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Awesome Music / Yume Nikki

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  • The Title Screen. A piece guaranteed to give you the chills. The ☆24EFFECTS☆ remix of the theme is really beautiful and adds in various sound effects from the game in interesting ways while adding an intro. Listen.
  • The background music of the MOTHER segment, which is about as close to a Bootstrapped Theme as this series can get. It's also one of the few genuinely uplifting pieces in the game, and the only one that lasts longer than a few seconds. It even fades out and restarts when it ends.
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  • The Witch Event theme was very uplifting, because here Madotsuki gets a flying dream. A break from all of the weird stuff in her mind.
  • Kalimba. A very catchy and psychedelic song that plays when the TV is changed to a certain channel.
  • The Flute Player.
  • "Ghost Town" is a wonderfully haunting track accompanying one of the most quietly poignant areas of the game.
  • The official tie-in album came out, and its first song, "Waltz for Yume Nikki", is simultaneously majestic, catchy, and terrifying.
  • The "Aztec rave monkey" themenote . Makes you want to turn all the lights except for the monitor out and enjoy your own personal dance room for a little while.
  • Although the game may be divisive, fans can agree that the soundtrack to Dream Diary is great. One of the standouts is the new song for the Pink Sea. A calm, but almost depressing ambient track that befits the mood of the massive sea itself.


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