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Awesome Music / Thunder Force

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Thunder Force II

Thunder Force III/AC/Spirits

Thunder Force IV

The short version is the entire soundtrack qualifies, but highlights are:

After you beat the game, you unlock several Omake tracks to listen to in the config menu:

Thunder Force V

Thunder Force VI

In this installment, the musicians closely associated Thunder Force, Tomoni Otani (II/III), Toshiharu Yamanishi (III/IV/Broken Thunder), Takeshi Yoshida (IV), and Hyakutaro Tsukumo (V/Broken Thunder), are replaced by Tayamo Kawamoto of RAY Series fame, Go Sato, known for the Raiden series, Motoaki Furukawa known for his Gradius/Konami works, and Tsuyoshi Kaneko, composer of Segagaga and other Sega works. Due to this, the music is a bit of a departure from the usual Thunder Force fare, but still has some good tunes and rocking tracks.

Broken Thunder

The end product of this turned out unfortunate, but it features some music that was originally meant to be used in TFVI before its Development Hell period. It is awesome:


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