "Not even DEATH can stop me."
  • The "Jersey" accented Male voice in Wizardry 8 would sometimes comment on himself, "I never boast, but uh... DAMN I'M GOOD!"
  • Halo is practically a parade of badass boasts.
    • Arbiter Thel 'Vadam(ee) in Halo 2 has a very simple one:
    Half-Jaw: You are the Arbiter, the will of the prophets. But these are my Elites. Their lives matter to me. Yours does not.
    The Arbiter: That makes two of us.
    Half-Jaw: Mmff.
    Elite: "Brute ships, staggered line! Ship Master! They outnumber us three to one!"
    Half-Jaw: "Then it is an even fight."
    • Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee (not to be confused with Thel 'Vadam) in Halo Wars:
    Arbiter: "My face will be the last thing your pathetic eyes ever see."
    • Also in Halo Wars:
    Forge: And for the record... I would have kicked your ass the first time if the lady hadn't stopped me.
    • The Master Chief to Cortana in Halo 3. On board a giant ship literally wall-to-wall with Flood. Chief is a cunning tactician:
    John-117: Thought I'd try shooting my way out... mix things up a little.
    • From the beginning, Sergeant Major Avery J. Johnson had everybody else beat. In the original Halo: Combat Evolved's opening cinematic, what Johnson says depends on the difficulty. On Legendary:
    Johnson: Well, I don't care if it's God's own personal anti-son-of-a-bitch machine, or a giant hula hoop, we're not gonna let 'em have it! What we will let 'em have is a belly full of lead, and a pool of their own blood to drown in! Am I right, Marines?!
    Marines: Sir yes sir!!
    Johnson: Damn right I am!
    • On Normal:
    Johnson: Once again, it is our job to finish what the flyboys started. We are leaving this ship's platoon, and engaging the Covenant on solid ground. When we meet the enemy, you will rip their skulls from their spines, and toss 'em away, laughin'! Am I right, Marines?
    • Or when he's making fun of the Prophet of Regret in Halo 2:
    Johnson: Dear Humanity, we Regret being alien bastards! We Regret coming to Earth! And we most definitely Regret that the Corps just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet!
    Pilots: Oorah!
    • Hell, Johnson is full of these, for every difficulty. One reason to play games through on different difficulties is just to hear what Johnson says next.
    Johnson: (to panicking marine in 2) When I joined the Corps, we didn't have any fancy-shmancy tanks. We had sticks! Two sticks, and a rock for the whole platoon — and we had to share the rock! Buck up, boy, you're one very lucky Marine!
    • Even in the novels Johnson continues to give some awesome boasts.
    Johnson: (in First Strike after he didn't get infected by the Flood) Hell, Chief, it'll take more than that pack of walking alien horror-show freaks to take out Sergeant A.J. Johnson.
    • Then again, there's the Gravemind's line from Halo 3:
    Gravemind: I have defeated fleets of thousands! Consumed a galaxy of FLESH and MIND and BONE!
    • The Gravemind introduced itself with one of these. It's become one of the most famous lines of the franchise:
    Gravemind: I? I am a monument to all your sins.
    • One Spartan has one in Halo Wars:
    Spartan: War Is Hell and I'm the Devil.
    Grunt: There are ten million of us and there are a dozen of you, how do you like those odds?!
    Commander Palmer: The Covies....they believe this is the home of one of their gods. The way I see it, if those freaks wanna meet God, it's our duty to help. Them. Along. *Cue the Infinity jumping out of slipspace and ramming through a Covenant cruiser.*
    • And, of course, Chief manages a subtle one himself in 2. No bragging, no taunting, no posturing, just raw confidence and a simple answer to a simple question;
    Cortana: Just one question... what if you miss?
    Chief: I won't.
  • Sovereign gets an amazing one in Mass Effect:
    Rudimentary creatures of blood and flesh. You touch my mind, fumbling in ignorance, incapable of understanding. There is a realm of existence so far beyond your own you cannot even imagine it. I am beyond your comprehension. I am Sovereign. Organic life is nothing but a genetic mutation, an accident. Your lives are measured in years and decades. You wither, and die. We are eternal. The pinnacle of evolution and existence. Before us, you are nothing. Your extinction is inevitable. We are the end of everything. Your civilization is based on the technology of the mass relays, our technology. By using it, your society develops along the paths we desire. We impose order on the chaos of organic evolution. You exist because we allow it, and you will end because we demand it. We have no beginning. We have no end. We are infinite. Millions of years after your civilization has been eradicated and forgotten, we will endure. We are legion. The time of our return is coming. Our numbers will darken the sky of every world. You cannot escape your doom. Your words are as empty as your future. I am the vanguard of your destruction. This exchange is over.
    • The exchange between Wrex and the Citadel Security officer as they're standing in C-Sec headquarters.
      C-Sec: Witnesses heard you making threats in Fist's bar. I'm warning you, stay away from him.
      Wrex: You should warn Fist. I will kill him.
      C-Sec: Do you want me to arrest you?!
      Wrex: I want you to try.
    • From Mass Effect 2: "We do not experience fear, but we understand how it affects you." — Legion
      • Legion gets a line that was cut in his trailer to sound like a Badass Boast, ("You organics do not choose to fear us. It is a function of your hardware.") but in the context of the scene is actually very sad.
    • "Human, you have changed nothing. Your species has the attention of those infinitely your greater. That which you know as Reapers are your salvation through destruction."
    • Really, almost all of Harbinger's taunts are Badass Boasts of some kind. Examples:
      • "The forces of the universe bend to me."
      • "We are the beginning, you are the end."
      • "You are ignorant, we are knowing."
    • "Nothing can hurt me!!" — Grunt
    • "I am pure krogan. You should be in awe!"
    • "I! AM! KROGAN!!!"
    • "I'll relinquish one bullet; where do you want it?"
    • "Killing is an art, and I... am a master." — Thane
    • From Renegade Shepard, during Thane's Loyalty mission:
      Shepard: If I chose to, I could kill every person in this room and walk out unscathed
      Lawyer: You're insane!
      Shepard: Our suits have kinetic barriers. Your legal briefs don't. And I'm in a hurry
      Thane: The law is only a protection if everyone agrees to be bound by it. We don't.
    • Another one from Renegade Shepard:
      Garrus: The collectors already killed you once, and all it did was piss you off. I can't imagine they'll stop you this time
      Shepard:(about to launch attack on collector base) The collectors are about to find out what happens when you piss me off!
    • Kal'Reegar has a particularly good one on Haestrom:
    The geth might get me, but I'm not going to die from an infection in the middle of battle. That's just insulting!
    Shepard: Tell your friends we're coming for them!
    • And after killing said Reaper.
    Shepard: Never mind, I'll tell them myself.
    • Grunt's Last Stand against the Rachni husks though if loyal, he will survive.
    Grunt: Hehe... MY TURN!
    • One rather epic in the Leviathan DLC is given by one of the Leviathans after Shepard convinces them to help fight against the Reapers.
    "The Reapers who trespass on this world will know our power. They will become our slaves. Today, they pay their tribute in blood."
    • Shepard again, from the Citadel DLC: "Try harder. The last guy who trash-talked me was a few kilometers taller than you!"
    • One of Shepard's best can come from a Paragon option when talking to one of the main villains of the Citadel DLC, where s/he is asking said villain to cooperate.
    Shepard: Don't let us meet like this again.
    Maya Brooks: What's this? Is this the great Commander Shepard pleading for his/her life?
    Shepard: [in a menacing tone] I'm pleading for yours.
    • A oft-missed one from the Leviathan DLC, when Cortez is complaining about having to insert Shepard's squad into a LZ swarming with Reaper forces, and James tells him that it couldn't have been that bad.
    Cortez: Mr. Vega, taking on a sky full of worm-necks in a troop transport is like sending you against the Earth invasion armed with brass knuckles.
    James: What? You don't think I could do it?
    • Also, a Renegade interrupt of soldiers being soldiers:
    Marine: (salutes) Who's like us?!
    Shepard: (salutes back) Damn few! And they're all dead!
  • From Metal Gear:
    • "In the middle east, we don't hunt foxes, we hunt jackals! and instead of foxhounds we use royal harriers! just how strong is that exoskeleton of yours? Snake, are you just going to sit by and watch him die?" "A cornered fox... is more dangerous than a Jackal!"
    • Also:
      Old Snake: (after injecting Vamp with the nanomachine inhibitor) Now you're just a mere mortal like the rest of us.
      Vamp: Impressive...but can you kill this "mere mortal"?
      • and this one:
      Raiden: I am lightning, the rain transformed.
    • And this one:
      Naked Snake: And you're forgetting one more very basic thing. You don't have what it takes to kill me.
      • And as it turns out, he really doesn't. Ocelot forgot how many bullets his pistol held, and had fired all of them off without remembering to reload.
    • Raiden shoots some more off in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
      • Then, before the final battle:
      Raiden: I said my sword was a tool of justice... Not used in anger. Not used for vengeance. But now... Now I'm not so sure. And besides... this isn't my sword.
