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Awesome Music / Reflec Beat

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  • Say what you will about the Fanservice album image, but Survival Games by Venus (DJ YOSHITAKA and Sota Fujimori) is pretty catchy.

REFLEC BEAT limelight

  • The beautiful Last Hometown by Nekomata Master. Also has a full version on the OST.
  • Flip Flap continues the CANDY RAVE series in style. Includes long version.
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  • DRAGON KILLER is exactly how you'd expect a guitar duel between Mutsuhiko Izumi and 96 to sound.


  • Aerial Skydive is a gift of a drum'n'bass song from the Winter season.
  • Daily Lunch Special by Lucky Vacuum (DJ YOSHITAKA).
  • The Tsugidoka! event saw songs by composers from four different BEMANI series being voted on. Representing snow, and REFLEC BEAT (from the Winter season, naturally) comes Qrispy Joybox's snow prism.
  • Valanga, the Final Boss song of Winter's mountain-themed climbing event. The title means "Avalanche" in Italian.
  • Clumsy thoughts from the Winter season, a cute pop-ish song by Nekomata Master, with *spiLa* on vocals.
  • Wow Wow VENUS from the Spring season. Now with an extended version!
    Wow Wow VENUS! Bokutachi VENUS! Wow Wow VENUS! Kimitachi VENUS!
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  • Honey Party, or "How good can Ryu☆ get?"
  • TOMOSUKE's Kuroneko Dungeon series continues in the Summer season with Lilieze and her fire dragon. Link is to the background video used when it was crossed over to IIDX PENDUAL.
  • Wadatsumi (the God of the Sea) from the Summer season. Fittingly, it's one of the most difficult songs in colette.
  • Ground Shake, an awesome techno song by kors k, found in the Autumn season.
  • Arcanos doesn't sound like it should the penultimate boss song in All Seasons, but it deliberately runs at a low BPM just to make it unreadable, much like bag in DanceDanceRevolution.

REFLEC BEAT groovin'!! / groovin'!! Upper

  • LIGHTNING THUNDERBOLT, as is the tradition with TAG songs in REFLEC BEAT, received an unlockable vocal version, featuring rap from TAG himself as well as vocals from DJ TOTTO.
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  • One of the best of the unlockables in REFLEC BEAT groovin'!!, DaDaDaDaDaDaDaDaDaDa (yes, that's its name) by Hige Driver, who also did the ending theme of the anime Unbreakable Machine Doll. Link is to the video it received in BeatStream. It also has a full version.
  • City Never Sleeps by Dirty Androids, which received its own full version on DA's album MOMENTS.
  • The "MYSTICAL STRIKE" event is pretty much an event full of classics:
    • Gale Rider, by P*Light, obtained by defeating Griffin, which speaks for itself.
    • Proluvies, by Camellia, obtained by defeating Leviathan. "How is that a boss song?" Well, take a look at Arcanos above, but consider that it runs even slower... then speeds up just to surprise you.
    • Beating Cyclops gets you the awesome hardcore track Giant Strength by RoughSketch.
    • Fittingly, the multi-headed Chimera's track is a Gimmick Level. Fortunately, Cytokinesis by Hommarju is a suitably awesome song to go with the gimmicks. Yes, that is 280 BPM proto-speedcore near the end.
    • OSTER project (known for her work with Vocaloids) hits it out of the park with WICKED CRφSS, obtained by defeating Vampire.
    • DJ TOTTO returns with a song in the same vein as Wadatsumi, Onigami, obtained by defeating Asura, and later crossed over to beatmania IIDX and Sound Voltex.
    • The final boss of the event, onslaught, seems tailor-made to be exceptionally difficult to play. This is clear when you realise it was made by PHQUASE, who made the charts for all your favourite hard SOUND VOLTEX songs, and almost certainly wants you to fail.
  • One of groovin'!! Upper's default songs, Super Duper Racers, is a fast-paced hardcore track featuring the vocals of Numb'n'dub.
  • An Asaki-focused event in REFLEC BEAT groovin'!! Upper gave us, among other things, re-recorded versions of Sanagi and Tsuminagara... She said.


  • Rebellio by Max Miximizer and DJ Totto, revealed for the 5th KAC event. It is the hardest song in Reflec Beat. With Max Miximizer's usual heart pounding beats and DJ Totto's nerve wracking violin and trance elements, it sounds the part.