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The Ristar soundtrack has a lot of Awesome Music:

  • Planet Sonata's music, especially the first level, really, really deserves mention. Not only is it a really nice piece of music, but it works in layers,new parts being added as certain conditions are filled throughout the level, resulting in a wonderful little BGM, "Du-Di-Da!!", that goes absolutely perfectly with the lesser boss battle - which itself has been lovingly scripted to match animations with the beat of the music. That's right, the boss bops to its own theme!
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  • "Crazy Kings", the Boss tune that plays for all end-of-planet bosses, as well as the sub-boss you face before Greedy. It's an aggressive, catchy number that goes through two distinct changes before looping back to the start.
  • The theme for Planet Automaton's first level, "Crying World", is so incredible; a mix of sirens, electronic instruments and a catchy beat producing something that will easily carry you through the very frustrating level that it plays over.
  • The short tune that plays as Ristar flies from one planet to the next. Most songs in the game fall into a groove, making the triumphant sound of this one stand out even more than it would have normally.
  • Part 1 of Planet Scorch, "Busy Flare", is a lively, adrenaline-pumping rock tune that makes a strong case for the Genesis/Mega Drive's sound card.
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  • The final boss theme, "Greedy Game", is an intense, heavy tune that really sets the mood of the fight. It starts slows and gets faster and more frantic, which really lets you know that the final boss means business — especially when this is the point where most players start seeing Kaiser's deadliest attacks.

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