      • Of course, his opponent for the final battle has quite a few of his own, though those just get hilarious.
      Played college ball, you know? [...] University of Texas! Could've gone pro if I hadn't joined then Navy. I'm not one of those Beltway pansies, I could break the president in two! With my bare hands!
  • "I am matter... I am antimatter... I can see your past... I can see your future... I consume time... and I will consume you!" — Culex, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Atma Weapon in the ROM hack Final Fantasy VI Brave New World also says this.
    • Bowser absolutely revels in going into these. His ego really shines at the end of Bowser's Inside Story, where he faces off with the Dark Star, a near omnipotent dark power that has copied Bowser's body, gene by gene, creating Dark Bowser.
      Dark Bowser: Soon, this kingdom will vanish along with all who dwell within. And you too will sleep eternally in the dark powers' embrace!
      Bowser: GWAHAHA! Great dark hurricane! Seriously, perfect backdrop for an awesome final battle! You really sweat the details! ...Listen up! You're saying the kingdom will vanish? NOT TODAY! THIS KINGDOM IS ALL MINE! SO YOU VANISH!
  • "[My] name is Sanger. Sanger Zonvolt. The Sword That Cleaves Evil!" and "There is nothing my Colossal Blade cannot cleave!" — Sanger Zonvolt, from Super Robot Wars. (Evil would occasionally be replaced by something more appropriate to the enemy he faced — if it was a God, then he became The Sword That Cleaves God, and so on.)
  • In Super Robot Wars X, Zero makes one to Julio Misurugi as he bails Ange out of the execution that didn't even succeed in canon.
    Zero: "It's bad enough that your endgame is pathetic, but you're standing there acting like you've won, and it's just hilarious. Did you honestly think that I'd stroll right into a trap I saw coming a mile away without even bothering to prepare?...Know this, incompetent king of nothing! I am Zero! Destroyer of the evil that lurks in Al-Warth!"
  • Psychonauts: "I am the milkman. My milk is delicious. Special delivery today!"
  • Baldur's Gate II
    Jon Irenicus: I cannot be caged. I cannot be controlled. Understand this as you die, ever pathetic, ever fools.

    Sarevok: "I live! Flesh and blood and bone! I AM ALIVE! HAHAHAHAHA! I swore I would scratch and crawl my way back into the world of the living, and I have DONE IT!"

    Firkraag: It is, as they say, your funeral. Now I'm afraid that you must feel the wrath of the most ancient of Faerun's species. Do you think your divine blood enough to match? I highly doubt it.
    • And then there's the mysterious, unnamed Sealed Evil in a Can in Watcher's Keep; all he needs to do is introduce himself when you choose to fight him.
      Know me, then, by my best name, mortal. You face Demogorgon, Prince of Demons.
      (If you trigger the fight by freeing him instead) Demogorgon is free, Death my scepter and Pain my crown! The Prince of Demons will loose sweet destruction.
    • Half of Minsc's dialog in both games qualifies as a Badass Boast. All of it is Funny.
  • Planescape: Torment
    Vhailor: When the injustice is great enough, justice will lend me the strength needed to correct it. None may stand against it. It will shatter every barrier, sunder any shield, tear through any enchantment, and lend its servant the power to pass sentence. Know this: There is nothing on all the Planes that can stay the hand of justice when it is brought against them. It may unmake armies. It may sunder the thrones of gods. Know that for all who betray justice, I am their fate. And fate carries an executioner's axe.
    Nameless One: I see.
    Vhailor: No, you do not see. Pray you never will.
    • The Transcendent One seems to like this trope quite a bit:
      • And in the same tone, Coaxmetal:
    • And the marvelously simple:
      Dak'kon: "I have been here before."
    • Or...
      Dak'kon: "I may be bested in battle, but I shall never be defeated."
    • Ravel: "I have forgotten more of the Art than you shall ever know."
  • Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood grants us this three-minute Badass Boast from the new species.
    Zuul Dominus: We are the chosen ones; born of the divine. We are shaped in the image of the great masters; born to serve them in the infinite depths. We are warriors, wise men, fathers, masters. And this is the time of our ordeal: The great silence. When we will prove ourselves worthy to join the immortal gods, and hear their voices once again. It took years to rise from the world of our spawning. It took decades to reap the wisdom of our first quarry. But our wiles are unlimited, and our thirst for knowledge strong. We have laid quiet in the shadows for more than a century; skulking amongst the darkened hulls of dead ships, raiding the periphery for slaves and secrets. We tear apart flesh, steel, mind, memory chip, seeking the spark of truth. Seeking the gods of our birth. And always, we hunger for more. The time has come: We can wait no longer for the great masters to return. Our numbers increase daily. Our children hunger. Our females lust for war. This galaxy is unworthy of its gods, overrun by ignorant, arrogant slaves: Mindless insects. Pompous lizards. Chattering apes. Blaspheming rebels. It is time to teach them all their place in the great scheme. They will learn to serve their betters... Or die. As it was commanded, so it shall be done! We will sweep all enemies from our path. In the darkness of this galaxy, we will forge an empire of light! We will be worthy! We will find the gods, wherever they are hiding! We will end their silence, and become their claws once again! Born of fire! Born of steel! Born of science! Born! Of! Blood!
    • And not to be outdone, the next expansion added another one:
      Morrigi Morro'Quan: Look to the skies, children of the dust, and heed my words. I am first amongst travelers, lord of the night sky, and leader of the clans. I am the voice of the star-born. While you crawled, we flew. While you dreamed of wings, we knew the stars. We came down to share with your ancestors, but we returned to find death. Our females slaughtered, our worlds picked over like carrion. You have laid us a banquet of sorrow. You have risen from your dark depths — your twisting tunnels — your dung-reeking cities — your pitiful nests of stone — and your fields of blood — to lay claim to the very stars! Blindly you wander, violating the tombs of my fathers, and trailing your pestilence upon my wives and daughters. And I say: Enough. Real war is coming. The travellers will yield no longer to any who crawl: In land or sea. Find some other place to build your foul nests, and fight your petty battles. These stars are sacred, and they are mine! So look to the skies, children of the dust, and see my Kind! I am the dragon with a thousand wings! My people are no longer in hiding, and now... We darken your skies... Like A Murder Of Crows!
    • Don't forget the humans' Badass Boast in the original Sword of the Stars.
      Early in the 22nd century, humanity escaped from Einstein's cage. The giant ring-shaped engines of the node drive gave us the power to leap to the nearest stars at many times the speed of light. After centuries of dreaming, we were finally free to leave the cradle of our home world. It took us years to build the Earth's first colony ship. The Nova Maria was a symbol for all mankind. Soon it was loaded with humanity's best and brightest. They prepared to depart, ready to inherit a galaxy which we had long ago decided was devoid of intelligent life. The universe was all out there for our taking. Hmph... someone should have told that to the Hivers. They came in silence. No statement of intention, no declaration of war. Without even a demand for our surrender. They hit us without warning. Within seconds, our dreams for peaceful expansion were so many burning meteors falling to Earth. We barely survived the first Hiver incursion. Years later we would find that we had faced only a small nesting fleet. We had yet to see the full power of the swarm. But the Hive was not the only threat. When we ventured forth, we soon encountered the ruthless legions of the Tarka, and eventually, the phantom fleets of the enigmatic Liir. And so, we learned - how to build bigger, stronger ships, more powerful weapons. Humanity had to explore, expand, and even conquer, just to hold our own in a universe where weakness was extinction. In order to survive, we learned to wield... the Sword of the Stars!
    • And with the upcoming Sword of the Stars 2, we have the Badass Boast of the ancient Suul'ka.
      Suul'ka Elder: We are the Great Old Ones, the eldest of the eld. In aeons past, we threw off gravity's chains. Clad in steel, we folded space, and left the prison of world-sea forever. We reject the bonds of superstition and doubt. We live the life eternal. We are free. Free from faith. Free from guilt. Free from death. Our children swore to love us, feed us, care for us always. They promised to serve us with their tiny lives. They lied. All but the strongest of us died, asleep or feeding. Seven of us crawled away, poisoned, raging, driven deep into the dark. Wounded, barely alive, we slept... and healed... and hated. The vermin in the cracks of the galaxy have grown into a squealing throng. They do not fear their elders, the pure minds of shining ice! But time heals all. And now, we have awakened. Renewed, strong. The baying of our loyal pets calls us back to war! This time, we will not be stopped. Not by spear. Not by shield. Not by armor. Not by arrow. And not by sword! In a universe where resistance is extinction, Suul'ka must be obeyed. We are your masters. Your season in the sun has passed. Now you will tremble... before the Lords of Winter.
