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  • Radical Dreamers had a small selection of wonderful songs that didn't reappear in Chrono Cross.
    • The opening theme is quite lovely, and the track dubbed "Final Confrontation" is as rousing a boss theme as any you'll hear (why it wasn't reused as Lynx's battle theme in Chrono Cross is a mystery).
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    • Gale, the fight theme, is quite intense, while fitting well with the atmosphere of the game. A redone (and rather lackluster) version serves as the main battle theme in Cross.
  • Bomberman 64: The Second Attack had a soundtrack that simply radiated epicness. Not like you'd expect any less from Yasunori Mitsuda. Take the Angel theme, for example.
  • And just in case anyone should have even the slightest doubt that Mitsuda's still got the touch: the main theme of Sands of Destruction. Yeah. He's still got it.
  • Mitsuda is the longtime childhood friend of Yoshitaka Hirota (see below). And so, doing the friendly thing, he contributed a few tracks to the Shadow Hearts series. And those tracks happened to kick ass, nicely complementing Hirota's already-awesome work.Astaroth, for example, is among Mitsuda's contributions.
  • Mitsuda only composed one song for Xenoblade: the ending theme Beyond the Sky. All the other tracks were composed by the other composers including Shimomura.
  • Mitsuda worked on an obscure and somewhat mediocre title called Tsugunai: Atonement. You are not likely to have heard this song from that game, but you may have heard it from the playthrough vids of the Chrono Trigger fangame Crimson Echoes. It's a pretty kickass song either way.
  • He worked on this awesome track for Kid Icarus: Uprising; it's just epic.
  • He had an album called Sailing to the World, which is loaded with awesome. The standout would be Melody of Aqua.
  • Anyone who enjoyed Mitsuda's work in Xenogears and Chrono Cross will definitely want to check out "Xeno Cross", an amazing half-hour orchestrated tribute album blending together the two soundtracks.


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