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  • Most of the games' soundtrack is little more than ambient music, though one that is very interesting to listen to. However, there's also some kickass intro and outro music in the style of Nine Inch Nails present in all three games. This is possibly to add a bit of contrast to the mostly subtle soundtrack.
  • Thief: The Dark Project: An unusually atmospheric soundtrack for a late 1990s video game.
    • The music in the game's opening sequence and in the credits video. The former adds mightily to the intro's already infamous Deranged Animation. The latter is all-around energetic, and it goes together well with the Creative Closing Credits of the developers dressed in cloaks, as thieves or Keepers.
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    • The later extended fan remixes of the intro and credits song are pleasant.
    • And then there's the score during the final cutscene. It starts out tender, weary and moody... and then slowly builds up into a Trent Reznor-style outro piece...
  • Just about the entire Thief II: The Metal Age soundtrack. In particular the music in "Shipping and Receiving", which creates such a haunting atmosphere of grey and soulless industry, "Eavesdropping", which conveys the surrealness and spooky secrets of the Mechanist seminar, and "Trail of Blood", perhaps one of the most haunting tracks ever.
  • From the game's German release, there's "Accingite Vos" by Subway to Sally, which plays over the credits. This was, sadly, not present in any other version of the game, with the credits accompanied by complete silence instead.
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  • The soundtrack of Thief: Deadly Shadows also gave us top-notch ambient music, with lots of distinct leitmotifs. Some of them would nicely fit the definition of Moody Moment (if such a trope existed) and Nightmare Fuel.


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