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Awesome Music / The Binding of Isaac

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Note that there may be spoilers on bosses in the song descriptions!

Original Game/Wrath of the Lamb

The Binding of Isaac soundtrack was done by Danny Baranowsky, already well-known for his awesome video-game music, which includes such titles as Canabalt and Super Meat Boy.


While many fans were sad that Danny B. did not return for Rebirth, Ridiculon (Matthias Bossi and Jon Evans) performed excellently in his stead.

  • While The Cellar has always been That One Level, "Periculum", the driving rock theme that plays as you battle through it, more than makes up for it.
  • Mom gets the fast-paced and frantic "Matricide" as her new battle theme, adding a strong sense of panic and urgency to the fight.
  • The theme of Mom's Heart/It Lives, "Ventricide", which periodically switches between intense and creepy in a heartbeat.
  • Satan (and Mega Satan) gets one of the most amazingly epic vocal tracks for his new battle theme: "Hericide". The in-game version of "Hericide" is a bit different with a heavier emphasis on the drums, which makes it even more awesome.
  • There's an equally epic vocal track for Isaac's own boss fight: "Infanticide".
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  • The Cathedral itself gets a nice, calming theme in the form of "Everlasting Hymn".
  • While Sheol gets the disturbingly demonic "Duress".
  • The Chest receives a theme worthy of The Very Definitely Final Dungeon: "Sketches of Pain".
  • The Chest's True Final Boss receives "Ascension". "Pueris... diabolum..."
  • The other True Final Boss gets the incredibly creepy "The Fallen Angel". Like "Hericide", the in-game version of "Fallen Angel" is a bit different, with heavier emphasis on the vocals, making it even creepier.


The expansion came with a new selection of everything, including music, once more by Ridiculon.

  • A variation/Boss Remix on the title theme, "Chorus Mortus". Definitely gets the player pumped throughout the chaotic battle that is Greed Mode's Final Boss.
  • A new alt boss theme, "Cerebrum Dispersio", which apparently randomly replaces the standard boss music.
  • "Pulso Profundum", a new theme for the Dank Depths. Like the rest of Chapter 3's music, it's very creepy.
  • "Nativitate", which is sadly wasted on what amounts to a single room before the Bonus Boss.
  • When "Morituros" starts playing, you know you're in for the fight of your life against the resident Bonus Boss. Laden with heavy guitars and punctuated with unsettling, ethereal notes, this theme is perfect for fighting the Bullet Hell happy Eldritch Abomination Marathon Boss that is Hush.
  • "Fundamentum", the awesomely eerie but hard-rocking theme for the Burning Basement.
  • Kave Diluvii, the Flooded Caves theme, almost relaxing while still keeping a measure of tension.
  • "Cicatrix", the Scarred Womb theme. An utterly unsettling and foreboding theme fit for the equally unsettling level that it plays during.


The music for the new Very Definitely Final Dungeon draws many successful runs to an end with some epic tunes.

  • "Terminus", the track for the honest-to-God-we-mean-it-this-time final floor, the Void, incorporates elements of the title theme in combination with some good-old-fashioned hard rock for a tune that will get you pumped up to overcome the game's final challenge.
  • "Delirium", the track for the absolute True Final Boss of the game (whose name is the same as the track). The heavy metal and overall chaos of the song really does a good job of illustrating just how insane the battle is (in more ways than one).


Some fans make downright excellent covers and remixes of the game's music.

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