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  • Rosanna Pansino in Season 3, Episode 4 of Escape The Night. Deemed the sweet cinnamon roll by the fandom even before Season 3 began, she evolved to Badass Adorable in episode 4 after finding out the name of the Man With No Name in the elimination challenge she was sent into and being able to retrieve the blood stone, beating out arguably another The Cutie Teala Dunn. Her persistence and capacity for badassery surpassed the fandom's expectations, as cinnamon rolls in ETN usually don't become Badass Adorable.
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  • feralAncient, oceanRising, flintlockEnthusiast, familyFun for starters from Adult Stuck. Given most of the cast starts out at 11, this is probably to be expected.
  • Flippy from Happy Tree Friends. A war veteran with a bad case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, whenever he hears a trigger like balloons popping he's sent back to the jungle and starts his rampage. He gets over it once he fights his psychotic reflection.
  • Kid LeBron from The LeBrons.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fangame Super Filly Adventure, this is what becomes of the main character Jade in the warrior ending. Essentially, she SOLO PWNS A DRAGON! With a MAGIC SPEAR..
  • Let's take My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, give it a grimdark spin, and make it into a Play-by-Post forum. This is what you get.
  • Yuki from The Return loves pink, glitter, colouring books, looks about 13-14ish, and she will fuck you up.
  • Whateley Universe: Several, which shouldn't be too surprising given that it is set in Elaborate University Superhero High School, with some students as young as nine.
    • Of these, the most notable is probably Jade Sinclair (Generator), one of the original main character. Cute as a button, looks like she's only eleven... and has scared the holy <censored> out of violent villains like Bloodwolf and Killstench. Bloodwolf controls a werewolf spirit and likes hurting people. He got stapled to a tree with railroad spikes. Do not make Generator mad at you. And then there's the Syndicate hardsite she destroyed... after being tortured nearly to death, stabbed through the heart, then gives herself CPR and plays dead until her regen kicks in, then she goes about killing half the base herself with jagged metal objects and raising her victims as "zombies". It starts to cross the line into Grotesque Cute, really.
    • Team Wondercute, an entire team of Adorable Badasses dedicated to 'defending cuteness' and are the terror of the combat simulation exercises. Not surprisingly, Jade is pretty much their de facto leader.
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    • Ribbon, a Cute Bruiser with high end regeneration, Nigh-Invulnerability, a 5 ton deadlift, and the ability to create cloth out of nothing.
    • Diz Aster, a junior high student with dramatic Super Strength and a Force Field, but suffers from Power Incontinence which she is only just starting to overcome in Fall 2007.
  • In Dave Madson's Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers, Microsoft Anna is portrayed as a beautiful 25-ish year old woman with laser eye powers that are often used to defeat logos that scare Microsoft Sam.
  • Rebecca Stone from Demo Reel. Sweet and pretty, but will slam your head into something hard if you're sexist to her or just outright beat you to death if you hurt her friends.
  • Ruby Rose from RWBY is a deadly fighter who can effortlessly slaughter her way through hordes of monsters using Crescent Rose, a sniper rifle/scythe hybrid that is known as one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed. That said, whenever she opens her mouth, especially when she's frustrated or excited, she's a sweet little girl who is as adorable as a box of kittens.
    • Every female character in RWBY could be said to be this trope. Jaune as well. It could be said that RWBY is not just a World of Badass, but a World of Badass Adorable.
    • Nora Valkyrie. She's bright, peppy and cheerful with just about everything she does, including pounding Grimm to death with a grenade launcher-hammer hybrid.
    • Penny Polendina is the most kind, friendly, Adorkable girl around. She's also a robot who can slice, dice and blast White Fang forces with levitating gun-blades and pull aircraft out of the sky.
      Penny: I'm combat ready!
    • The absolute king of this trope in RWBY, however? Zwei, Ruby and Yang's pet corgi. In the finale of Volume 2, he participates in the battle on the train and holds the line with Oobleck against the White Fang Paladins, even allowing the teacher to use him in a fiery Fastball Special. After the train crashes, Zwei makes a grand entrance by headbutting a Beowolf.
    • Velvet Scarlatina. A rabbit-eared girl shown to be very timid and shy who also cares deeply about the safety and wellbeing of others. But then she reveals her abilities.... or rather, everyone else's. By photographing people with her camera, she can create hard light copies of other people's weapons and use them with the exact same level of skill as the original wielders. Case in point? She takes down a huge paladin all by herself.
  • If RWBY is a World of Badass Adorable, its Super-Deformed counterpart RWBY Chibi is a World of Badass Adorable TIMES ELEVEN! Every single character in this series is a lot cuter than in the main show, and they're every single bit as badass too, if not even more. Just to name a few examples:
  • Bee from Bee and Puppycat. It's a rare Magical Girl that will immediately lunge at a monster and then start attacking it with her teeth. And win.
    • Puppycat also qualifies, thanks to his ability to incinerate that same monster, but might take issue with being called adorable.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd's pet cat, Death Kitty (real name: Boo) chased away the Atari Jaguar logo when it invaded the Nerd's room and proved impervious to his light guns. As the Nerd himself puts it, Death Kitty is "the real Jaguar".
  • Flotsam the adorable bomb filly from Fallout Is Dragons. She serves as the team's moral core... and has no qualms about throwing grenades at her enemies, bowling for undead with explosives, or mining an entire dune to wipe out a raider encampment. Her best friend is a necromancer and together they pioneered the concept of Bombies, zombies loaded with explosives and sent after their foes.
  • Nips from "The Casebook of Nips & Porkington". While not as badass as the other examples, he's pretty intelligent and smart for a detective.
  • Just like there respectful games, Paula, Viridi and Tails are this in Super Smash Brothers Life Itself The Pokemon characters are also this...Along with Pac-Man and Amaterasu.
  • The Lambsbridge Gang in Twig, a team of TykeBombs who act as the enforcers for an Academy of Evil, yet who remain childlike and playful with one another.
  • Wiggy from Mirror World is a young bat-like beast creature known as a day-vamp and is a very optimistic, all-loving girl. She also helps Vita on her journey to try and stop an all-out war, and violently mauls a giant monster known as a Brood by herself, with no weapons aside from her claws.
  • Pom Pom from Homestar Runner. Despite his appearance, not only has he been crowned the strongest man in the world, he's been voted 'most likely to beat everyone in an all-out death match' ever since he pummeled Strong Bad for trying to pop him with a pin. He's also a martial arts master and has an itchy trigger finger when it comes to firearms, so watch out. Also he's a successful indie film director, and a hip, tech-savvy ladies' man.
  • Campaign 2 of Critical Role introduces the adorable Tiefling Cleric Jester. She's a sweet Cloud Cuckoo Lander with a massive Sweet Tooth. She also has a Lollipop as her Spiritual Weapon...and it's actually quite effective. As a Cleric she has access to some pretty potent spells and has even managed to land the final blow on a few tough enemies.
  • Nurse Worse from Dr. Crafty. She's quite a Cute Monster Girl with a cheerful disposition and a sweet voice (courtesy of Megami33 from Team Four Star). However, she's quite strong when she needs to put up a fight, often clobbering her opponents with Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-style.
  • Caleb, a Cute Kitten, and Melody, a Righteous Rabbit from True Tail, who are both training to be heroes.
  • Cobra Kai: Sam Larusso in Season 2. Having fended off Kyler's advances in Season 1, she went right back to training and became the epitome of Weak, but Skilled in the school brawl against Tory.

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