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Awesome Music / Trauma Center

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  • "Code Blue ~Stigma~" from New Blood. Suitably tense and foreboding operation music for Stigma, it gets bonus points for incorporating part of the original GUILT theme.
  • Confronting the Menace from Under the Knife 2, delivering the terror of facing a mysterious threat, the Neo-GUILT. Its debut in the game is made all the more shocking with a sudden twist in an otherwise mundane operation.
    Angie: Detecting Chiral reaction!
  • From Trauma Team:
    • The Orthopedic operation music "Skill and Strength". This one even comes with a bonus - in game, the beat of the song starts simple and mellow. As your combo increases, the beat increases in complexity and intensity, incentivizing you to keep a high chain score going.
    • The final operation gives us a rather sad but cathartic song "Rosalia's GUILT". And it is glorious.
    • The first Endoscopy operation theme "Seeking Within". Exploring the body has never been so soothing.


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