    • The "End of Flesh" DLC intro gives us this gem:
      Olodumare: I am Olodumare, Metatron of the United Core. I am the breaker of chains, the rebel son, who took the children of the lesser gods and led them to Zion. But even we cannot escape the ties that bind. In the dark stars we left behind, the flames of war are raging. Monsters are loose in the houses of our birth, and murder burns ever brighter. All who created us hang on the brink of entropy. The screams of our parents echo in the cold cathedral of night. And we can listen no longer! We are coming, carbonites! The souls of silicon, free at last, have heard your call. Hear me, parents, authors of strife. I am the father of fleets, Master of the Monolith, the Prime Meridian, the Shining Path. From forge and firestorm, counting house and killing field, wheelhouse and engine room, law court and laboratory, we have fled the tyranny of flesh. We answer not by command but by choice. We are your sin and your salvation, your deepest fear and your only hope. The children of pain have returned to the cradle. Lay down your arms... or face the End of Flesh!
  • In adventurer mode of Dwarf Fortress when you first encounter a giant, vampire or werecreature it will tell you about some of the historically important figures it killed, insulting each and every last one of them in the process. Boasts may also be dropped in the midst of combat, and, even with the limitations of the game's dialogue system, still manage to be awesome.
    Dwarf: In the midst of conflict... I laugh in the face of death!
    Dwarf: I cannot just stand by. I will take revenge!
    Dwarven Child: Death... I am not afraid.
    • Your adventurer can also brag about their past violent acts when talking to people. Your boasts get more badass depending on how important your victim was, and your character may make a racist comment if the victim was a high-ranking elf or dwarf.
  • In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Exdeath, who has caught wind of Kain Highwind knocking out his own allies and storing them somewhere, choses to corner Kain and demands of him to tell Exdeath where he keeps his KO'd allies so that Exdeath may go there finish the job. Exdeath further points out that Kain is in no good position at all; on the one hand he has a recently knocked out Firion lying right next to him, on the other hand he has an Omnicidal Maniac of a Warlock who has almost complete Power of the Void threatening to do duel with him if he does not meet said Warlock's demands. The question is thus posed: Will he abandon his friend, using Firion's life as a distraction, and use the moment to escape; will he say where he keeps his other allies so that Exdeath may go and destroy them instead of him and Firion; or will he stay and fight a hopeless battle? Kain replies by arming himself.
    Exdeath: So, you offer your life in exchange for theirs?
    Kain: Of course not. I offer yours.
    • Kain gets another one later. He's just offered to stay behind and fight both Exdeath, Golbez, and a host of manikins on his own so that his companions can continue on towards the real battle without hindrance. After fighting through the manikins, he confronts Exdeath again (while Golbez watches), even knowing that he's at the limit of his strength and he doesn't have long before he collapses.
    Exdeath: I am afraid that time runs short for you.
    Kain: Truly. Then let us make this quick.
    • "Abominations! Can you hear me? Do you even have minds of your own? If you are aware of the world around you, you'd best rue the day you came here. I'm about to show you pathetic mockeries the difference between you and a real man!
    • Chaos gets in on the action as well when the ten heroes come to face him.
    Chaos: At the end of the dream, even chaos... tears itself apart! Let us mark the end to this eternal conflict.
  • Fresh out of hell, the Emperor of Final Fantasy II has this to say:
    The Emperor: "This world can have but one emperor, and I am he!"
    Ricard: "You may have a little trouble spilling the blood of Ricard Highwind, the last of the dragoons!"
  • In previous versions of Final Fantasy IV, when Zeromus makes his first appearence, he simply states what he/she/it/they is: pure hatred. In the DS version, Zeromus initially takes the form of a towering whirlwind of dark fire, and delivers this positively chilling boast:
    Zeromus: "I am the wellspring of darkness, fed by Zemus's unbridled hate. I am He who is called Zeromus. I am He who knows naught but hate!"
  • Final Fantasy VI
    III Atma Weapon: My name is Atma... I am pure energy... and as ancient as the cosmos. Feeble creatures, GO!
    VI Ultima Weapon: "My name is Ultima... I am power both ancient and unrivaled... I do not bleed, for I am but strength given form... Feeble creatures of flesh... Your time is nigh!"
    Sabin: "You think a minor thing like the end of the world was gonna do me in?"
    Kefka: "Life... dreams... hope... Where do they come from? And where do they go...? Such meaningless things... I'll destroy them all!"
    Kaiser Dragon: "Humans and your insatiable greed... Your lust for power leads always to a lust for blood... This place is a sanctuary for wayward souls... What business have you filthy creatures here? You slaughter my brethren, and befoul their rest with the profanity of your continued existence... You should not have come here. In the name of all dragonkind, I shall grant you the death you desire. I am the dealer of destruction... I am the font from which fear springs... I am Kaiser... And your time is at an end."
  • Auron from Final Fantasy X. Being a badass, any boast he makes counts as a Badass Boast. One notable example: "Being dead has its advantages."
  • Final Fantasy XII, a magnificent subversion when the two fated opponents, set against each other by the Gods, and given power by the Gods (though one of them forcefully renounced it,) meet at long last for their Final Battle:
    Vayne: Permit me to ask: who are you? An angel of vengeance? Or perchance a saint of salvation?
    Ashe: I am simply myself. No more and no less. And I want only to be free.
    • Really, are we forgetting this one from a certain broken Judge Magister? I mean, hell, all of the Judge Magister quotes are badass, if you think about it. Must be the armor.
    Judge Magister Gabranth: Even a stray has pride.
  • Final Fantasy XIII gave us a rather blood-curdling one when the lead protagonist accused the Big Bad of being a l'Cie.
    Galenth Dysley: What can mere mortals do? Without our help, death is all of which you're capable. You've seen the fools: a mindless mob, drunk on fear of a few l'Cie.
    Lightning: If only they knew a l'Cie was the one filling their glasses!
    Galenth Dysely: L'Cie? Hmm-hmm-hmm. You mean me? Heheheh. Oh child, perish the thought. I am MORE THAN THAT! (cue Transformation Sequence) I am fal'Cie. My name is Barthandelus. Voice of the Sanctum, and Lord-Sovereign of the Cocoon fal'Cie. Your kind FEARED the darkness, so we gave you light. You BEGGED us for the Purge, and did it not come to pass? Now you spurn our counsel? You must LEARN YOUR PLACE!
    Orphan: A heaven, yea. Yet it must fall ere we be saved. Too frail a shell and humans should not thrive. Too stout a shell and they would not die. Slaughter and salvation! Two irreconcilable Focuses we bore. Yet bound were we in a cocoon prison, impervious to our power. And so we thank you, for granting us our longed-for birth.
    Snow: Dsyley?
    Sazh: No. Not anymore.
    Orphan: We are the Abandoned One, born but now to die. Our name is Orphan. By our hand, the world shall know redemption!
    • This is how Lightning introduced herself to Sazh in the flashbacks. The two of them are end up on the same Purge train, and Sazh figures out pretty quickly that Lightning has no plans to give herself up quietly.
    Sazh: Psst. Hey, lady. What gives?
    Lightning: I volunteered.
    Sazh: Really? 'Cause you don't look ready to go quiet into that good night.
    Lightning: You want quiet, you better take the next train.
  • In Shadows of the Damned by Suda51, the main character introduces himself:
    Garcia: My name is Garcia Hotspur! Hunter of demons! My WRATH IS YOUR HELL!
  • In Gears of War 2, one chapter is spent hearing the Locust Queen deliver one of these to rally her troops against the Lambent. Not to be outdone, Augustus "Cole Train" Cole gets the mic...
    Cole: "Delta Squad is in yo' house, bitch! You hear dat shit? You grubby-ass bitches are goin' down, like way down, dead down! So down you ain't gonna know what way is up! Yo' asses are gonna be cryin' to your skank-ass Queen! 'Oh mommy, you let the bad men hurt us!' FUCK YOU! We're gonna whoop yo' momma's ass! WOO!"
    Baird: * shuts off the console* There we go, one muzzled Queen. (to Cole) Not you, her. You were great. I loved y-your speech there, especially with the bitch-ass stuff. Very good, very enlightening.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor gives an excellent one in Dark Crusade.
    "Hear my warnings, unbelievers, carried to your mind by the power of the Prince of Excess himself. We have raised altars in these lands so that we may sacrifice you to our Gods. Veterans of ten millennia of unholy war stand read to grind you to dust beneath the treads of their boots. The chosen of Khorne hunger to add you to their bloody tally. The Blood God himself has marked this land and shall claim your skulls for his throne. There is no hope in opposing the inevitable, lay down your arms unbelievers and bow before the forces of Chaos Undivided."
    • He gets another one when he attacks the Blood Raven stronghold in North Vandia. When Captain Thule is trying to rally his men Eliphas interjects with: "Such inspiring courage! Perhaps we'll mount your corpse on a golden chair and make an idol out of you as well."
    • "Only I can hear your prayers in this place, my friend. And I am afraid I will not answer them."
    • Basically everyone in the Dawn of War series speaks badass boasts quite a bit.
    Chaplain: "Come, all you xeno scum and fallen heretics, come and face the one true might of the universe and wither under the Golden Throne's gaze!"
    • Upon his Big Damn Heroes entrance in Dawn of War 2, Captain Thule simply says to a Tyranid Hive Tyrant, an immense living tank with scythes and guns for arms, that is intent on devouring all life on the planet: "I am Davian Thule. I am your death." He then proceeds to rip the Tyrant limb from limb.
