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Awesome Music / They Might Be Giants

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  • "Everything Right Is Wrong Again", the first track of their self-titled debut album, and it's a great way to kick it off with its awesome synth riffs, Linnell's energy-filled vocals and in the middle of the song, it slows down and becomes psychedelic.
  • "Don't Let's Start", which was their first single. Although it didn't chart, the accompanying music video gained a ton of air time on MTV and is a prime example of the channel's early appeal to oddball acts such as them.
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  • "Hide Away Folk Family" features John Flansburgh's haunting vocals backed by John Linnell's equally haunting accordion work.
  • "32 Footsteps" and its awesome harmonica solo and Flansburgh's scatting.
  • Flood has multiple examples:
  • "Doctor Worm", their studio single off of their live album Severe Tire Damage, is one of their best post-Duo songs.
  • The entirety of the album Here Comes Science, especially to any passionate scientists in the field and anyone looking for some good edutainment.


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