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Awesome Music / Studio Ghibli

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These films are best known for Awesome Music and Visual Effects of Awesome, but these examples here take the cake.

Joe HisaishiHayao Miyazaki's main composer for his movies... and for one of Isao Takahata's

  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. A movie about Kaiju-sized giant insects should not be lyrically beautiful. Largely because of the music, it is. Try the main theme.
  • Castle in the Sky has some awesome, adventure-inspiring music including the main theme and this hauntingly beautiful variation when Laputa is destroyed. Hisaishi was never quite pleased with his original score – good at it is, it's very sparse and is almost entirely synthesizer due to lack of time/budget during original production – so when Disney afforded him the opportunity (with Miyazaki's blessing) to rescore the film with a full orchestra, he took it... and the result is gorgeous across the board. Unfortunately, most Americans were denied hearing this reworking... until 2017, when Gkids reissued the film, providing viewers with a chance to view the dub with either score.
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  • My Neighbor Totoro. You must admit that you have at least once walked around humming "The Path of Wind".


  • Arrietty contains some wonderful songs, composed and sung by Cécile Corbel, a French-Brettone singer and harpist:
    • "The Neglected Garden", the first song heard during the movie, is a breath-taking invitation to reverie and remembrance.
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    • "Arrietty's Song", which concludes the movie, is also wonderful. Cécile also sang it in French. The jazz version of the song is also amazing.
    • "Our House Below" is a wonderful tune.


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