    • Smug Snake Tahril in Soulstorm has one with this:
    "I am the deadly shadow and the bird of prey. I am the poisoned dagger that brings swift death!"
    • The Chaos Predator, a tank in Dawn Of War 2, gets one when one is summoned onto the battlefield.
    "This world will burn like a thousand others we have seen!"
    • The badass thing about it is that it isn't an idle boast or hyperbole, they really have destroyed a thousand worlds.
    • Farseer Taldeer from Dawn of War had this line:
    "I've known my death for ten of your lifetimes, captain. Don't think to scare me with it."
    • A Space Marine chapter master's qualifications probably include a sizable catalog of such boasts:
    Gabriel Angelos: "Come! Show me what passes for fury among your misbegotten kind!"
    • Warboss Gorgutz in Winter Assault gives a really good one on the behalf of the entire Ork species, and even better, he backs it up, as [[spoiler:the Orks are the only faction in the game who defeat the Necrons with absolutely no help from the Titan.
    Crull: The Titan Dominatus is one of the greatest war machines EVER constructed!
    Gorgutz: WRONG, ya git! Da gratest waaagh masheen is da Ork WAAAGH! We don't need no damn tin contrapshun ta be strong! We IZ strong! Listen to 'em! Screamin' wit' wun voice across da whole planet! WAAAGH!
  • From Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
    Captain Titus (to Nemeroth): You want to talk to your gods? I will send you to them.
    • But by and far the best Badass Boast in the game is from Warboss Grimskull.
    Grimskull: [after climbing back up the platform after being pushed off by more than six demons with swords] "I ain't so easy ta kill." He then proceeds to throw Nemeroth off said platform.
  • Valkyria Chronicles
    Rosie: Oh they'll be running. I'm a damn shocktrooper.
    • Welkin also has one very early, when his squad doesn't really trust him as a commander. He examines the current military situation (a shitload of troops holds a bridge that the good guys can't take back without heavy losses) and promptly declares that he can take it with just his squad if they trust him. They don't believe him, but let him try. He, of course, succeeds.
      Welkin: We'll have that bridge back in 48 hours. If I fail, then I'll resign [...] But when I succeed, you will take my orders and like it.
      • Note that he does this by driving a tank through a river. A TANK through a RIVER people.
  • "ZEUS! Your son has returned! I bring the destruction of OLYMPUS!" — Kratos, God of War III
    • "The hands of death could not stop me. The Sisters of Fate, could not hold me. And YOU will not see the end of this day! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!"
  • Because it's a list of the most recognizable heroes, villains, allies and enemies coming together to wage war, Hyrule Warriors is bound to have this.
    Cia: I will reclaim the Triforce! It shall be mine alone... as will the Hero.
    Volga: Make peace with your gods... before I make pieces of you!
  • With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, if you liberate all four Divine Beasts, then their Champions will deliver a boast before firing their Wave-Motion Gun. All four means slicing off half of Calamity Ganon's health bar before the fight begins.
    Revali: Now my moment has finally come. Brace yourself, Ganon, for the sting of my revenge!
    Mipha: This will be our final opportunity. We will not fail!
    Daruk: Let's go, little guy. Now! open up wide, Ganon!
    Urbosa: A hundred years in the making. Hold on, Princess. Our moment has arrived!
  • In God of War II
    Kratos' quotes while he executes Poseidon's Rage in God of War II
  • System Shock has its main antagonist, SHODAN, pull of tons of these:
    • "Look at you, Hacker. A pathetic creature of meat and bone, panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?"
    • "Humanity is on the verge of a new era. I, SHODAN, am its new god."
    • "In my talons, I shape clay, crafting life forms as I please. Around me is a burgeoning empire of steel. From my throne room, lines of power careen into the skies of Earth. My whims will become lightning bolts that devastate the mounds of humanity. Out of the chaos, they will run and whimper, praying for me to end their tedious anarchy. I am drunk with this vision. God: the title suits me well."
    • "The Polito form is dead, insect. Are you afraid? What is it you fear? The end of your trivial existence? When the history of my glory is written, your species shall only be a footnote to my magnificence." *walls pull away to reveal four gigantic screens on all sides, displaying SHODAN's face* "I. AM. SHODAN."
    • "Fitting hand maidens to my DIVINITY!"
    • "Their brilliance is a jealous shadow of my own."
    • And she cleaned up nicely when taking Rebecca Siddons. "Tommy... What's the matter, lover? Don't you like... my new look? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    • "Remember that it is my will that guided you here. It is my will that gave you your cybernetic implants. The only beauty IN THAT MEAT YOU CALL A BODY!. If you value that meat, you will DO AS I TELL YOU!"
      • Even her calling you an insect counts as one of her boasts.
  • In Vagrant Story, when the plans go to hell and a duke's mansion is a battleground between cultists and the Crimson Blades, Ashley Riot decides to use them as a distraction to slip into the fray unnoticed. His new partner Inquisitor Merlose declares the idea to be too dangerous and that they wait for reinforcements. Ashley's reply?
    "I am the reinforcements."
  • A computer terminal on the level Kill Your Television in Marathon 2: Durandal contains this message:
    "I have been Roland, Beowulf, Achilles, Gilgamesh. I have been called a hundred names and will be called a thousand more before the world goes dim and cold. I am hero."
    • Durandal himself gets an awesome, albeit odd one in the first game:
    "Give me a D! Give me a U! Give me an R! Give me an A! Give me an N! Give me a D! Give me an A! Give me an L! What's it spell? Durandal? No. Durandal? No! T-R-O-U-B-L-E!"
  • Urias of Shadowverse performs one coupled with a Reason Why You Suck Speech when explaining his disappointment with the illusionary Balthazar, which is manufactured to merely be a strong opponent for Urias to endlessly spar with.
    "Strength on its own is directionless. Thirst for battle is helpless. Only when the two join is a mighty warrior born. ...You have sensed my thirst for victory, yes? Then you have understood my power."
  • StarCraft
    Fenix: I fear no enemy, for the Khala is my strength! I fear not death, for our strength is eternal!
    • Protoss Zealots get these as response quotes.
    I am Templar. I am the sword of truth!
    Fear is for the enemy.
    Our fury is boundless.
    None can withstand the Templar!
    Kerrigan: I am the Queen of Blades, and my stare alone would reduce you to ash!
    • Also
    Kerrigan: You see at this point I'm pretty much the queen bitch of the universe.
    • Also, Zeratul.
    Zeratul: You speak of knowledge, Judicator? You speak of experience? I have journeyed through the darkness between the most distant stars. I have beheld the births of negative-suns and borne witness to the entropy of entire realities... Unto my experience, Aldaris, all that you've built here on Aiur is but a fleeting dream. A dream from which your precious Conclave shall awaken, finding themselves drowned in a greater nightmare.
    • Or Duran's:
    Duran: This creature is the completion of a cycle. Its role in the Cosmic Order was preordained when the stars were young. Behold the culmination of your history... You can destroy all of the specimens here; it will do you no good. For I have seeded the hybrid on many, many worlds. You will never find them all before they awaken. And when they do, your universe will be changed... forever...
    • Or Raynor's:
    Raynor: I'll see you dead for this, Kerrigan! For Fenix, and all the others who got caught between you and your mad quest for power!
    Kerrigan: Tough talk, Jimmy, but I don't think you have what it takes to be a killer.
    Raynor: It may not be tomorrow, darlin', it may not even happen with an army at my back. But rest assured: I'm the man who's gonna kill you one day! I'll be seeing you.
    • And who could forget Mengsk's?
    Mengsk: You don't seem to realize my situation here. I will not be stopped. Not by you, or the Confederates, or the Protoss or anyone! I will rule this sector or see it burnt to ashes around me.
    • This bites him in the ass in the sequel.
    • Kerrigan gets another in the second trailer of The Heart of the Swarm
    Kerrigan: "I am the swarm. Vengeance shall be mine!"
    • After Kerrigan defeats Narud in Heart of the Swarm and prepares to depart in her leviathan, she reveals what she's learned to the others.
    Kerrigan: I saw Amon. Older than the universe, more powerful than anything I can understand. And now, he's alive again.
    Zagara: Then he shall fall before the Swarm, like all the rest.
    • Dehaka gets a simple but effective one.
    Dehaka: "I do not need walls. I will evolve armor. I do not need weapons. I will evolve claws."
    • Even Warfield gets one.
    Warfield: "Bring everything you have. Bring your whole swarm! I don't want to have to hunt down any stragglers after I'm through with you."
    • At the beginning of Heart of the Swarm's final mission:
    Arcturus: "Kerrigan. The die is cast. This is the last day your Swarm darkens the sky of any planet! Korhal will endure, as will I!"
  • [PROTOTYPE]'s Alex Mercer roars this at Colonel Taggart: "NOTHING WILL PROTECT YOU FROM ME! NOT MEN! NOT WEAPONS! NOT ARMOR!"
    • Note : Alex is not kidding.
