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Awesome Music / Seventh Generation

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This is the Awesome Music page for Wii, PS3, 360, DS, and PSP.

  • Killzone 2, with such pure win as Helghan Forever, and the music that plays during the intro (with extra ham). The theme song for Killzone 3 is also quite great in a different sense than the KZ 2 one. It conveys both the desperation of the main characters, their will to keep fighting aswell, as sounding somewhat prophetic towards what awaits the people of Helghan in the end.
  • Lair may not be the best game, or even good to some, but composer John Debney made sure the music was at the highest quality. Just take a look at the first prologue here.
  • Patapon, despite having minimalistic and incredibly catchy music, has some great melodies played during fever more like Gorl's theme or One of the boss themes.


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