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Being what it is, of course it will have a lot of these moments, no matter which type you watch. Heck, it's a staple of the medium as a whole. Heck, almost every, if not every, YouTube Poop has some of these. Just to reiterate, a BLAM has to come out nowhere, be strange, have no effect on the plot (if there is one), and never be mentioned or seen again.

  • In "King 52", Mario appears out of nowhere to give the king the enclosed instruction book. He doesn't appear again.
    • Later, the King goes Super Saiyan, then powers back down to normal, for no good reason. And he doesn't use his power, either.
  • One poop of The Spongebob Squarepants Movie is full of these:
    • The moment where Plankton goes Saiyan for no reason.
    • The... quadruple bubble-blowing baby?
    • SpongeBob exploding after eating explosives. He returns for the next shot, though.
  • Jack Skellington's Revenge is full of these, at least until the plot starts picking up.
    • SpongeBob losing at the video game in the very beginning. It is karate-chopped away and then never mentioned afterwards.
  • In one Dr. Rabbit poop, Mama Luigi appears out of nowhere for a moment, then is never mentioned or seen again.note 
  • Scatman John's appearance in "Dinner Blaster" totally came out of left field.
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  • In cs188's "Billy Mays is Watching Your Mom in the Shower", Billy Mays running over a child for no reason.
  • In "Michael Hunts Illegal Game", Michael saying "Oh no!" is cut off before "no" by Captain Falcon saying "YES"! while a picture of him appears. All of a sudden, a short slideshow of Michael images plays over him breathing in repeatedly followed by the same "Oh YES!" soundclip splice a few times, the breathing getting faster each time before cumulating in the Falcon image reappearing and the "Oh YES!" being played in slow motion. The poop then continues like nothing happened.
  • "Scout's 3-Way Date with a Decapitated Doctor" by MoBrosStudios ends with Mario Head coming out of nowhere and singing a nonsensical song to the tune of the "Dr. Mario" music from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, accompanied by bizarre visuals.
  • A very common occurrence in Geibuchan's videos. For example:
    And just like that, before I knew it, I was a sock.
  • Bowser briefly appears during one scene in "PBS's Secret Weapon", and is not seen again for the rest of the video.
  • This Top Gear poop has some:
    • Jeremy announcing that whatever the other hosts were talking about is a good idea because he has syphilis, and because due to the fact that dead people are being dug up Richard is now in a hut "gently cupping James' scrotum".
    • Two cars crash into each other at the Diverted Traffic sign for no reason.
  • The WTL Network poop Revenge of the Welsh Fireman starts with Trevor Evans attempting to pick up two of kids and getting into an argument with them as a result. Chris Hansen shows up but gets run over by Trevor, who then crashes. All of this is never mentioned again.
  • The cartoonlover98 poop Roodog's Electrical Nasal Device suddenly switches sources from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to a Sammy Classic Sonic Fan rant towards the end for no reason.


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