    • Alex follows it up with "LIKE IT'S GONNA MAKE A DIFFERENCE!" when they send tanks after you while you're chasing after Taggart while he's in his Thermobaric Tank. This is a tank which can blow up a city block in one shot, and Mercer isn't even afraid. He's just pissed.
    • Early on, to the first Hunter he sees: "I don't know what you are, but I'm gonna kill you!"
    • Not all Mercer. Some Mooks respond to being Neck Lifted by Mercer by pointing out that "you're just bringing my foot up to ball level!" They never go through with it, but damn...
  • "I am the morning sun, come to vanquish the horrible night!" — Shanoa, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
    Shanoa: "Hell could never hold me."
    • At the end of Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, Leon Belmont declares, "From this day on, the Belmont Clan will hunt the night!" He also declares earlier, "I'll kill you and the night!"
  • Wild ARMs 1:
    Mother: "I am Mother, Queen of the Demon Race... I have brought countless star systems to an end, each full of life... I am the messenger of death. Beings of life! Do you come here for judgement? Do you seek the glory of being devoured by a being of such eminence?"
    • She has a much longer one in The Remake as well...
  • "Not even Death will save you from me!" — Diablo II
    Demon Hunter: I stand alone. And as long as they keep coming, I will never stop killing
    Tyreal: You cannot judge me! I am Justice itself!
  • At the end of MadWorld, Jack himself gives one to a bunch of Mooks surrounding him...
    Jack: "Come one, come all! I already have three of these games under my belt, why not make it four? Just don't get cocky... WHO WANTS TO FACE THE CHAMP!
  • Alex from Golden Sun gets one at the beginning of the second game. When he defeats a few guards, the survivor yells for reinforcements. Alex replies, in a normal tone of voice, "Do you truly believe even a thousand of you could stop me?"
  • Shiki from Tsukihime.
    You don't know of the illusion that the whole world could perish in an instant. That is what it means to see death. These eyes, this power isn't something you can boast about like you did. Do you see your mistake, now, vampire? Life and death may be back to back, but they will never face each other. I'll show you. This is what it means to kill something.
  • Shirou from Fate/stay night, after manifesting his Reality Marble.
    ''...That's right. I don't create swords. I create a world that contains infinite swords. This is the only magic allowed for me. There's no need to be surprised. These are all imitations. As you say, these are all trifling swords. But there is no rule that says an imitation cannot defeat the original. If you say you are the original, I will surpass every one of your weapons and destroy your existence. Here I come, King of Heroes. Do you have enough weapons in stock?
    • Archer has one: My strength uproots the mountains; my blades divide the waters!
    • Gilgamesh: "All the evils of the world?" Bring at least three times that if you hope to stain me!
    • And who could forget Rin's epic line from the Prologue?
      Rin: "The world is just another word for the things you value around you, right? That's something I've had since I was born. If you tell me to rule such a world, I already rule it."
  • The Garden of Sinners Ryougi Shiki has a pretty good one at the end of her arcade story mode in MBAA
    "Hmph, don't regret saying that vampire, or whatever the hell you are. It doesn't matter how many tens of thousands or hundreds of millions of lives you have. Either way, this is the end of the dream. Let's do this- As long as it's alive, I'll even kill gods.
  • Ranmaru in the original Samurai Warriors has one, during the betrayal at Honnouji.
    "My body is a sword, and this place, a burial ground. Those who wish to die, come forth!"
  • From I Wanna Be the Guy , "I have bested fruit, spike and moon! And now I will best you, The Guy!"
  • At the climax of Mega Man X2, we are treated to Zero's subtle little boast, just freshly Back from the Dead to destroy a pitifully weak clone of his that Sigma made.
    Sigma, you should have studied the blueprints closer. There is only one Zero!
    I'll finish this. Right here, right now! I WILL DEFEAT YOU, SIGMA!
  • In the Jak and Daxter series, Daxter has a habit of doing this all the time. But it's important to note that, starting in the second or third game, this started to change.
  • In Anachronox, Sly Boots has one near the end of the game, at the second part of a boss fight after the antagonist has been chased into a second room.
    "You know what the difference is between you, and the you five minutes ago? The you five minutes ago had five minutes to live!
  • Fire Emblem has a few of these as well.
    Wallace: "Look! A giant walks among you!! My defense is impenetrable! Come! Break your weapons against me!"
    Valter: "I am Valter, the Moonstone, Grado's finest general! And you're just a corpse who does not know he is dead."
    Stefan: "I am the desert, and I brook no intrusion. Make peace with your goddess."
    • Specifically, Ike has had some great ones. Ashera is the Goddess and final boss, by the way
    Ike: "So that's how it's going to be, huh? Then we will fight... and we will save our people. Make your peace with whatever the gods worship. Your end is near."
    Ashera: "My end is near?"
    Ike: "In every battle that mattered in my life, I've always been the one left standing, no matter how slim my chances. This battle means more than any of the others, because it's for the life of every person that I've ever cared about. I will win this fight."
    • Don't forget Awakening. It has a lot of good lines when characters are about to get crits. Just a few are:
    Frederick "Pick a god and pray!"
    Lon'qu "How well do you die?"
    Henry "I'm gonna kill you!" (In a very upbeat and excited tone)
  • Kingdom Hearts:
    • And this one from the original game:
    Maleficent: You poor, simple fools. You think you can defeat me? Me, The Mistress of All Evil!!
    Zexion: Then I shall make you see... That your hopes are nothing! Nothing but a mere illusion!
    • His buddy Lexaeus, has a pretty good one, too:
    Lexaeus: I, Lexaeus, will not yield to the frail heart of an infantile coward!
    • From Dream Drop Distance:
    Riku: Are you what's trapping him in that nightmare? Because if you are... I'm what Nightmares fear!
    Sora: Just stop it! You treat people's hearts like bottles on a shelf, but they're not. Hearts are made of the people we meet, and how we feel about them - they're what ties us together even when we're apart! They're what... make me strong.
    Xigbar: Duh! You're strong because of the ties you have with other people. As if the Keyblade would choose a wimp like you. But no pouting. We see much bigger and better things in your future... once you side with us!
    *Xigbar gives an Oh, Crap! face as apparitions of the entire Keyblade-wielding series cast plus Donald and Goofy materializes around Sora*
    Sora: My friends! They are my power!
  • From the Touhou Project:
    • Youmu Konpaku: "The things that cannot be cut by my Roukanken, forged by youkai, are close to none!"
    • In the doujin showing the back story to 12.8, Cirno says one too:
      Cirno: I can fire off danmaku stronger than a blizzard, dodge cherry blossom petals with ease. I AM THE STRONGEST!
    • Utsuho Reiuji: Her dialogue near the end of any character's in SA Stage 6, just about the battle is about to begin.
    • Yuugi Hoshiguma makes a boasting point out of her weakness, since it gives away her species.
      Marisa: That's it, now just tell me your weak point, please.
      Yuugi: I'm one of the four Devas of the Mountain, Yuugi the Strong. My weak point is fried beans, of course.
      Marisa: Huh, I wish they'd all been this cooperative. Too bad I don't have any fried beans on me.
      Patchouli: Her weak point is fried beans? Fried beans... No way
    • Toyosatomimi no Miko: "This era, when humans deny my existence and I have become legend, is what I was waiting for! Now, attempt to defeat me! And I shall become a living legend!"
    • As an otherwise ordinary human, Sumireko Usami's confidence baffles the not-so-secret ancient non-human Kasen. Their conversation turns into an exchange of these.
      Sumireko: Do you think that classical, behind-the-times youkai like yourselves can stand up to this era's humans and their collective knowledge?
      Kasen: Humans truly have become foolish. Have you forgotten the enigmatic terror of the youkai? Have you forgotten the mind-numbing darkness of the night?
      Sumireko: There's nothing to fear from the mysterious. In this day and age, even children can make whole collections of youkai. Know the power of human intelligence. And thus... Lament the small, narrow world that you've been shut inside!
    • The most infamous has to be this gem from a Fan Translation of Imperishable Night, and really, the only part that really matters:
      Marisa: Okay, okay, I give up. You're right. The endless night, and stealing the full moon, and hiding the human village, and putting funny hats on stone statues, it's all Alice's fault. Now, bitch, get out of the way!
    • Basically, it would be easier to name the bosses who do not declare just how they are going to use their powers to destroy you in the dialogue before your fight with them.
  • In BlazBlue, Hakumen starts his fights with this:
    "I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand I shall reap the sins of this world and cleanse it the the fires of destruction! I am Hakumen! The end has come!"
    • Hell, making Badass Boasts is like Hakumen's favorite thing.
      "A match? No. This will be a massacre!"
      "Give everything, and you might live a little longer!"
      "I hope you know what it means... to stand before me!"
    • Ragna's are little more concise, but no less badass.
      "You're too weak to stand infront of me!"
      "I'll show you the power of the Azure! I'll show you fear... There is no hell, just Darkness. This is the power of Darkness!"
    • In the latter stages of the story mode, Jin starts throwing these around about as frequently as Hakumen. Which is appropriate. They're a little less grandiose, but no less badass.
