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  • Sukone Tei's "13km" is bloody amazing/adorable and damn catchy too.
  • The "A Cappella Canon in D" by Teto, Luna, Mako, and Ron turns the classical piece into something out of a Nintendo piece. Is it corny to think that this is awesome? Yes. But is it cool considering? Hells yes.
  • "Bang Bang", covered by Sora Denatsu, Hana Asane and Kage Junsui. Their voices blend very well and the tuning is amazing.
  • "Biohazard", by UTAUxyz and CrusherP, sung by Aiko Kikyuune. It's a powerful song that uses biohazard danger as a metaphor for love, followed by an excellent instrumental.
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  • "Black Flower by Kuriany Energy-P is a metal song for Tei Sukone and does a good job in tuning her usually higher voicer to fit the metal style.
  • Alice Ouka's cover of "cat's dance" is very realistic for a high voice, not to mention it's a cute cover.
  • Ritsu's cover of "Clarity" takes advantage that his voice can also be deep as well. And it has a nice PV.
  • If you're looking for a Who's Who of UTAU voices, "Connect" by Ciro is an excellent choice. Both the song and PV are superb.
  • There's this beauty using Yamine Renri called "Cynic". Renri could easily be mistaken as a human here with Police Piccadilly's tuning. Add that to a beautiful PV and an awesome instrumental, and you have a glorious listening experience.
  • "Daydream Flight", covered by Mani, a Brazilian UTAU. Her voice has a higher range which fits very well for the original song with Lapis.
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  • Two absolute gems: "Delusion Tax" covered by Gahata Meiji, done by Konuko, and "Outer Science" covered by Mizuki Zuiga, done by Mizukichi.
  • Tei's cover of Don't Let Go! My Prince. sounds normal (even adorable)...until she...well...snaps. And regarding the reason why Tei snapped, well...
    Really? Rin-Chan you say...she's cute huh? Well, no, she's not cute at all. So then, why were you walking so closely together? Do you no longer need me? ...I won't let you say such a thing! Because we both feel the same! Aren't I right? ...... Why have you gone silent? ANSWER ME!
  • Kasane Teto's "Hibana"cover by Tanjiro Tadiana is really awesome, even the bridge uses a slight mashup of mixing Hibana, Streaming Heart and Ghost Rule together.
  • Ritsu's cover of "-ERROR". Holy cupcakes. Kyaami ("cillia" on Nico Nico Douga) does amazing, amazing things with Ritsu's new Kire voicebank.
    • In addition to "-ERROR", she's made "+REVERSE", "HOPE" and "Jitter Doll". Pretty much all of them are superior to the originals.
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    • Yuutsokoe Karasu's cover of the song, which uses a more gentle instrumental, sounds a lot more human than most.
  • Ritsu's cover of Close to You seems just good until he makes a very emotional crying inhale near the end. According to the Nikoniko comments, it made a lot of people have a shiver run down their spine. It immediately dials the quality up from 'good' to 'awesome'.
  • The original "E.T." by Katy Perry was already good enough, but then there's Namine Ritsu's version.
  • Hoshisuisyo and Yumekiseki's cover of "Flower of Sorrow". This is a great song for higher voices, like theirs.
  • cillia strikes again with a cover of Niki's "FIRST", with some of the best tuning Teto has even received. Once again, the cover surpasses the original.
  • "FLOWER TAIL", featuring Ron Keine and a chorus of 16 other voices.
  • The Anna Nyui song "Galaxy Milkshake". It's very sweet and very catchy.
  • Luna Amane's cover of "Goodbye One-Way-Heart" is way better than Miku's version. Despite UTAUs being famous for their mechanical sound, in this version it works just so well and gives the song new feeling.
  • "Lost Destination", as covered by Ritsu Namine, uses all the voicebanks available for him, and is epic in a way which would make Sound Horizon proud. Even more impressive is how it avoids the typical mechanical sound UTA Us are known for, to the point that his performance sounds human. And here's a mashup of the original version by Kagame Len, which takes the bombasticness of the original Up to Eleven!
  • Teto's cover of The Lost One's Weeping has been appreciated by fans and recognized as much better than the original version of the song. It gets even more hardcore with the five language changes in the bridge using Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Korean and English.
  • Vibe's cover of "Mahou". It celebrates her two year anniversary with a good song made with her beginner voicebank, but this cover is near professional.
  • The original "Matryoshka" sung by Miku and GUMI is great, but the Teto and Ritsu cover is very epic in its own right, especially with the occasional added tweak to their voices, giving the overall effect that the singers aren't quite mentally stable...
  • The medley "My Favorite Vocaloid Songs" is a great opportunity to showcase different Utaus. This one compiled by Steel shows how amazing the collaborative effort can be.
  • It might not be the sort of awesome music the creators of Momone Momo could have expected, but her cover of "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!" is the choice of interstellar rainbow-spewing feline toaster pastries everywhere.
  • Ama Shiine's cover of "Outer Science" by kyaami is even better than the original because it can use hit power chords better and uses an arrange in the instrumental. Plus, it captures well the devious personality of Kuroha.
  • Tei has a cover of The Path to Eternal Happiness, I Found It with Len, and she has an even more erotic outfit and wields a Katana. Len in chains and the two Nightmare Face shots of Tei doesn't help.
  • Ritsu can sing very well in Spanish, as his cover of "Que Decida El Corazón" shows.
  • "Raspberry Monster", by Asane Hana, is a very professional song in which her deep voice manages to sound realistic.
  • Mawarine Shuu's version of "Rolling Girl" is one of the best versions of the song. With all the emotion in the voice, the beautiful PV and the realistic tuning and mixing, all thanks to kyaami/cillia (wow, she is truly one of the best tuners of Vocaloid and UTAU!) makes this one of the most emotional covers of this truly emotional song.
  • A cover of "Senbonzakura" by Kasane Teto made for Project Diva F. It can and will be stuck in your head.
  • This Utau cover of "Song of a Robot's Ear" is awesome. Much like "Smiling" and "Mr. Music" this song uses an extensive amount of Utaus. You're thinking 7? More like 317. Yeah.
  • Ritsu and Lily's cover of "Spinning song" shows how their voices complement each other.
  • Neko Kanochi proves exactly how amazing UTAU-loids can be in the right hands with her cover of "Starduster".
  • Matsudappoiyo's cover of "Stargazer" is truly fantastic, especially considering how frickin' hard it was getting him to sound that amazing.
  • "Stomach Book", by Ritsu Namine, has a very engaging but bloody story about a girl that has to finish reading a book that was implanted by the author in other people, and in the end she has to kill herself and the author to finish the book. Plus, Ritsu's voice sounds awesome and fits the story well.
  • Tei strikes again with her cover of The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka. And yes, it fits Tei much better than Luka.
  • Using Teto for Teo really pulls off her hard rockin' growls.
  • The cover of "This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee" by Kazuko Yonagine and Toby Osbourne. The voices fit the lyrics very well and have a PV to follow. Sukone Tei also has one with Len Kagamine, with a very catchy PV to boot.
  • Despite the voicebank quality issue, Kaiserine Sympherianne is able to sing with proper mixing and vocal tuning. A good example would be Kaiserine's version of THREADNATION by stormywastestime2.
  • Tei Sukone also has a clear cover of "Titanium".


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