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The White Dark Life roleplays frequently link to music, and much of it is awesome.



  • Luther and Lindsay's romance theme is "You're My Best Friend" by Queen, emphasizing their strong lifelong friendship in addition to being lovers.
  • Lydia and Sunlight's theme is "(When You're Ready) Come and Get It" by Selena Gomez, symbolizing both the strength of their bond right from the start and their desire to not ruin it by getting too passionate too quickly.


  • The Slavic Circle has taken up "Left Behind" by DA Games as an anthem, representing their desire to destroy the Abrahamic religions as a preemptive strike to protect the resurgence of their own religion (which had been stamped out by Christianity in its earlier days, back before "religious tolerance" was recognized as a worthwhile ideal). (Snake-Jaw in particular uses the song as his personal theme, symbolizing his desire to reclaim Maxmillian as his body, using the "Nightmare Edit" when it becomes Ennard in a gambit to take Synder's skin and use it to ambush Esther.)
  • The Happy Sperm Club has two themes — "Pain Redefined" by Disturbed and "Wish I Had An Angel" by Nightwish. The former song emphasizes the mess they make of their victims' lives (including Lillian), while the latter song emphasizes their horrific treatment of their captives (as Author!Luigifan says, the refrain of "Wish I Had an Angel" can easily be taken to sound like the narrator is about to kidnap a woman and rape her repeatedly).

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