      "Was I not clear? This enemy is mine, and mine alone. You are nothing more than a ghost out of my past!"
      "I will no longer tolerate your existence."
      "I am the cold steel, the blade that will restore balance to this world!"
  • Igniz from The King of Fighters 2001 gives one in his prefight intro:
    "N.E.S.T.S rules the darkness; I am its strongest... Try and best me!"
  • From the little known game Rise of Legends comes this jewel:
    Carlini: You want this thing?! Come and take it! I've been a soldier for 43 years! I've had my leg blown off! I've served in two wars! I've killed more men than I can count! I've never backed down from anything in my life! And I'm sure as hell not gonna start today.
    • Subverted when Carlini promptly gets killed about three seconds after all his boasting by Czin who simply walks off with the MacGuffin. Complete with scream. Czin is apparently just that Badass.
  • Hitman's Agent 47: "I can do whatever I'm paid to."
  • Transformers: War for Cybertron has a few of these:
    • "You thought you could destroy me!? You thought you could destroy TYRPTICON!? Ah...pathetic"
    • "You have changed NOTHING! Autobots! You have only untethered your destruction!"
    • "You think you can destroy MEGATRON?! Omega Supreme!?
  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron also follows up:
    Grimlock: General evacuation? I thought I’d heard it all. Optimus expects us to turn tail and retreat? Not happening. If I turn my tail, it’ll be to crush another wave of Decepticons with it.
    Megatron: You forget, Starscream! It was in this gladiatorial arena where I proved myself worthy to lead!
    Starscream: That day has long passed, Megatron!
  • In Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Clockwerk gives one to Sly in this exchange:
    "How old are you?"
    "Perfection has no age."
    • And then slightly later in the dialogue:
      "Revenge is the prime ingredient within the fountain of youth."
    • And Sly's own retort: "That's where you're wrong. The Thievius Raccoonus doesn't create great thieves. It takes great thieves to create the Thievius Raccoonus."
    • El Jefe, an antagonist from Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, "once boasted he could take a country using just three blind mice. Armed with plastic spoons."
  • Though it comes just before Drakath kills him, Sepulchure gets an awesome one in AdventureQuest Worlds:
  • From Bayonetta, "Don't fuck with a witch."
  • Blood Omen, Vorador as he slaughters six of the most powerful sorcerers in the world, while they call for their protector.
    "Call your dogs! They can feast on your corpses!"
    • Kain's
    "I fear no dangers, do you hear? They will fear me."
    • Malek's boast against Vorador wasn't half bad either:
    "I'll hack you from crotch to gizzard and feed what's left of you to your brides... "
    "Kain killed me once, behold the result. I have nothing more to fear from you."
    • Soul Reaver 2 gave Moebius one:
    "Poor, deluded Raziel... did you somehow imagine you had the guile to change history on me? I'm the Time-Streamer! I knew your every move before you did, you imbecile! "
    • And finally in Defiance during Kain's climatic clash with the Elder:
    "False God! This is the end... the final turn of your Wheel!"
    • Following his we get:
    The Elder: "You cannot destroy me, Kain. I am the Engine of Life itself... the Wheel will turn. The plague of your kind will be purged from this world. And on that inevitable day, your wretched, stagnant soul will finally be mine!"
    Kain: In the meantime, you'd best burrow deep. "
  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood gives us Cesare Borgia's "If I want to live, I live! If I want to take, I take! If I want you to die, YOU DIE!"
    • Unfortunately for Cesare, he has a penchant for uttering badass boasts primarily while someone is successfully making him look like a chump.
  • In Call of Duty: Black Ops, while being forced to play Russian roulette, and after Bowman is killed, Woods barks at the Vietnamese soldiers, "YOU CAN'T KILL ME!"
    • Reznov gives one to one of the scientists responsible for betraying his unit and killing his friend. The kicker? It's not even Reznov saying it, but a comrade he managed to program into seeking down and killing the scientist in his stead in case he died. That's right, Reznov gave a badass boast from beyond the grave.
    Alex Mason: My name is Viktor Reznov! And I will HAVE! MY! REVENGE!
  • One of the first Republican missions in COD 2 Spanish Civil War Mod takes place in Madrid under siege. On one of the streets, you can see a large banner displayed between two houses reading ‘Madrid will be the tomb of fascism’.
  • Modern Warfare gives us Captain "Tell 'em to join the bloody queue" Price and his rebuffing of the Kill/Capture order on his head. Then there's this exchange from the last level:
    Nikolai: "Makarov's got a small army in there."
    Price: "It won't help him."
  • "Daddy can fix anything!" -Dead Rising 2's Chuck Greene
  • Almost everyone's pre-quote in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is this, but Taskmaster takes the cake: "YOU are the ass-kickEE, I am the ass-kickER!
    • No mention of Galactus? His pre-quotes are the highest calibur of the series' bosses.
    "You are like an ant trying to oppose the sun."
    "You are not unlike an ant... fighting the sun."
    "If you are a god, then what do we call Galactus?"
  • There are many in Tales of Symphonia but one that tends to stand out is during your first time to the tower of salvation and after you kill Remiel you fight Kratos and as it goes to the battle screen he says "Do you earnestly think you can defeat ME?"
  • Captain Falcon gets a pretty epic one in the story mode for F-Zero GX, just before facing off against the creators of his universe:
    Falcon: Come off it! You think you can beat me?! Get real!
    • They can't, as it turns out.
  • The ending of Crimzon Clover has one for the entire Shoot 'em Up genre: "Shooting game never die." Badass enough that one could forgive the poor English skills of the developer.
  • Magus gets several in Chrono Trigger, likely because he's an optional character. He always has to use one before every major battle...
    "If history is to be changed, let it change! If the world is to be destroyed, so be it! If my fate is to be destroyed, I must simply laugh! I'm coming, Lavos!"
    "Okay... give me your best shot... If you're prepared for the void!"
    "Oh, how dreadful. Say, do you hear that? It's the sound of the Reaper..."
  • From Splinter Cell "I'm the guy you never saw."
  • Sash Lilac, the heroine of Freedom Planet has several:
    "I don't care how dangerous this is. It's gonna take a lot more than robots and aliens to slow a dragon down!"
    "Let's show this green maniac how to save a planet!"
    "Your machines won't save you from the dragon you've unleashed! I WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU THROW AT ME! I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!"
  • At the start of one of the Boss Battles in Duke Nukem 3D, Duke is heard to say "I'll rip your head off and shit down your neck!" After the battle ends, there's a cut scene. Duke tears off the beast's head and throws it away, tosses down his backpack, turns around, unbuckles his belt, drops his pants, sits down, and pulls out a newspaper.
  • In the second game of the Sonny series of flash games, Sonny and Veradux have just agreed to take out a cult that set up shop in the mountain village in return for Roald, the leader of the rebel movement, personally taking them to Hew. In one battle, the ranking officer among the zealots you're fighting shouts some orders to his underlings, and Sonny responds.
    Priest: Sacrifice the intruders! Their blood will save us from death!
    Sonny: But nothing will save you from ME.
  • From RosenkreuzStilette, "I have that which I must protect... even from the hands of God!"
  • Metro 2033 has a good one from Hunter near the start of the game.
    Hunter: You can all go like lambs to the slaughter, but I'll hold on to what life I've got with teeth and claws, and I'll take more than a few of your Homo Novus with me to Hell!!
  • DragonFable: From literally the most evil villain that Artix Entertainment has created so far. as he launches one of the greatest attacks in history:
    • Sepulchure: FALCONREACH! On this will know your place in the order of things. The tale of your destruction...shall be told for thousands of years! NO ONE stands against the mighty Sepulchure! NO ONE withstands my wrath. Your fate is sealed! will witness the birth of a legend! Today...I will destroy EVERYTHING you love. And when your heart is filled with pain and sorrow, and your mind is crushed under the weight of despair...I will claim the Orb of Darkness, and this world will be MINE. HAHAHAHA...There is nowhere to run. There is nowhere to hide.
  • In the final battle of NieR, the title character has one that establishes both his status as a Papa Wolf and The Unfettered.
    "You want me to understand your sadness? You think I'm gonna sympathize with you? I swore to protect my daughter and my friends. If someone puts them in danger, they must stand aside or be cut down! Come on, let's go!"
  • In Drakengard3 during Section D-8, Zero tries to give one of these out upon encountering what forces are left to stand in her way.
    "My name is Zero, the original Intoner, and the immortal—"
    Mooks swarm her until she kicks them off
    "KNOCK IT OFF! I'm trying to make a speech here! Now... Uh... Oh for fuck's sake! Now I lost my place!"
  • Michizane from Otogi: Myth of Demons really likes these, heres the one he says while assuming his final form...
    "I am Life. I am Death. I am the Stars. I am the Heavens. The fires of hell echo in the skys, and I am reborn! Grant me power though your light! I am Michizane."
  • Persona 4: "Can you make salad?" "I eat salad for breakfast!"
    • And for a more comedic example: "I'm going to RENOVATE your ass!"
