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  • Marjo's theme in Time Bokan. One can just visualize the sensual, sexy villainess whenever that theme is played. It gets repurposed for Doronjo (and stays with her) in Yatterman.
  • Each theme song for the series are pretty good in their own right:
    • Time Bokan has a fun, rockabilly type song to start off the franchise.
    • Yatterman has "Yatterman's Theme" and "Yatterking's Theme", probably the most iconic themes of the franchise other than "Tensai Doronbo". Both of them are cheery, Saturday-morning hero themes that even their descendants know to this day.
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    • Zenderman has "Theme of Zenderman", a trumpet-laden heroic theme.
    • Otasukeman has "Theme of Otasukeman", a calmer tune to match the coolness of the Time Patrol. This is also the first theme to have the Terrible Trio's genius member make snide comments at the hero at the end of the intro.
    • Yattodetaman's theme is a cool, disco type tune.
    • Ippatsuman has "Gyakuten Ippatsuman! 3C", a banging theme brought to life with 80's brass. (The "3C" part comes from an extra verse that was added later, in memory of two of the show's voice actors who had died.)
    • Itadakiman has "Itadaki Mambo", a catchy tune about one girl's dreams to have a boyfriend.
    • Kiramekiman's intro is a nice sendoff to the series, counting down through all the installments to a triumphant tune.

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