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Awesome Music / Trauma Center

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  • "A Savior's Forthcoming" is a heroic theme that kicks in when Caduceus is mobilized to handle a massive GUILT attack. It only plays near the start of chapter 5, but it gets you hyped to take action.
  • Every single final boss theme is incredible.
    • "Judgement Day" is a bombastic piece that plays as you take on Savato, the final GUILT strain. The Second Opinion version adds Ominous Latin Chanting to it, too! And just to emphasize the difficulty, it plays for every X-mission in the first game and its remake.
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    • "Vulnerability" is exclusive to Second Opinion, remixing the intro theme to fit the final battle of the game.
    • From New Blood: "Cardia" plays for the first part of the final operation, and is a slow piece that embodies a looming threat as you excise its membrane. "Cardia II" kicks in at its second phase, bringing in guitars and Ominous Latin Chanting as the final Stigma breaks out of its shell and becomes a lot more aggressive.
    • "Severing the Chains of Fate" from Under The Knife 2 has a slow buildup as you open up the patient and confront the final Neo-GUILT, but its fast pace kicks in as it calls forth the other GUILT strains to keep you busy.
    • "The Bloody Rose" from Trauma Team combines drums and strings for an intense battle in controlling a new pathogen lodged in Naomi's heart. The final phase of the level switches to "Rosalia's GUILT", a soothing and cathartic piano remix of the Second Opinion theme as you deliver the finishing blows.
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  • "Code Blue ~Stigma~" from New Blood. Suitably tense and foreboding operation music for Stigma, it gets bonus points for incorporating part of the original GUILT theme.
  • "Vitals Critical!" from New Blood. Tense, majestic, and foreboding with a sense of hope. The first time it is used is when you have to remove a rifle round from the patient's heart, while his vitals can only go up to 30 due to his heartbeat having been stopped. Fitting for such a tense situation.
  • "Confronting the Menace" from Under the Knife 2, delivering the terror of facing a mysterious threat, the Neo-GUILT. Its debut in the game is made all the more shocking with a sudden twist in an otherwise mundane operation.
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  • "Gentle Breeze"'s opening may be best known for being used in memes, but the song itself is very pleasant and has a calming melody.
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  • The Operation Briefing theme makes you feel like you're preparing for a very important mission. By the time you regularly encounter GUILT, it's fitting. Its Second Opinion version easily translates the Briefing's intensity. It even comes back in New Blood and Trauma Team when you're preparing for more dangerous operations.
  • From Trauma Team:
    • The Orthopedic operation music "Skill and Strength". This one even comes with a bonus - in game, the beat of the song starts simple and mellow. As your combo increases, the beat increases in complexity and intensity, incentivizing you to keep a high chain score going.
    • The first Endoscopy operation theme "Seeking Within". Exploring the body has never been so soothing.
    • When the pandemic in the endgame reaches full swing, the First Response theme is "Pandemic" (unofficially known as "Rosalia's Thorns"). It captures the frantic feel of this mission as you have to manage and stabilize fifteen patients while combating the disease with uncertain treatment.