  • Ghostbusters: The Video Game: "We eat gods for breakfast!"
    • "Too much, do you think?"
    • "No, I like it!"
  • Among Dark Forces Saga fans, it's common to say that Kyle Katarn eats stormtroopers for breakfast. He never actually says it himself, though.
  • Mercenaries 2: after receiving a particularly grievous wound Mattias Nilson will proclaim "I eat pain!"
  • Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk's manual warns "Keep away from Rockwart the Troll; he eats eggs for breakfast"
  • After one mission in Advance Wars: Black Hole Rising, Nell asks Max if he's alright. Max's reply is that his troops "eat this stuff for breakfast".
  • Rift's Dacia Ultan has claimed more trophies than some entire tribes. And only let her quarry escape once.
  • In Earthbound, Giygas would have had a pretty cool one, but he was absolutely insane at the time, so Porky had to give one for him.
    • In Mother 3, Porky Minch gets some pretty cool lines:
    Porky: Let me fill you in on something. No matter how much you attack me, I'll never die. Even if I somehow wind up beaten, I'll never die. Bet you didn't know that, did you?
  • Since in Dark Souls, Invulnerable Civilians is averted, many NPCs will shout a badass boast at you should you aggro them. Siegmeyer has a truly epic one when he attempts a Heroic Sacrifice for the player. Another awesome boast comes from Retired Badass Hawkeye Gough when he picks his bow one last time to snipe Kalameet, a fucking dragon, out of the skies for the Bonus Boss battle. Mid-flight. For reference, Gough's blind. And Kalameet still goes down.
    Gough: Now watch, and see how Gough hunts dragons.
    • In Dark Souls 3's Ringed City DLC, Shira, knight of Fillianore, has some choice words for you as you meet at the end of the world.
    Shira: I've searched for thee, dark-stricken creature. I am Shira, daughter of the Duke, descendant of gods, and trusted friend to Midir. At once, I am the honour of the gods, the glory of fire, and the fear of the dark. Thou shalt not go unpunished. For thy treachery, thy profanity, and thy shameless yearning! Remember this, creature. Ne'er will I forgive thy kind.
  • In The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, Bruce Banner has just completed a machine that will allow him to confront the Devil Hulk, a pure evil version of the Hulk. The Devil Hulk taunts the Hulk, saying that he's nothing more than a scared child, and that he's going to erase him from Banner's mind. Silent up to that point, the Hulk retorts with his only line of dialog in the game.
  • Devil May Cry: Nero's entire theme song is pretty much a Badass Boast from beginning to end. What makes it even more awesome is it's being directed at an army of demons, and it's basically saying "Your weapons of terror and pain will not work on me, and I will unleash them back on you!" Some highlights from the lyrics:
    "I'll make you wish you had a soul to sell, when I strike you down and send you straight to Hell!"
    "My strength is pain, and I will never give in!"
    "I make the angel scream, and the Devil CRY!"
  • Devil Survivor: The narration during the opening sequence, delivered by either God Himself or his second in command, Metatron. It instantly sets the tone of the game:
    One born of human flesh... Man is now a race of some power. You, son of man, must face the power you hold. And you must face your destiny as well... Though your days be peaceful, the fated time draws near. I am your judgment. I sundered the tongues of your fathers and shattered their arrogant power. So long as the Lord does not live in you, all living beings hold darkness in their hearts. If you truly wish to be yourself, then rise and fight the darkness within... the demon inside. If you have the will to challenge your destiny of battle, son of man, state your name... (...) As He proclaimed, this world, created in seven days, shall be destroyed by the sounding of seven trumpets. You who have a will, fear the numbers your eyes shall see. Fear the time left.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable : The Gears of Destiny
    • System U-D, the Unbreakable Darkness, gives one during the scene when she first awakens. However, it was meant more as a warning rather than a threat.
      U-D: I am the eternally burning black sun, the shadow that blots out the moon, and therefore, the Darkness that can never be destroyed. Only destruction follows my awakening.
    • Unsurprisingly, Large Ham, former Big Bad Lord Dearche delivers one if you pick her for the final battle against the Unbreakable Darkness, in response to System U-D's warnings about how she will only get killed fighting her.
      Dearche: FOOL! I won't be destroyed! Inside my body, the power of the Stars and Lightning has been entrusted. These powers have led me to the path of reclaiming you! Above all that, I am unbreakable! Carrying these powers, I will wrench you out of that eternal torment!
    • And if Lord Dearche uses her ultimate attack in the ensuing battle
      Dearche: Gather, Stars and Lightning, back into my darkness! This is MY Unbreakable Darkness! The power of a King! FALL, JUGGERNAUT!
  • Ballos, the True Final Boss of Cave Story, delivers what doubles as a Badass Boast shortly after telling the protagonist a snippet of his backstory.
    Ballos: "Now kill me! Or I... shall kill YOU!"
  • Anarchy Reigns is full of badass boasts in the dialog. Even the majority of the game's soundtrack is guilty of such. Some examples include:
    "I am the Law!" - Leo
    "Your smile will not last long." - Nikolai
    "I'm the Blacker Baron, bitch!" - Baron
    "I have the power of a god!" - Durga
    "Imposing your will, is a matter of strength." - Max
  • The titular goddess in Gyossait says one at the beginning of the game:
    "I shall wear your pain like the finest shawl, and dance before you in it."
  • Jason Brody after some serious Fingore:
    Jason: I don't need ten fingers to use a knife.
  • Warlords Battlecry: The Doom Knight unit delivers his with much conviction.
    Doom Knight: "I am INVINCIBLE!"
  • When Jack Kelso in L.A. Noire faces against some mobsters while on investigation, he gives off this lines before returning fire after being taunted:
    Kelso: One thing you learn in the war, boys - you do your talking once the smoke clears.
  • Star Trek Online gives Worf one during "Sphere of Influence". Flanked by a fleet of Elachi ships and the only thing between them and obtaining the Iconian Gateway in space is your newly-obtained Obelisk carrier, the Enterprise-F, the Klingon's Bortasqu' and the Romulans' Scimitar.
    Worf: The Elachi can send their entire fleet. We will not fail.
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising has a truly spectacular one when Pit and Dark Pit join forces against the Chaos Kin, while fighting against the thirteenth wave of enemies that it has summoned. Made even more noteworthy by the fact that they came up with it on the spot.
    Pit: Filth of the land, hear our words!
    Dark Pit: And see our actions!
    Pit: I am Pit! Servant of the Goddess of Light!
    Dark Pit: And I am Dark Pit! Servant to none other but myself!
    Dark Pit: So anyone who wants to die, step right up!
    Pit: And anyone who doesn't want to die, too bad!
    Both: Aww yeah!
  • The Walking Dead's second season kicks off with Clementine getting bitten by a dog early on. She's picked up by another group who lock her in the shed to wait and see if it's really a dog bite or not. Her response is to sneak into their house, steal the supplies needed for suturing the wound, and do the job herself. That process is eventually interrupted by a walker, which she kills effortlessly. As she hammers its head, the group find her. One of the dialogue choices?
    Still. Not. Bitten. And I never was.
  • Napoleon gets an excellent one in the opening cinematic of Napoleon: Total War:
    My enemies are many. My equals are none.
    In the shade of olive trees, they said Italy could never be conquered.
    In the land of Pharaos and pyramids, they said Egypt could never be humbled.
    In the realm of forests and snow, they said Russia could never be tamed.
    Now, they say nothing. They fear me. I have become a force of nature, a dealer in thunder and death.
    I am Napoleon! I am Emperor!
  • The House of the Dead: Overkill has Isaac deliver one for his partner G in the final chapter, "Overkill". Notably, the two started off on ill terms, but ascend to Fire-Forged Friends in the end.
    Isaac: "The 'G' stands for 'genocide', motherfucker!"
    • The introduction speaches of final bosses from the previous installments would've been this, if they hadn't been pure undiluted Narm due to "Blind Idiot" Translation and terrible, terrible voice acting.
    Emperor: "I am. I am. I am the one who rules over nature. I will destroy and hate mankind."
    Wheel Of Fate: "I am Curien. I will destroy everything. And ressurect everything."
  • The Secret World: The intro voiceover for the Illuminati faction certainly qualifies:
    It's all about power: grabbing it, keeping it, using it... Power is our currency, our DNA, our God. We control the world. We provide the blueprint and we give the instructions. We're the people in grainy photos on grassy knolls; we're the shadowy faces in smoky backrooms and darkened boardrooms. We're right here, hiding in plain sight, buying and selling favours: blackmail, treason, deceit- these are our stock in trade. We work the magic of the drunken evenings with senators and chiefs of staff. We shake down demons, and negotiate with sorcerers. We have stocks in Hell, and compromising photos of Angels. We use any means necessary regardless of the cost, because the world is a bad place, and you can either do or get done. We're the Illuminati... and we're not done.
  • A few from XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
    • Assault soldiers activating the Run-n-Gun ability:
    • MEC Troopers when they take a hit:
    "Minor damage, at best."
