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    Shining in the Darkness 
Shining in the Darkness is a relatively unheard of game made by Sega, due to being overshadowed by its Spiritual Successor the Shining Force series and the Phantasy Star series. Nonetheless it does have a few tunes that are great.

  • "The Ancient Temple", a great way to start your first forays into the mysterious labyrinth to perform the trials of the light.
  • "Searching for Princess Claire", the dungeon theme heard in the later half of the game as you search the labyrinth proper for the hero's father and the princess, it is quite epic.
  • "Fateful Battle", if you have ever beaten Shining Force 1, you'll immediately recognize this theme, which originated from this game. Only played at two points in the game, once when facing the Dark Knight and again when battling the final boss, naturally. And it is worth it!

    Shining Force 
Shining Force follows in the tracks of Shining in the Darkness in delivering on the awesome music front.
  • The snare drum-heavy main overworld theme is the perfect backdrop for an army marching off into battle.
  • Although the battle scene theme is a bit goofy at the start, it soon settles into an adrenaline-charged version of the game's main theme that conveys a definite sense of triumph.
  • Among the battle themes, "Battle 1" is one of the less often used, but conveys the perfect balance of tension and adventure.
  • "Battle 3" takes the basic melodic idea from the idyllic town theme and turns it on its ear into a harsh, nightmarish track.
  • And the final battle theme practically screams "The fate of the world hinges on the outcome of this fight! There's no turning back now - fight for all you're worth!"

    Shining Force II 
Shining Force II has a suitably ambitious score to go with a story and battle engine more ambitious than those of its predecessor.
  • The main overworld theme, "Wandering Warriors", is the very essence of a musical call to adventure, from its soaring opening glissando and trill over a fanfare that immediately seizes the listener's attention to a triumphant march that conjures up images of heroes marching into the fray.
  • "Wandering Warriors" is creatively re-mixed into many other themes, including the stark and serious castle theme, which conveys just the right shades of ceremony and gravitas.
  • The dramatic "Ready for War", which also starts with a variation on the melody from "Wandering Warriors" before spinning off in its own direction, is a battlefield theme sure to get your blood pumping for the task ahead.
  • The shrine theme provides a deliciously haunting backdrop to some of the game's darker levels, including the secret post-credits bonus battle.
  • And like its predecessor, Shining Force II has a frantic, urgent final battle theme that helps to hammer home just how much the fate of the world rests on victory in this confrontation.
  • The unpromoted attack theme is actually seen as better by some, sounding like a victory theme.

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