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In The Wonderful 101, PlatinumGames, once again, created yet another wonderful soundtrack.

  • The Won-Stoppable Wonderful 100, an absolutely hilarious march with choir lyrics written by Hideki Kamiya himself note . It also has an alternate version that plays in the end — The Won-Stoppable Wonderful 101 with lyrics changed to reflect the additional member and how the 101 have truly grown as a team. No more flamboyant descriptions like "100 rangers"; they are "Heroes second to none".
  • Tables Turn, an awesome power-up tune.
    • A "Tables Turn" remix that adds "Space Jam" and Fort Minor's "Remember the Name". And it is amazing.
    • Usually followed by Wonderful Finish playing when dealing the final blow to the boss.
  • 10,000 Meters Under The Sea — hauntingly beautiful music for underwater stage.
  • Vorkken's Theme, a cool, refined, aristocratic sounding leitmotif for everyone's favorite heir to the throne of the roaming Rhullo, leader of the space pirate band known across the universe as the Guyzoch, Prince Vorkken!
  • Wonderful Mart, catchy jingle to listen to while you shop for upgrades in Wonderful Mart.
  • Intertwined, a downright beautiful song played during some of the more dramatic parts of the game, like the fight against Laambo as Nelson in 006-B.
  • Atonement, a somewhat simple, but powerful piece that, like "Intertwined", plays during some of the saddest scenes in the game, least of all Immorta confronting Vorkken about all the terrible things he's done.
  • All of the Final Boss themes deserve a mention.
    • The Machine World Jergingha is the theme for the first form, a slow-paced marching tune, and it's very fitting for fighting what is basically a Mother Brain clone.
    • The second form's theme, Wonder-Jergingha, is a very fast-paced theme that screams intensity, which is very fitting for fighting a Mirror Boss that uses every main Unite Morph.
    • The third and final form's theme, Jergingha - Planet Destruction Form, is probably the best of all. It's a truly epic theme fitting to save the world to. It's so awesome, in fact, it's confirmed to be a selectable theme song for the Mario Galaxy stage in Super Smash Bros WiiU!
  • The end credits. First you get to play through simplified versions of previous battles while this triumphant music plays, but once you've gotten through all of those credits, the game finally lets you put down the controller and shows the rest of the credits while playing an absolutely beautiful end piece.

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