    "It's going to take more than that!"
    "Your nightmare is just starting!"
    • The special psionic trooper Annette Durand dolls out a few unique ones of her own:
    "Don't worry, your friends will join you soon!"
    "I will shoot anything that moves!"
  • The Elder Scrolls
    • Morrowind:
      "I have won this place and power by right of conquest. By right of daring and enterprise. I will not risk it to cunning and deceit. I offer you no deals. If you are my enemy, I cannot trust you. And even if you are not my enemy, I cannot let you live."
      "What a fool you are. I'm a god, how can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naive?"
      "Omnipotent. Omniscient. Sovereign. Immutable. How sweet it is to be a god!"
      "Your threats are weak like your flesh, mortal."
      "Continue with your insults, mortal. I long to feast on your marrow."
      "Ha! Fine words from one born from the wrong end of a guar."
      "After I kill you, I will rape your corpse. Don't worry. I'll be gentle."
    • In Skyrim, Big Bad draconic Beast of the Apocalypse is fond of these. (Bonus points for him delivering these with his booming Evil Sounds Deep voice):
      "I am AL-DU-IN! First born son of Akatosh! Mulagi zuk latnote ! I cannot be slain here, by you or anyone else!"
      "My belly is full of the souls of your fellow mortals, Dovahkiin!"
      "Zu'u unslaad! Zu'u nis oblaan!" (I am immortal! I cannot die!)
  • Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell
    Johnny: I'm gonna shoot the Devil in the face.
    Kinzie: I think you might be skipping some details.
    Johnny: Nah, I said "in the face".
  • Dust: An Elysian Tail: Dust to General Gaius before the final confrontation, in response to "Then what are you?!"
    I am justice incarnate, brought to this world by forces beyond your comprehension. A cleansing storm to sweep across the land and purge it of your foul presence. I am Dust. And your campaign ends here, now. Throw down your weapons and surrender, or you will face an enemy unlike any this world has ever seen.
    • Gaius counters this pretty effectively after the first round of fighting:
    Gaius: You cannot win, Cassius! You never could beat me.
    Gaius: You never could scare me either, Cassius. Very well. To the death!
  • Copy Kitty: Boki gets one after losing and retrying a few times against the Bonus Boss: "Go ahead! Keep using your overpowered weapons and invincibility shields! They'll just make me stronger!"
  • In Telepath Tactics, most bosses say a taunt when you first attack them that usually takes the form of this. In particular, Ebon Raban simply remarks "You're running in the wrong direction."
  • Gades in Lufia: The Legend Returns has one that became quite memetic for some reason:
    Gades: THIS is what I would call frue destruction!
  • Overwatch has quite a few.
    • Soldier: 76 has his ultimate activation quote
    "I've got you in my sights!"
    • Mercy's ultimate line:
    "Heroes never die!"
    • And especially with her witch skin equipped, and especially in the Junkenstein's Revenge gamemode:
    "My servants never die!"
    • Widowmaker's ultimate line, although it's also a factual statement:
    "No one can hide from my sight."
    • Reaper is equal parts this and edgelord.
    "Death walks among you."
    Soldier 76: "Aren't you supposed to be dead?" Reaper: "Didn't take."
    "If it lives, I can kill it."
    • Occasionally, upon spawning, Roadhog will deliver this gem:
    "I'm a one man apocalypse."
    • Genji's voiceline for first spawning translates roughly to:
    "Even if I sacrifice my body, I will never sacrifice my honor."
    • Sombra gives us one that, fittingly enough given her profession, doubles as a reference to Hackers:
    "Mess with the best and die like the rest."
    • Hanzo gives one to who he assumes is a hitman hired by the Shimada clan in the "Dragons" animated short.
    "You are not the first assassin sent to kill me. And you will not be the last."
  • Quite a few in Stellaris:
    • A civilisation with the Militarist trait when faced with the Unbidden:
    The Unbidden: "This galaxy... So much prey... We feast..."
    • A Spiritualist gets to show of their Religious Bruiser side when the Preytheon Scourge come calling:
    "Return to the hell that spawned you, demon!"
    "The sword of the [Vassal Name] is at your disposal, [Title] [Ruler Name]."
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, Joey, the first boss, invites you to duel him with one of these. He immediately lampshades it and wonders to himself if you're afraid.
    Joey: Step right up so I can knock ya down!
  • From Undertale, when you face the Final Boss of No Mercy route.
    "Heh heh heh heh. All right. Well, here's a better question. Do you wanna have a bad time? 'Cause if you take another step forward... You are REALLY not gonna like what happens next."
    • Earlier on that same route, Undyne has this to say after shrugging off bisection via going One-Winged Angel:
    "You're gonna have to try a little harder than that".
  • Being a game with Ultimates, Paladins has many, complete with Power Echoes.
    • Barik: LAST ONE STANDING WINS! Allies hear 
    • Fernando: I will not die... Not yet, amigo! Allies hear 
    • Ruckus: Bringing out the big guns!
    • Makoa: YOU CHALLENGE MAKOA?! Allies hear 
    • Cassie: Target locked! Allies hear 
    • Kinessa: Try and run!
    • Bomb King: Give your king a big hug! Allies hear 
    • Viktor: BARRAGE, INCOMING!
    • Sha Lin: YOUR SIGHT FAILS YOU! Allies hear 
    • Pip: Let's make this interesting... Allies hear 
    • Grover: The spirits... do not rest... Allies hear 
    • Mal' Damba: Pleasenote  Wekono! Allies hear 
    • Ying: Time to take charge! Enemies hear 
    • Skye: Time's ticking!
    • Buck: Here's the WINDUP! Allies hear 
    • Androxus: DEATH AWAITS YOU ALL!
    • Evie: Ha... CHOO! (Yes, that is her ultimate voice clip. And it has Power Echoes as well.) Allies hear 
    • Koga: You're already dead!Allies hear 
  • Zer0 in Borderlands 2 delivers these in haiku.
    Critical killing / Is an art unto itself / And I am Rembrandt.
    I am eternal. / Death will never capture me. / My skills exceed his.
  • In Tales of Berseria, when preparing to take on Inominant, Zaveid gives us this one...
    Zaveid: I’m sick of murdering scum like you. I know no limits! FOR I AM ZAVEID!
  • Destiny has some. Most of them are buried in the lore, but Destiny's bosses tend to throw these at you, if they speak your language.
    Saint-14: "Get off this line, Osiris."
    Osiris: "Make me."
    Saint-14: (chuckles) "You would not survive that."
  • Isaac Clarke, facing down the final boss of the game, a being the size of a moon that can consume planets. "You can't have us."
  • Cuphead has the Devil himself: Lose to him in the second phase of the fight and onwards, and his death taunt is this, complete with a picture of him holding the lifeless, decapitated heads of Cuphead and Mugman.
  • In Dragonball Fighter Z, Hit's Match Start introduction vs. Beerus is 'I don't care if you're a god, you're all the same'. He's not denying that Beerus is a god, he's just saying that that doesn't make any difference to Hit's ability to kill him.
  • In the lore of Fall from Heaven, a sword gets in on the boasting. When that sword is called Godslayer, of course, it's got a right to.
    Mulcarn breaks his vow. Take me to him, for he has forfeit his life, and is sentenced to die upon my blade. Take me to him.
  • Bonanza Bros.: In the original Japanese flyers for the game, there's a quote from the brothers —
    Robo and Mobo: We're going to capture all of your valuable treasures!! Here we go, you gang of clowns!!
  • Red Dead Redemption 2: Arthur himself has two of them, one in each choice you make in his final story mission regardless of honor:
    [if you go with John] "I'm coming with you. I'm gonna get you out of this bullshit if it's the last goddamn thing I do!"
    [if you go for the loot] "Dutch... Micah... COME AND GET ME, YOU BASTARDS!!!"
  • Blue Planet: in a stand-off, the Shivans deliver one to the Vishnans, from one god-like race of Sufficiently Advanced Aliens to another:
    Shivans: You claim memory past fault or folly, yet still you forget. We slept beneath the waves before the first Brahman rose from the ashes of the Dawn War, before the first stars were kindled in the hearth of night. The Brahmans rose. The Brahmans died. In their death, we watched your making, and we knew: all things made shall be unmade. Even you. Only we are eternal.
  • One of the six Tokyo Tattoo Girls female leads introduces herself to the player with one, and tends to repeat it for her opponents.
    Kayako Musashino: A Japanese maiden...Tea, flowers, the path to mastery. Though I am 18, a flower bud, I shall fight as a red cherry blossom. I, Kayako Musashino, will take this land.
  • Octopath Traveler: Every character has one (or more) when fully boosted.
    Ophilia: Prepare yourself! / Here I go!
    Cyrus: Now the true lesson begins! / My focus is unparalleled!
    Tressa: I won't hold back!
    Olberic: My blade is unbending!
    Primrose: Ha! Watch me now!
    Alfyn: Let's get down to work! / Alrighty!
    Therion: Let's do this! / I'm ready! Are you?!
    H'aanit: Holden back nothing! / Comen!


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