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  • Kagura Mikazuchi in Alternate Tail Series is now 13 years old and greatly adores Mira, seeing her as an older sister figure. That doesn't stop her from being a girl able to control gravity and wield a sword that can cause calamities and was even able to hold off against Azuma for a few minutes before being ultimately defeated.
  • The Mario/Pokémon fancomic Bad Things Will Happen has the baby ghost types (Flame the Gastly, Lyly the Shuppet, and Skull the Duskull). They're only babies, are very sweet and polite...and they managed to stand up to the Boolossus.
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  • If Ugly Cute counts, then Tug of Calvin and Hobbes: The Series is this, given his extreme agility. To wit:
    Tug hit the wall straight on, somehow rebounded into a tuck roll, let his back right paw touched the ground for one-eighth of a second, launched twenty feet from that one push, and managed to hit Hobbes at roughly seven thousand miles per hour.
  • A Growing Affection has a number, mostly connected to Hinata; her familiars Sol and Lune, her 'pet' Ni-ne a.k.a. the Two-Tails Cat. Also the Goddess of Death appears as a cute little girl.
  • Mariko Aratani from the Lucky Star fanfics Holiday Vacation and Lucky Star: After Story definitely qualifies. She is a cute tomboyish girl with a badass streak. In Chapter 11 of After Story for instance, during an earthquake, she saved her best friend Chiyoko's life by jumping on top of her when part of the building came down on top of them. Did we mention that said earthquake was the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake?
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  • Emily Hawthorne from Pokemon: Johto Quest gradually becomes this as the series progresses.
  • In the semi-genderbent Sword Art Online fanfiction story The Kirita Chronicles, Kirigaya Kazuta is capable of being badass both in the real world due to taking karate classes and in the virtual world.
  • Megami No Hanabira: The main characters are all highschool girls, and quite adorable. They’re also VERY good at handling demons.
  • Mortality has this with Watson.. Like his (BBC counterpart) you do NOT want to mess with John Watson or his friend. Oh, and good luck if you gloat over a dying Sherlock-the end result is.....well, unpleasant.
  • Jack in Cave Story Versus I.M. Meen, without a doubt. Starting out as a simply adorkable little woobie, Jack becomes progressively more and more badass over the course of the story, from defeating a giant mold monster based off of the Great Mighty Poo, narrowly escaping complete mental breakdown, literally breaking the fourth wall, and tearing the skin off of Meen's face with his bare hands and pushing him off a cliff...
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  • Agent Bucky Bear in Agent Barnes and Agent Bear is a robotic teddy bear with a self-aware AI based on Bucky Barnes. He's more of a stealth and infiltration specialist than a physical powerhouse, given his size, but a combat-capable intelligent stuffed toy is still pretty impressive.
  • A World Of Bloody Evolution is a crossover fic where Yang Xiao Long, the adorable teenage Cute Bruiser of Team RWBY, carves through whole ranks of Ork Boyz and Chaos Space Marines with ease, thanks to her Battle Aura letting her No-Sell bolter rounds and melee blows, and her Super Strength letting her pulverise Astartes power armour. Between all this and her ability to Flash Step on top, Weiss Schnee is arguably even deadlier. Probably the only Warhammer 40000 crossover fic you'll ever read where the notoriously overpowered denizens of the grimdark far future are clearly outmatched.
  • This is how Wonder Woman is depicted in Sorrowful and Immaculate Hearts. She's a centuries-old magical warrior who is charmingly conscientious about learning the ins and outs of the world of men, unironically enthusiastic about cute baby animals, and genuinely considers panda-themed hoodie pyjamas the best Christmas gift ever.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has several, but chief among them is Cynthia during her oneshot. At 10 years old she was raiding tombs on her own and winning fights with older children.
  • Despite generally being a pretty serious setting, it's considered pretty amusing when Ume the protagonist of Sugar Plums defeats, intimidates or outclasses older opponents. Why? Because Ume is a 4'2" (128 cm) tall twelve year old girl, who wears bright pink and purple clothing and looks like a porcelain doll. This is lamp shaded once or twice since in the Naruto world you never judge a person solely from their looks.
  • In Forum of Thrones, Kersea has a petite physique and is usually described as cute by others, which does not mean that she can't kick plenty of ass. Her best friend Raenna is similarly slim and small and no less of a badass.
  • Sherry Birkin of Resident Project is a ten-year-old girl (who looks younger than she is), in pink shoes and floofy socks. She's also a shinigami.
  • Jean Grey in Child of the Storm appears to be a lovely, sweet-tempered (unless you mess with her family) young lady. She is, in fact, a lovely, sweet-tempered young lady. She's also on track to be the most powerful psychic in the history of the Earth, and is already more powerful than most. Oh, and more or less only psychic who might (for now) be more powerful than her? That's her teacher, Charles Xavier. And by the sequel, she's firmly got the upper-hand, power-wise.
    • Diana is a kind, cute, and friendly preteen girl. She's also a future Wonder Woman, the daughter of Hercules and Hippolyta, and a Little Miss Badass who's already capable of doing very scary things when angered, like ripping giant werewolves in half.


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