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Vexx may be a relatively unknown game, but it's got a soundtrack that can hold its own against the big boys of the platforming world. Thanks to Nelson Everhart and his works with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Ballet, Vexx was gifted a soundtrack that prepares you for the adventures that our revenge-hungry protagonist has.

  • "Timberdale", the surprisingly epic theme of the game's first level. If it doesn't cue you in to the sort of music you're in for, nothing will. It blends both sweet-sounding fantasy trills with a more heart-pumping drumbeat to capture a feeling of adventure.
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  • "The Neverglades," the theme of the game's Bubblegloop Swamp-themed third level. It has a slow, powerful buildup full of deep drums, crescendoing for nearly a full minute. The dark strings give it a constant feeling of jungley danger.
  • "Tempest Peak Manor", the eerie, mysterious theme of the game's fourth level. It takes more than a few cues from Danny Elfman, and that's not a bad thing. It turns what seems like a cute level (running around inside a giant house) and makes it incredibly spooky.
  • "Underneath the Piano Strings", used only in the Band Land-themed sublevel inside Tempest Peak Manor. It sounds like nothing else in the game, with jazz influences and a percussion-based beat. Includes an awful lot of horn players showing off.
  • "The Below." Used for the fifth level, as well as a few other underwater sections. Easily one of the most chilled-out pieces of music in the game, featuring a magnificent cello line.
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  • "The Submerged Volcano," the music that plays in the other main area of The Below. The violin line is cool and classy; almost something fit for a cool cafe. Then the glitchy bass drops. And it is awesome.
  • "The Mummy," used for the boss fight in Daggercrag. Intense. It's a good thing the music is so good, too, because you'll be hearing it a lot.
  • Inside the Windmill in Frostblight Mill. A high-intensity harp line combined with drums, guitar, and Ominous Latin Chanting? Not bad for the inside of a windmill.


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