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Awesome Music / 28 Days Later

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  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor's death knell, "East Hastings". According to director Danny Boyle, the Canadian post-rock outfit's music was a big inspiration in creating the doom-and-gloom atmosphere of the movie.
  • "In the House - In a Heartbeat" is an epic song, and manages to suit both creeping paranoia and pulse-pumping action at once.
    • The song was awesome enough to have its main melody used in a piece of background music for the zombie apocalypse anime Highschool of the Dead.
    • The general scrumdiddlyumptiousness of this track is evidenced by the amount of times other composers have tried to rip it off. In this trailer for Franklyn, for example.
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  • They also made a very good choice for the scene with Jim's parents - rather than going for Amazing Freaking Grace, they went with a quiet, simple, underplayed rendition of "Abide With Me."
  • The more simple and dreamlike pieces are just as powerful and just as fun to listen to. See for yourself.
  • Grandaddy's AM 180 also appears, in epic fashion, during a particularly happy scene.


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