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Awesome Music / Sherlock

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  • Sherlock's Theme. It's remarkable for how it's utilized in the show; it usually comes in whenever something hilarious or awesome or hilariously awesome happens, and this has the effect of inducing a Pavlovian response in the viewer. After a few episodes, you need only hear those opening notes before a smile starts spreading across your face.
  • Moriarty's theme is epically menacing.
  • The hauntingly beautiful song that is Irene Adler's theme.
  • Which Bottle? is tension given musical form.
  • The main theme is pretty good too. The Reichenbach Ballad is a minor-key variation. The feels, the FEELS.
  • John's theme, the tear-jerkingly sad and beautiful War. Made ten times worse with One More Miracle.
  • The whirlwind of emotions felt/portrayed by Sherlock at the end of Series 2 is best shown musically with Prepared to Do Anything. The song halfway through culminates the starting half's tension with a violin and piano section that mirror John's and Sherlock's themes in a minor key that just begs the tear ducts.
  • The brilliant use of Nina Simone's "Sinnerman" for the court scene.
  • Series 3 produced plenty of memorable tracks: